49 Amazing Must-Have Glamping Accessories

inside glamping roomIf you’re going glamping any time soon, be the talk of the site with these 49 amazing packing must-haves! We have worked hard to find not only some items you would expect but also some items that you may not have thought of. Either way you will have a great list of items for your next glamping trip.


  1. Bell tents are the most popular shelters to bring when you go glamping. They are big enough to accommodate all of your needs (around 200 sq. ft. on average), and they are usually weatherproof! You won’t have to worry about your electronics getting ruined.


  1. Lounging hammocks give you the perfect spot for reading and snoozing on lazy days at base camp. Some fit multiple people; if you are making this your romantic getaway, get one of these and snuggle next to your significant other. They may take up a little more room than expected, but who cares? You can make room for the most glamorous experience ever.


  1. You obviously need something to sleep on, and sleeping bags on the ground just don’t cut it. In that case, get yourself a large air mattress or cot! They offer more cushion, more space, and a better night’s rest. If you are going for the deluxe experience, try a California King sized air mattress. Over 3,000 people approve, so it is a safe bet that you’ll be happy with your sleeping arrangements.


  1. Sitting on the ground or standing all the time isn’t a really glamorous way to spend your trip. Folding chairs are portable, comfortable, and convenient. Many have cup holders so you can use your hands for better things like texting or posting selfies. This one is modeled to be as spacious as a loveseat so you can share with a friend or a lover!


  1. Regular campfires are hard to start, they make everything smell like smoke, and they leave a mess for you to clean up afterward. Propane fire pits get rid of all of those hassles for you. Now you can focus on getting warm instead of looking up a tutorial for starting a fire on YouTube.


  1. Why bother with a standard sleeping bag when you can wear one instead? These bags are made for you to be mobile and still cozy. On chilly mornings, getting out of your tent and eating breakfast is a lot easier when you can carry your warmth with you.


  1. If sleeping bags are not really your cup of tea, sleep under a weighted blanket They provide a lot of comfort, giving you a sensation similar to being hugged while you doze off. Weighted blankets are warm enough that you may only need one; that gives you more space to pack because the bulk of the other blankets is gone! This is an excellent option for some people with autism as well because the sensory output is comforting to them. If you or your child has been diagnosed, consider bringing a weighted blanket with you.


  1. Gazebos let you enjoy the view without getting a sunburn or being too hot. They provide shade without closing you in as a tent would. Tip: keep the cooler you bring under the gazebo. It makes the ice last longer. This choice on Amazon even has shade curtains for when you need to hide away.


  1. Everyone likes feeling clean. When you are sticky from sweat and you smell bad, what could be a glamorous and fun trip turns sour quickly. You do not have to sacrifice the comfort of a hot shower when you have a portable version! It is powered by propane, providing the heat without needing a power source.

privacy tent

  1. Okay, so you have ideas for how to bathe, but who wants to do it in sight of anyone who may walk by?! Don’t worry; luckily, some genius has invented the privacy tent to shield your most vulnerable moments from passersby. Maybe you could get away with setting up a privacy screen in your tent, but where are you putting the water? On the floor, and that is not ideal. You can’t just douse your tent floor, so a separate space is ideal.


  1. Do you know what else a privacy tent is good for? Hiding you while you “go.” Squatting in the woods to relieve yourself is so last millennium. A portable toilet is a much better option for people who are going glamping, as it is a more civilized way to do your business. You’re welcome!


  1. After a busy day of hiking (or whatever else it is you may be doing), you want nothing more than to be off your feet. Take it one step further than simply sitting down — dip your dogs in a foot spa! This is a great and simple way to relax, short of hiring a personal pedicurist.


  1. If you really want to take things to the next level, invest in some top-tier bathrobes. You opted out of staying in a 5-star hotel for your own reasons. Use that money you saved to bring that experience into your nature haven after a hot shower. If you are a couple, have them monogrammed for an extra glam touch. Check out this article to go over some of the most luxurious bathrobes you can buy!


  1. People tend not to worry as much about skin care when they are away from home. It’s a brutal routine just to keep dirt and bacteria away, and no one wants to fuss with a fifteen step Korean skincare regimen on their vacation. I get it, but the bacteria didn’t take a vacation just because you did! Condense your routine into one step with a face mask of your choosing. You can buy sheet masks at a lot of beauty retailers like Sephora and ULTA for extra convenience.


  1. Unruly hair does not have to be a problem for you. Tame it from the comfort of your car with car-charger powered hair tools. Obviously, you should not drive and use them at the same time, but bringing them with you for your glamping trip couldn’t hurt! You can look and feel your best, even if there is no outlet to be found.


  1. The biggest lifesavers for campers and glampers alike are travel-sized mini products. Everything you use now can be taken with you without you having to lug around full bottles from home. Regular retailers like WalMart and Target have them, but for the high- end products, look by the checkout counters at Sephora. They have almost anything you could possibly need to feel like a million bucks without spending it.


  1. Being an active person takes a strain on your muscles. After a good yoga session or hike, you might get a muscle cramp. That is why you bring along a personal massager. Many of them run on batteries, so don’t worry about using your precious iPhone fuel in your charger on it. One of these babies will save you from a world of hurt in no time when you can’t book a masseuse.


  1. Aromatherapy enhances your glamping spa experience. Diffusers are worth the money and the oils that go with them. If you want to save the cash for other things, incense sticks and burners are a much more affordable option. Both bring warmth and serenity into your tent on demand. Just make sure to keep an eye on the incense so you don’t start a fire. That would not be very glamorous.


  1. Having a good cooler is important if you plan to make your own meals. You need something with great insulation and enough space to pack in all of your ingredients. The best coolers are rather expensive, but you can use them over and over again in any situation. They are worth it; trust me. Click the link to find a list of the best coolers of 2018!

folding picnic table

  1. Tired of balancing your plate on your lap? There’s a solution for that! Unless your campsite already has a seating area, you may find that a folding picnic table comes in handy! After putting it in the trunk, you will have room for everything else you need. If only every piece of furniture was so easy to carry…


  1. SIlicone wine glasses are quite possibly the most convenient things ever invented. You can take your adult fun anywhere without drinking straight from the bottle or hoping and praying that your set from home does not break on the way. They’re easy to clean, and they’re extra durable, made with glampers like you in mind.


  1. There are very limited ways you can cook your meals over a campfire. You have no temperature control, and you have to use all sorts of contraptions just to hold it there long enough. Propane will once again be your savior because you will have your own stove powered by the stuff! Almost 2,000 customers love it for its temperature control and efficiency.


  1. If you are feeling like being a little fancy (as is the point of the trip), serve up every American’s favorite Italian dish — pizza! That would be kind of difficult to pull off over a campfire, so why not consider getting your own camping pizza oven? This is powered by (you guessed it) propane, and it bakes your gourmet pizza in just 6 minutes.


  1. The world is full of coffee lovers; you may be one yourself! You don’t have to dread leaving your Keurig behind and getting used to mornings without your caffeine fix. Go glamping with a portable espresso maker to keep you happy and sane throughout your vacation. Of course, it requires some manual labor to make, but it will all pay off in the end.


  1. Just because you are going glamping doesn’t mean you have to be wasteful. Paper plates and disposable cups are convenient, but they are not often eco-friendly. Reusable camping dinnerware sets are sturdy, reusable, easy to clean, and good for the environment. This enamel set withstands hot temperatures and is cute, to boot! Pay attention to reviews and make your choice based on whether or not you can afford to bring your own silverware, as the quality of the forks and spoons are reviewers’ biggest complaints. Here are more options if the first link doesn’t quite do it for you.


  1. Looking for a romantic lunch date away from the campsite? Forget toting your giant cooler all the way to your date spot. Pack your meal in a picnic basket instead! This is a small detail that you may have overlooked on your original list, but it makes a lot of difference. The model linked even has a blanket and small cooler pack included so you have everything covered all in one purchase! You can use the basket again on outings at home as well, so why not take it with you now?


  1. You need a ton of ice in your cooler to keep your food fresh. Here is the problem, though. What if you want to use that ice for your drinks? Loose ice can get dirty from your hands, and it melts quickly in the sun. The more you use, the less mileage you get out of your cold food. Instead of using your cubes for refreshments, pack whiskey stones instead! Obviously, these can be stored with the rest of your food in the cooler. The benefit of doing this is that whiskey stones don’t melt, and they tend to stay cold longer. Buy them here.


  1. The most frustrating thing about camping or glamping for the great chefs out there is using primitive equipment to get the job done and not having the proper tools to make preparing dinner easier. Fret not — you can cook with ease if you have a portable kitchen! This handy gadget stores all of your mealtime tools and keeps you organized with minimal effort.
  2. Glamping in milder weather can be kind of rough. The nights get colder, and you have to put out the fire at some point to retreat to your bell tent or yurt. How can you keep extra cozy on those chilly evenings? Believe it or not, there is a space heater perfect for the job. I know that seems scary; you’ve heard so many stories about heaters catching houses on fire. Not this one! It has an auto shut-off sensor when it gets knocked over. You can sleep safe and sound.

inflatable sofa

  1. Okay, so remember what I said earlier about wishing there was easily portable furniture? Well, as it turns out, there is! This is a real throwback to the 90s, but with more elegance. It’s light and it’s comfortable. Check this inflatable sectional sofa out!


  1. One of the most obvious issues you’ll be facing in the wilderness is keeping your clothes clean. That is, if you don’t know where to look for the most amazing and convenient washer ever! Here it is in all of its tiny glory. The Scrubba bag has easy to follow instructions that will make laundry time a breeze.


  1. After you wash your clothes, you’ll need a place to keep them aside from your suitcase. Going glamping is about having the comforts of home, one of which is a dresser. Don’t throw out your back taking your actual dresser from home; use a handy organizer to neatly categorize all of your clothing!


  1. Once you get dressed, admire yourself in a mirror! Makeup mirrors are okay for getting ready, but you can’t see the full ensemble in one. Get a tall mirror for your tent so you can be confident in the knowledge that you look great every day. Be careful not to break it, though! That’s bad luck.


  1. If you need help sorting out what you’ll be doing each day or you just need a place to store memories in, consider getting yourself a bullet journal. These make scheduling and listing easy because instead of having lines, each page has bullet points. You can draw neat grids for a calendar or itinerary if need be.


  1. Going hiking for the day? Be more environmentally friendly by bringing along a reusable water bottle. Single-use plastics harm our planet, and these reusable items are sturdier, anyway.


  1. Reusable water bottles are a great option for short hikes, but if you plan to be gone absolutely all day far away from base camp, load up a Camelbak for your hydration needs. Camelbaks are backpacks that hold lots of water. They have a straw long enough to reach your mouth so you don’t have to take it off to take a sip!


  1. To keep a chill vibe around the camp, kick back and listen to some tunes on a portable record player. If you’re a vinyl junkie, this is perfect for you! Find one here.
  2. Every glamper knows that having your electronics on hand is a must to stave away the boredom. However, nature doesn’t have a lot of electrical outlets if you hadn’t already noticed. Buy a solar-powered charger to avoid the catastrophe of losing a Snapchat streak with your friends.


  1. Maybe you’re severely lacking in your record collection. You can still play all of your favorite music because you’ll have a portable speaker! If you’ll be in a rainy climate or near water, use any of these waterproof options for maximum security.


  1. If you’re a bookworm, you may be agonizing over which new novel to take with you. Eliminate that tough decision by taking the plunge and getting a Kindle reading tablet. That way, you can have all of your books in one device!


  1. Your glamping trip will be one for the ages, so you should snap plenty of pictures to reminisce over in the future. If you don’t care for having physical copies, you can use your smartphone or a physical camera like a Nikon or Canon model. However, some of you probably prefer to keep something for your scrapbooks and albums. Instax minis are cameras that take instant photos, sort of like the Polaroid cameras of decades past. Get one here! The film is usually sold separately.


  1. Decorating your tent is important to really make your space feel like home. You can do this in a myriad of ways, but one of the hottest trends is stringing up fairy lights! Most require a power cord of some kind, but these are powered by the sun. Take them out during the day to charge if you’ll be using them inside. You could also hang them up outside for extra light and warmth by the campfire!


  1. An atmosphere of vintage charm can also be achieved by lighting your tent with lanterns. Of course, never use lanterns that need candles inside. Candles are dangerous if knocked over. Check out this cute electric lantern here!


  1. The concept of glamping started with royalty, so you want to feel like a monarch when you retire to your chambers. One cool way to do this is by hanging a canopy over your bed. This adds a great touch of elegance and class without being too expensive or hard to put up.


  1. Your tent will obviously have a floor because the wet grass and mud is for regular campers. However, the floor won’t keep your feet from getting cold. Put down some rugs for a pop of color and protection from the chilly ground.


  1. A really affordable and cute way to decorate your tent is to put up some bunting with a stylish pattern! There are all kinds of them to hang up at many major retailers. For someone who wants to support small business, start looking here and see which piques your interest.
  2. While you’re out there admiring what nature has to offer, you may be inspired to be the next Bob Ross. Painting is therapeutic and fun! Grab some canvases and paints and go for it! Even if you’re not a great artist, it’ll be fun to look at your creation and remember your trip.


  1. Staying active and having a blast doesn’t require a gym membership while you’re out glamping. You can stay in tip-top shape by playing outdoor games. That sounds a lot more fun than jogging on a treadmill, right? Badminton, volleyball, kickball, and Ultimate Frisbee are common examples of outdoor games. If you’d prefer to take it slow, bring a croquet set or a dartboard.


  1. Just for fun, wow other glampers with a color-changing fire! These little powder packets add a rainbow hue to your fire for about an hour. They make any glamping photo Instagram worthy! Just be advised not to cook food over it; the chemicals in the packet are not safe to ingest.

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