51 Top Glamping Packing Tips You Need To Know ( DIY and Resort )

When it is finally summer, that means it is camping season or glamping season for some of us! If you desire to enjoy the fresh breeze, wildflowers, and dramatic landscape without having to pitch your own tent or split your own firewood, then you will probably be glamping.

Glamping is certainly more comfortable than camping and often comes with more amenities, but you should still come properly prepared for your trip. After all, you will be spending time in the outdoors. Here are some of the best glamping tips.

Tips for Glamping Resorts

  • Choosing a Glamping campground, ranch, or resort.

There are a variety of glamping experiences around the world. You can choose from a ranch, a resort, a campground, or even an urban glamping setting. When you are viewing different options, pay attention to the accommodations and amenities. Many different types of shelters are available. You can sleep in a yurt, a treehouse, a tiny house, an RV or camper, a van, a safari tent or even a teepee. Glampgrounds also provide a range of amenities. Some offer full service much like a resort, while others only provide the shelter. Meals may be provided by the campground, including to-go lunches for excursions. Alternatively, you may have to pack all of your meals and snacks. Glamping campgrounds may offer numerous amenities in the form of pools and spas, events, playgrounds, and much more. Begin by choosing your location city, state, and country wise. Then you should narrow down your glamping campground selection by selecting only those that suit your needs. Once you have a few great options, call to check availability and choose the one that is perfect for glamping experience!

Modern Cabins to Provide Your Own Getaway

  • Know your campground.

It is important that you are familiar with your campground or glamping location. You should be aware of rules and regulations, check in and out times, what amenities they do and do not provide, and who to contact in the case of a problem. Most of this information can be found online or by contacting the campground directly.

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  • Use checklists.

Checklists can be used for shopping purposes, gear, meal planning, and packing. It is vital to make sure you come fully equipped with everything you will need for your stay, especially if you are staying at a remote location. This is glamping; you don’t want to forget any of the comforts that you are looking forward to.

  • Plan your meals.

Most glamping campgrounds will provide you with some if not all of your meals. If your campground does not provide meals, you should create a meal plan for your stay, complete with ingredients including spices and condiments, and necessary cooking utensils and items. Even if you are provided with meals, it never hurts to pack snacks for in between meals or when you are out exploring nature.

  • Don’t forget your electronics.

Glamping is a touch more luxurious than camping in that there will almost surely be electrical outlets and possibly even wifi. This means you can pack your phone, tablet, computer, or whatever other digital devices you require. Glamping is all about comfort and extravagance while camping; electronics can be a big part of that.

  • Pack entertainment.

Just because you have access to your electronics doesn’t mean you should skip out on packing the board games. Glamping with your friends and family can be the perfect time to participate in a card game or board game. This is especially true for those rainy days when you don’t want to be outside.

  • Don’t forget your headlamps.

This one can often be overlooked, but each member of your party or family should have a headlamp. Headlamps can be useful when you have to venture out at night or if you like to stay up late reading when everyone else in the tent is asleep.

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  • Sheets, towels, and linens.

Similar to the meal suggestion, what linens you will need to bring depends on your campground. Some glamping destinations may provide you with bedding and towels while others may require you to bring your own. Even if all linens are provided, it may still be helpful to bring a few extra beach towels for personal use.

  • Never forget your toiletries.

Even if your accommodations provide you with toiletries, they are usually never quite as good as your personal ones. Don’t forget to bring shower toiletries, a toothbrush, and any other personal items. Some glamping campgrounds have formal dinners or events so be sure to pack whatever items you need to get dressed up for a fancy outing.

  • Pack your camping jewelry bag.

If you need a way to keep all of your jewelry organized and tangle-free, be sure to use a pocketed jewelry bag. Just because you are “roughing it” doesn’t mean you have to be without your fashion style.

  • Don’t overlook sunscreen.

Even cold and snowy destinations can leave you sunburned, not to mention, many glamping resorts have pools. Be sure to pack your sunscreen no matter your destination. A glamping trip becomes a lot less enjoyable when you are painfully sunburned. This is an easy item to forget when you are going glamping.

  • Bug spray

Similar to sunscreen, another item you will almost always need is bug spray. Bugs are a fact of nature, don’t forget to pack your bug spray, lotion, or oils to keep the pests at bay. I know it’s glamping, but many glamping accommodations are tents, so even if you are staying in, the bugs may not stay out.

  • Pack a variety of clothes.

Glamping calls for a few more clothing items than camping does. You will be participating in outdoor adventures but also attending glampground events and activities. You will likely need activewear as well as formal attire.

  • Don’t pack your sleeping pad.

You will likely not need to take a sleeping pad or blow up mattress. Most glamping campgrounds provide furnished accommodations complete with a  luxurious bed and mattress.

  • Comfy chairs

You may or may not need your camp chairs. Some glamping ranches provide you with chairs for indoor and outdoor use. However, it can be nice to pull up a seat wherever you like with a light and portable camp chair.

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  • Plan for excursions.

Get to know the location outside of your campground. Are there fun and interesting excursions your family may like to take part in? Consider that your campground likely won’t provide for these excursions so you should pack any gear or food you think you may need.

  • Slippers are great

Don’t forget your slippers. Packing comfy slippers up’s the luxury factor. Slippers will also keep you off the ground and keep your feet warm, dry, and clean.

  • Bring many types of shoes.

You will want hiking boots, sandals, water shoes, and maybe even a pair of heels. There are many different types of events and activities provided at glamping resorts, and the right shoes can make all the difference in how much you enjoy them.

  • Pack a portable speaker.

A music speaker that connects to your phone or tablet can be transported around your campsite to provide you with tunes wherever you are.

  • Capture memories.

Remember to bring your high-performance camera. You will probably want pictures of your memorable experience. Don’t forget to pack your camera, lenses, tripod, memory cards, and chargers or batteries. Glamping is a unique style of camping and will often offer one of a kind experiences that you will want to capture.

  • Never forget your first aid kit.

Whether you are camping or glamping, you should always be prepared with a fully stocked first aid kit. In the case of a minor injury or an emergency, a first aid kit is a vital tool.

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  • Befriend your park rangers or hosts.

You want your campground hosts or park rangers to be your friends, not your enemies. Be sure to obey any rules or procedures they may have in place and treat them kindly. If a problem does arise, you want them on your side.

  • Poisonous or not?

Before glamping, it is always a good idea to brush up on your knowledge of poisonous flora and fauna. Focus on the species of plants and animals that are particularly prevalent where you will be staying. Glamping is still set in outdoors settings, so you will want to stay safe.

  • Don’t forget goggles.

Most glamping campgrounds will have some sort of place in which you can swim. They may have a pool, a lake, or be near the ocean. Pack swim goggles, a swim cap if you use one, and maybe a few pool toys for the kids.

  • Bring a large umbrella.

Since you shouldn’t have to pack a lot if you are staying at a glamping campground, you should have room for a large umbrella. An umbrella with a stake at the bottom can be screwed into the ground providing shade over your picnic table, at the beach, or around the campfire for lunch.

Tips for DIY Glamping

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  • Choosing a DIY glamping campground.

If you do not want to endure the outdoors but still enjoy them, you need to select an appropriate campground. Once you have a general idea of where you would like to camp, you should begin researching campgrounds. You will probably want a campground that provides campers with running water, facilities, and electricity hook-ups.

Try to select a campground that caters to glampers rather than experienced rugged campers. You will also want to review their rules, regulations, and prohibited items. Once you have picked your perfect glamping campground call to schedule a reservation. If at all possible select a campsite that is a little ways away from a bathroom as they can often be noisy, high traffic areas. Choose a shady area if you can to avoid a hot tent or camper.

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  • Upgrade your shelter.

Don’t just bring a regular tent. Consider crafting a canvas cloaked A-frame, a safari-style tent, or even use a large multi-room prefabricated tent. Glamping can, of course, be done from an RV or a camper van as well. You want your shelter to be cozy and solid.

  • Pack an air mattress.

Glamping is not sleeping on the hard ground or a lumpy sleeping pad. Get elevated and off of the ground with a large air mattress. A great night’s sleep is essential for being prepared for the following day full of glamping activities.

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  • Get off the ground with a wooden deck or flooring.

To help keep your shelter clean, provide a solid foundation for your mattress and furnishings, and create a homey feel consider building a wooden deck or flooring system that fits inside of your tent. Foam floor tiles also make a great and portable flooring system.

  • Bring some throw rugs for indoor and outdoor use.

Bringing throw rugs not only makes your accommodation feel cozier and inviting, but they also help to trap dirt, keeping your space tidy.

  • Consider lighting.

There are many lighting options to create a soft and peaceful ambiance. Consider lanterns, string lighting, LED battery votives, or even lamps if you have the hookup and the space. You can make your lighting options as luxurious as you desire with Morrocan inspired lanterns or decorative battery powered candles.

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  • Bring comfort items like blankets and throw pillows.

To create a home away from home pack soft, plush blankets and throw pillows to adorn your chairs or bed. These items can be used to cozy up around the campfire or lounge around during a rainy spell.

  • Cozy bedding.

Your mattress wouldn’t be complete without plush bedding. Pack your pillows, sheets, and blankets to complete that resort feel. You can even consider bringing a mattress topper for an extra element of grandeur.

  • Create a living room.

Set up may comfy seating options. This may include hammocks, lounge chairs, and footstools. Don’t forget a foldable side table to set your coffee on when enjoying the sunrise.

  • Design a lighted path.

The use of solar powered garden lights can create a lighted path leading to your tent, the restroom, or other outdoor locations such as the picnic table. Avoid stumbling in the dark or having to wear a headlight.

  • Delectable S’mores.

Bring old fashioned s’ mores to the next level by using brownies in place of chocolate. Take it up a notch by adding caramel and exchanging graham crackers for cookies or Belgian waffles.

  • Bring a tablecloth.

For that five star restaurant feel pack a tablecloth. It will prevent food from coming in contact with the outdoor picnic table and provide a sense of elegance.

  • Matching enamel dinnerware.

By using matching dinnerware sets, you can continue the executive restaurant feel. Be sure to bring a variety of dinnerware, including glasses, mugs, and utensils.

  • Glamourous meals.

Prepare quality and delicious meals by bringing a select few kitchen items. These can include a french press, multi-burner stove, and a dutch oven.

  • Control your temperature.

Portable heaters and air conditioners, as long as they are tent safe, can help maintain a comfortable atmosphere in your tent.

  • Decorative touches.

No glamping shelter is complete without decorative touches and a touch of interior design. These elements can make your space feel more like home and less like a temporary outdoor shelter.

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  • Set up stations.

Stations such as a dessert station or cocktail stations can be a fun and festive way to make your camping experience a bit more classy. Use chalkboards to provide instructions and information on each station.

  • Pack earplugs.

If you are not staying on a posh glamping resort, you may want to pack earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. Nature at night can be plenty noisy, but so can your fellow campers. For a peaceful night pack, something that will help you keep out the ruckus.

  • Pack a cooler with ice.

You will want to keep your food cold and away from animals or pests. Be sure to stock a cooler with lots of ice and select one that has a great seal to maintain freshness and temperature.

  • Bring some rosemary stalks.

Instead of packing many types of seasonings and marinades, bring a bunch of rosemary sprigs. Rosemary can be placed directly over the coals of your cooking fire to season meat or other savory dishes.

  • Paninis glamping style.

Cooking campfire sandwiches? Consider buying a cast iron panini press made just for campfires. You will have deluxe toasted sandwiches in no time.

  • Glamourize your storage.

Plastic bins and buckets are certainly practically but don’t help to dispel the utilitarian feel of camping. Consider a wicker picnic basket or trendy storage container to create a homey feel.

  • Mason jar wine glasses.

Mason jars make sturdy and portable wine glasses. They are suitable for camping but still trendy enough for glampers.

  • Mason jar ambient lighting.

Mason jars also make wonderful night lights. Simply paint the inside of a jar with glow in the dark paint and put on the lid. You have a portable and chic night light.

  • Don’t forget matches.

Glamping campgrounds and resorts may provide guests with matches, but even so, you should always be prepared. Pack plenty of matches in a waterproof container to use to start your campfire. They can be easier to pack and more reliable than lighters.

  • Bring a broom and wipes.

You will want to keep your shelter clean, even if it is a glamorous safari tent. A handheld broom and cleaning wipes can be used to keep things spic and span.

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What you need to pack and what tips apply to you largely depends on where you are glamping. DIY glampers staying at a traditional campground may need to pack additional items to make your campsite feel comfortable and luxurious.

If you are staying at a glamping campground, many items and amenities may be provided for you. It is always a good idea to check with your campground beforehand regarding what services and items they provide. DIY glamping can be just as fun and chic as staying at a true glampground. If you come prepared, either glamping experience you choose is sure to enjoyable and memorable.

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