How to Go Glamping With Your Dog? (What to pack and Activities)

dogs in fieldDogs are the perfect companion when it comes to spending time outside, and they love hiking and camping.  If you’ve taken your dog with you before while camping, you know just how enjoyable an experience it can be for both humans and canines alike.  There’s so much space to explore while the fresh air and pristine nature all around calms and soothes the soul.

But what about when you want to take things to the next level and try out glamping?  Can your dog accompany you?  What are some things to take into consideration? This article will explore how to go glamping with dogs and help you prepare for a luxurious trip with your canine friend.

Is It a Good Idea to Go Glamping with a Dog?

The answer is yes. Dogs love the outdoors and having space to run and explore the countryside or woods.  There are so many new things and smells for them to discover.  Not to mention there is so much joy in having your dog along with you on all your adventures.

Another reason some may need to bring their dog when glamping is that it is difficult to find a pet sitter, and kennels can be expensive. Plus, you don’t have to worry about how your dog is doing and have the added stress of being away from a beloved pet to disrupt your vacation.

Because glamping usually involves luxurious accommodations, some may hesitate to bring their dog along, especially if that means a day of adventure outdoors, which may involve dirt, mud, or water.  Not all glamping sites may allow the dog inside the accommodation itself for this exact reason.

So you’ll need to bring along a crate or small kennel and be mindful of the weather, especially if temperatures drop at night.  Safety and the health of your pet should always be a concern, and there are additional considerations when glamping or spending time away from home.

Some locations that get very busy in the summer, for example, may not allow dogs at popular attractions like the beach.  Places like National Parks may also restrict access to dogs, and many trails may not allow pets at all.  So if you plan to go glamping at a very in-demand destination, think about where you’ll be spending most of your time.

If your dog has to stay behind at the campsite, then it might not be the best idea to bring him along because he will be bored and neglected.

However, if your glamping site is dog-friendly and the weather permits, then there is no reason not to bring your dog along with you.  Having a pet along will not only enhance your own glamping experience but be very enjoyable for your dog as well.  You will be able to create new memories together and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

Finding dog-friendly accommodations

The first thing you’ll need to do when planning a glamping holiday with your dog is to find a site or campground that is dog-friendly.  There are many resources for this, and some websites are even dedicated exclusively to locating pet-friendly glamping sites.  A quick search online can find numerous places that allow pets, and many glamping booking sites can be filtered by pet-friendly attributes.

Many people who rent out glamping sites are also dog lovers, so they understand why you would want to bring your pooch along.  However, some may have breed restrictions, so make sure to double-check if you think your breed might be questioned.

Some locations may also allow pets but charge a pet fee, which may need to be factored into your budget.  Others might charge higher cleaning fees as a result of having pets onsite.

Many glamping locations that allow pets will also require that you provide proof of your dog’s vaccinations or a rabies shot.  If you’re not sure if your dog is up to date on this, schedule a trip to the veterinarian in advance, so you are prepared by the time your trip comes around.

While some locations may simply allow pets, others are considered very pet-friendly because they go above and beyond to make your dog feel welcome and comfortable.  As you search for a glamping site, keep in mind that different locations offer different amenities, and it is possible to find pet-centered accommodations.

For example, one resort offers dog collars as gifts and also loans out bowls, provides luxury pet beds, and complimentary kennels.  Other examples of pet-friendly amenities include filtered water, a mini-refrigerator for storing food, plastic bags for cleanup, pet toys, and homemade treats.

If this is very important to you, pay attention to details and spend extra time finding the place that is perfect for both you and your dog.

dog bowl

What to pack to take your dog glamping

Glamping is all about luxury and the comforts of home, so it’s worthwhile to pack a little more than you would for a traditional camping trip.  In addition to bringing all the necessities for yourself, you will also need to bring everything you need for your dog.

Unless you are in a very remote area without any vehicular access, it’s easy to pack all the extras.

A few basic things to remember to add to your packing list include food, water bowls, pet treats, collar, waste bags, and any necessary medication or first aid.  Make sure the contact information on their collar is updated in case they get lost.  Don’t forget a leash either because it may be required depending on the rules at your accommodation.

It’s always a good idea to pack the basics, so you are prepared no matter what.  However, check what the glamping site provides, so you don’t end up over-packing on non-essentials.  Also, even if the location provides food, for example, it might not be the kind your dog likes or needs for their specific diet.

If they provide water bowls, but you plan to be out hiking all day, still bring one to throw in your backpack in case your pup gets thirsty.

To make your pet even more comfortable, pack their favorite toys and any items which bring them some comfort, such as stuffed animals or a blanket.  If you want to make the trip extra special, take along some new treats your pet has never tried before.

Or stock up on their favorite treat, which is usually reserved for special occasions and let them have one every day.

If you are glamping in a location or during a season when the weather gets cooler, bring along a jacket or vest for your dog so they can stay warm.  Dog shoes can also be helpful if there is snow on the ground or rain is in the forecast.  Not only will this allow your dog to be more comfortable while playing, but it will keep them much cleaner.

Activities while glamping with your dog

There are plenty of things to do with your dog while glamping to enjoy nature and make the most of the fresh air.  Just like at home, your dog will need a lot of exercise, so he stays happy and out of trouble.  However, it is easy to wear out a dog when there is unlimited space to run around and explore.

One of the best activities while glamping is to take your dog for a walk or a run.  Explore the beautiful surroundings near your glamping site and take your dog along for the ride.  If the space allows dogs to be off-leash, let your dog run free but keep him in view at all times.  Also, make sure your dog is well-trained and will come when called if there is any danger or wildlife that could be harmful.

Bring along an extra-long leash if it is required to give your dog a little more freedom while still remaining safe and following the rules.  Your dog will enjoy discovering new things, investigating new smells, and getting to experience new terrain.  Seeing your dog have so much fun will make things even more enjoyable for you, as well.

Another thing to do with your dog is to schedule some playtime with just the two of you.  Many glamping sites are quite secluded and offer a lot of privacy, making it easy to have a safe space to play without interruptions.  You can also make up fun games to get in some training time if your dog is a bit younger.

Bring along a tennis ball, frisbee, or stuffed animal and play fetch.  Or just find a decent-sized branch or stick that your dog can easily bring back to you.  Keep your dog on his toes by throwing things at different heights or lengths.  Or put a treat inside a toy for an extra incentive to find it.

For an extra treat, bring some things that your dog has never experienced.  Blowing bubbles can be a fun activity as dogs love to chase and pop them.  Just make sure the ingredients are pet-safe in case they are ingested.

If there is a body of water nearby, your dog will love splashing around in it and cooling off when the weather is hot.  Make sure the water is relatively clean though, so you don’t have to deal with an extra dirty dog when playtime is over.  Other fun with water can be had if there is a sprinkler or hose at your glamping site.

There may also be a pool included that your dog would love to play in and go swimming.

After all that exercise, your dog may want to rest.  You can pamper your dog by giving their coat a brush or letting them try out a new bone or chew toy.  Some glamping sites may provide additional pet services allowing your dog to get a bath or even a massage.

sleeping dog

Where can your dog sleep while glamping?

Not every glamping site will allow pets inside the accommodations.  Whether this is a cabin, yurt, glamping pod, tipi, or tent, the primary reason for this is to keep everything clean and undamaged.  Another possible reason is that some lodgers may be allergic to pets, and, despite cleaning between guests, the renter wants to ensure their clients are completely comfortable.

Some locations may allow pets on the couch or for you to bring a dog bed into the cabin as long as the dog stays in the main living area.  Others may allow pets on the property but require that they remain leashed and sleep outside in a kennel or crate.

Based on where you make your reservations, you will know what to bring and can pack accordingly.  If your dog has to sleep outside, consider packing a dog tent or travel cage, so they have a space of their own.  Not only will they spend the night there, but it can be a shady place to relax mid-day after exercising or hiking.

If pets are allowed inside the accommodation, bring along an old blanket or towel to put down anywhere your dog spends time.  This will protect the furniture in case your dog is muddy as well as keep hair off, so you have less to clean.  Not to mention, a familiar covering will be comforting to your dog because it smells like home.

For locations where pets can sleep indoors, you can splurge on a soft, plush, new pet bed for your dog.  This will provide extra comfort for them, making the glamping experience extend to your canine companion as well.  You can also purchase cushions or pillows for them to lie on and relax after all that fresh air and exercise.

Other tips for taking your dog glamping.

The glamping experience can be as luxurious as you want it to be.  A lot of this will depend on where you decide to go glamping and the amenities provided.  Perhaps you prefer a beautiful location in a remote destination and don’t plan on doing anything else fancy.  Or maybe you’re planning the once in a lifetime dream trip and will splurge on every aspect.  It’s completely up to you.

There’s no right or wrong way to go glamping.  When you bring your dog, you can certainly spend a lot to treat your pet to a delicious treat, comfortable beds, and new toys.  Or you can just bring along your dog and have them by your side without anything fancy.  Either way, your dog is sure to enjoy the experience.

If you happen to be glamping in a remote area, stay aware of any wildlife, and make sure to protect your dog accordingly.  This could mean keeping your dog caged at night and on a short leash during the day.  Also, don’t let your dog off-leash on trails or in open areas when there could be a hazard.

Also, make sure to always clean up after your dog.  Not only is this a way to be a polite dog owner, but it’s essential for protecting the environment around you.  Especially if there is a large body of water nearby, leaving animal waste behind can contaminate the water source. It’s also a good idea to take care to keep the glamping site clean so you can return there again if desired.

Some glamping locations may not allow pets to access the entire site.  Check their rules and restrictions and make sure to follow them as best as you can.  Be mindful if there are others glamping around you, especially if they brought their dogs along as well.  If you know your dog doesn’t get along with other pets, make sure to keep them nearby at all times.

One of the luxuries of glamping is a pool or hot tub.  If this is offered at your location, check to make sure they allow dogs into the water.  For hot tubs, there is a danger of your dog overheating if the temperature is too high or they stay in the tub for an extended period of time.

If the glamping site absolutely restricts animals in the lodging, then follow this rule even if it seems a little excessive.  This will ensure a good relationship with your hosts, prevent additional fees or charges, and stop you from being forced from your accommodation.  It’s also good to follow the rule because, no matter how careful you are, accidents can happen, and things could get dirty or damaged unexpectedly.

dog in blanket glamping


Just like any camping trip, you will need to remember to bring all the essentials for it to be a success.  This is true for your dog as well, and a little advance preparation will make this a breeze.  Any time you are traveling or spending time outdoors, make sure to check the forecast to help influence what to bring and the activities that will be possible.

There is almost unlimited fun to be had while glamping with your dog, and your trip will continue to be pleasant when you keep safety in mind and follow a few rules.

Keep your pet near you at all times, and be respectful of the environment around you.  This will allow you both to enjoy everything to the fullest without any harm or stress.

Lastly, make the most of your time away and enjoy some quality time with your dog.  Relish the luxurious accommodations and stunning natural beauty all around you.  Take a lot of pictures and create some fond memories.  You’re sure to come away with an even stronger bond with your pup and will look forward to more adventures in the future.

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