Glamping Bed Ideas (DIY, Mattresses, Accessories)

outside glamping bed

If you are going glamping, you want to have all the comforts of home with you. The most comfortable luxury is a bed! After a hard day of enjoying all that nature (and your glamp site) has to offer, all you want is to climb underneath some soft covers and drift off, right?

Well, look no further! We are going to teach you how to make your snooze spot a secret hideaway haven.

So what is a glamping bed?

A glamping bed is the most comfortable and lavish bed that you can get while camping. There are many ways to accomplish this and we will walk you through some great ideas.


The mattress is the foundation of the bed! Obviously, the first thing you need to know is to maximize your comfort and adjust the softness to your needs.

What kind of mattress should you bring, and how do you boost the cushion factor? Let’s go over that.

Bring your own

The most obvious idea would be to bring your own mattress from home. It’s already well worn, free, and the softness fits your own specifications! As Goldilocks would say, it is “just right.” The bigger the mattress is, the better! What if it’s just a little run down, though? You want to plump back up the worn spots, but you do not want to buy another whole mattress? That is a good question. The solution? Buy mattress toppers! We’ll get to that in a minute. First, let’s go over types of beds for those who are in the market for a new one!

Buying a Mattress

If you insist on buying an entirely new mattress just for your glamping adventure, you may as well know what types of mattresses there are and what each brings to the table in terms of comfort and firmness.


Gel mattresses conform to your body as you sleep, but unlike foam models, they keep you more relaxed in the night because gel does not absorb heat like other materials will. They do not bounce, so keep that in mind if you were planning on jumping around a bit.

Don’t lie; we all do it sometimes! On the bright side, they dampen noise and movement significantly. If you have a partner, you won’t be woken up by their restless leg twitching or flip-flopping anymore!


Innerspring mattresses have coils inside to give your body more support as you sleep. They are incredibly bouncy and can be a tad noisy, but they are ideal for people who like a firmer bed.

Memory Foam

You will see this type of material mentioned a lot in the article. Memory foam does what gel does, but it is denser and holds in heat better.

If you love being super warm at night, this is definitely for you. It is less firm as well, so anyone who hates hard mattresses will love this!

Water Bed

Okay, you have to be a really ambitious glamper to deliver a water bed to your glamp site safely. They are easy to puncture, but they’re incredibly comfortable for people who sleep on their backs. It adds a little vintage funk to your space, and they can be a lot of fun, kind of like sleeping on the ocean with the way they move!

Air Beds

The good thing is that having a mattress filled with air allows you to adjust the firmness that you desire! Of course, these are also easily punctured, so you have to be careful. Air mattresses are far more affordable and portable than their heavier foam, gel, or water counterparts.

Common Mattress Toppers

Here you go, savvy shoppers. Finally, you get to discover a whole new way to make an old mattress feel like you just bought it yesterday! There are different types to fit all of your needs right here.

Memory Foam

This is one of the most popular options for everyday home use! Memory foam conforms to your body shape and comes in several levels of thickness for more cushion. Best of all, it tends to dampen noise and squeaks your mattress naturally makes.

If you need to take a trip to the bathroom, you won’t be waking anyone up!


This type of topper generally runs at a higher price than others, but it is easier to clean and one of the softest! The downside to that is that they are less durable and will wear down faster.


Wool toppers are eco-friendly and are better for people who have allergies! The material is incredibly soft, and it is one of the most durable options. They are affordable, and you do not have to sacrifice your comfort for your money!

As an added bonus, wool mattress toppers tend to keep bed bugs away.

Egg Crate Foam

This is the most affordable option, but the topper degrades faster than any other, and it isn’t quite as soft as the other materials. However, it still adds more cushion than what you had previously!

Keep in mind that if you want to be more environmentally friendly, this isn’t the way to go. These often end up in landfills once they are worn down.


Latex mattress toppers are the most expensive of the five options shown here. They are similar to memory foam toppers in the way that they conform to your body’s shape.

They also reduce movement and noise from those who are restless sleepers. This is great news if you are a couple or someone who shares a bed with a fussy child!

The manufacturers of Shepherd’s Dream recommend putting this material underneath the mattress instead. It isn’t quite a “topper,” but it gives you more beauty rest all the same!

So now you have an adequate mattress for the job, but what if you want an even more “elevated” experience? There are simple and affordable ways to take your sleep to new heights!

Making Your Own Platform Bed

For those crafty, Pinterest-loving glampers out there, I have a new project for you! If you love the idea of platform beds and want to add a little extra element of glamor into your trip, make your own platform out of wooden pallets.

This will take up a lot of extra space in your vehicle, so I would recommend having a truck or RV to tote your platform in until you get to where you are going.

You can find an excellent tutorial here on Instructables, a site full of how-to’s for do-it-yourself enthusiasts! You can even add storage space to your pallet platform for an easier, more organized glamping experience.


Everything on your bed can be made more fabulous as long as you use the right materials. There are a wide variety of sheets to choose to get a cozy, five-star hotel feeling while glamping! It is all about the texture and thread count.

Sheet Materials and Textures

You don’t have to be limited to a dull, thin sheet. You will feel like royalty in no time when you take the plunge and invest in a good set with high-end quality materials!

Egyptian Cotton

This is typically what people associate with top-of-the-line bed sheets. The cotton is, of course, imported from Egypt.

They usually have a higher thread count, making them insanely soft and durable. The best part is that they are still breathable; you don’t have to worry about getting too hot in the night!

Jersey Knit

These are again made of cotton, but they are knitted sheets rather than the standard woven. The way they are made makes them stretchy and warmer than most other sheet sets.

If you plan to glamp in colder weather, this could be the perfect material to nestle in! This specific style is measured in weight rather than thread count, and the heavier they are, the more durable they’ll be.


These sheets are also an excellent choice for cold-weather glamping! They are softer than most other materials, and they are also measured by weight. Four ounces or more per square yard is considered to be of high quality.


Linen is the perfect material for midsummer. They are one of the lightest, most breathable bed sheets and they wick away moisture as well. These are typically made with a lower thread count, but you can still find high quality and soft sets with a thread count of above 200!


I don’t think you can find sheets any softer than this. They are glossy, smooth, and they stay cool! This would be best for spring or summer glamping. They feel great, and they add a little bit of extra beauty to your bed!

Why Thread Count Matters

It is simple! Sheets with a higher thread count are softer, stronger, and tend to be heavy and more comfortable than other sets.

They increase the price tag for sure, but they are definitely worth investing in, especially if you want to experience the height of glamor on your adventure! The best part is that you can bring them home and use them for a long time.

comfy glamping pillows

Glamping Pillows

Nothing adds more flair to your setup than nice pillows! We will go over what styles of pillowcase you can use, why having good pillows matters, and the different materials they can be made of!


When your space looks better, you tend to feel better! Getting cute, Instagram worthy pillowcases are a must.

Match Colors

Think of a color that brings you a calm, content feeling or just something eye-catching and make that your theme! Use colors that complement each other with a color wheel.


Throwing a few trendy designs in the mix never hurts! Let’s go over a few and see if you like the idea:

  • This has been a pretty hip pattern for the past few years! The design is made up of triangular shapes in rows, usually with contrasting colors in between the spaces. Here is an example.
  • Polka dots. This is a classic, timeless style that is still popular in clothing and home decor today! Neutral colors look best with this pattern, but if you’re feeling funky, go all out with something wild!
  • Floral patterns give any room a natural, feminine touch. If you have a favorite flower, I’m sure somewhere has the style you are looking for out there!

Glamping Pillowcase Materials

Just like any other covering, pillowcases are made of different fabrics. Some even have added benefits!


Satin is soft and smooth, and it is glossier than something like cotton. This fabric has a lot of hidden benefits for your skin and hair that most people do not know! For example, satin pillowcases don’t bunch up no matter which way you turn in the night.

You will not be waking up with unsightly marks and creases on your face. Some people actually think satin pillowcases decrease your chances of getting wrinkles over time! If you have issues with tangly bedhead, this may be the right decision for you. Since satin is so slippery and smooth, your hair slides around instead of knotting up.


Velvet is a plush material that actually can be made with silk, though it tends to be a bit more coarse. These pillowcases might get a little hot during the summer, but if you are going winter glamping, they’ll absorb your body heat nicely to keep you from getting chilly!


Linen is soft, but it does not feel like satin. It’s more expensive because it isn’t made in bulk like polyester or cotton. Since it is such a light material, your head will stay cool, and you won’t have those nasty night sweats.


If you are looking for something more affordable than satin with the same texture, buy nylon pillowcases! The feel is similar, and they dry more quickly. Of course, these don’t absorb moisture well so you may get hot in the night, but they dry fairly quickly.

Glamping Throw Pillows

Having throw pillows on your bed make your space cuter and add neck or back support when you’re just lounging around. They come in an endless variety of textures and designs!

Often, they will have phrases or pictures on them. Here are a few examples from Amazon. Maybe you’ll find something you like!

Why Having the Right Pillow Matters

Pillows are what we rest our heads on at night, and they determine how much neck support we have. Buying one that does not give you the support or firmness you need can hurt your neck and spine over time.

Believe it or not, there are tons of pillows out there made of different materials and features that your neck will thank you for later!

Memory Foam

These do precisely the same things that mattress toppers of the same material do! They provide support while conforming to the shape of your head and neck for a cradling effect. They go back to their original shape when you move, so you do not have to worry about fluffing them up throughout the night.


This is what travel pillows are often made of. They’re firm and give you strong support. Just be sure not to get one too thick, though, or you’ll be sore in the morning!

Neck Pillows

These are specifically designed to support your spine, so you are positioned correctly during the night and don’t bend your neck the wrong way.

Lumbar Pillows

These are designed to be placed underneath your lower back to help you relax during the night and keep from arching in your sleep which can lead to back pain later on. If you sleep on your back, this is perfect!

Body Pillows

These are long and fluffy, meant to be placed between your legs for hip support. If you sleep on your side a lot, this will help you and keep you from tossing and turning all night. They are great for pregnant women, and they make good snuggle buddies!

Pillows with Extra Features

You may have seen an infomercial on your television for a revolutionary new pillow that will change the way you sleep forever! The salesperson makes an extraordinary claim about how unique it is, and you think, “Yeah, right.” I can agree with you there, but there really are some pillows with added features that will make at least a bit of difference in the way you sleep.


Some pillows are made to keep your head cool and comfy while you sleep. They can be made with gel, mesh covers, or tiny holes in the pillow to reduce the risk of overheating and sweating, which leads to the growth of bacteria inside.

Who wants that? Yuck! Cooling pillows last longer and stay relatively clean. One example of this is the Iso-Cool pillow. Find it here.


You can shape your pillow to fit everything you need for a good night’s rest! Certain companies like Savvy Rest make your pillow just for you and your own comfort. They also give you lots of options for certain shapes and contours of pillows!


Yes, “smart” here is used in the same context as a “smartphone.” This high-tech pillow has all kind of features and has your own health in mind. The ZEEQ pillow analyzes your movement and duration of your sleep during the night to give you insights into how good (or bad) your sleeping habits may be.

It can connect to any smart home device and give you an audible report in the morning through Amazon Echo! This pillow also has built-in speakers for playing soft and soothing music to help you relax. You can control it remotely through your phone or the controller it comes with. “Is it really comfortable, though?” you may be asking.

Apparently so! It controls the temperature, is hypoallergenic, wicks away moisture, and is actually soft. If you really want to pull out all the stops, impress your glamping mates with the ZEEQ pillow.

How does it work? It is operated by battery, and the battery charge typically lasts for two weeks. You don’t need to plug it in or anything like that!

glamping blanket with dog

Glamping Blankets

Blankets are the most essential above-mattress accessory. Why? They keep you warm and cozy! Without one, sleep is miserable because you get too cold. WIth the wrong blanket, you get too hot. That is why you need something that fits your specific desires.

They also add extra style to a room just like pillows do! Which blankets are the most comfortable?


Fleece is soft to the touch, and it is similar to the feel of animal fur because it tends to be shaggier than something like cotton or flannel. The blankets themselves are thin, but they are warm nonetheless.


Cotton blankets are thick and can be warm, but they’re breathable enough to keep too much body heat from being trapped underneath. Cotton is durable and easily washable, so the dirt that builds up over time can be swept away with nothing but a washing machine.


Down blankets are made with the feathers of animals stuffed in between layers of cotton. This makes them light and thin, but they are softer and plusher than other choices.

Egyptian Cotton

Just like the sheets, blankets can also be made out of Egyptian cotton! These are going to be rather expensive, but they are worth it. They’re soft, dense, breathable, and durable. They are the whole package! If you have the money to spare, go for it!


A comforter is what you typically think of as your top blanket, though they often are covered by duvets. They are thick and warm, covering the entire bed unlike throws, which are smaller blankets meant to be light and portable.


Duvets are essentially thick quilts filled with squares of down or soft cotton. They are incredibly warm and heavy for those who prefer a gentle weight at night. They are placed typically above your comforter blanket for a more decorative look. Choose any type of style or pattern that goes with the rest of your motif!

Adding Glamor to your Bed

The full experience of glamping is not truly achieved without taking your bed to the next level. How does one do that? Why, with extra features, of course! There are more to add than you would think.


Canopies add something to the room (or yurt or tent) that just makes you feel like some sort of king or queen. They are elegant, and they often look more expensive than they are. There are a few different kinds to suit the aura you want to put out, whether it be bohemian or Victorian.

Four Poster

The best frame for a canopy is comprised of four posts attached to the headboard and footboard of your bed with a rectangular frame overhead. This is ideal if you are really planning to stay for a long while.

Why not bring the entire set along? Curtains are added to each post that can be opened and closed whenever you want! Truly vintage curtains are made from velvet, but you can always go with something sheer like lace.

Half Canopy

This is achieved by having a small frame of posts attached to only your headboard. Typically, one does not attach curtains to it; the piece just adds its own rustic charm.

Overhanging Canopy

This can be made out of any material you desire — lace, tulle, velvet, mesh, and sheer sheets are popular examples. This can be done in a couple of different ways.

One design is circular and hangs over the head of your bed. You do not need a frame for it; simply hang it from a chain or hook overhead.

Tie it to a post if you want! It is a lot easier than lugging a four-poster frame all the way from home. With the circular model, the fabric comes to a point at the top and hangs down to the floor. You can leave it as is or cocoon yourself by stretching it over the ends.

The second design is simple; you attach a long and rectangular piece of fabric to the ceiling in multiple spots and let the ends hang down. The ends don’t always touch the floor; they only hang down a short distance. If you want, though, you can modify it and hang it as low as it will go! Here is an example, if you can’t quite picture what I mean. (#8 on this list)

Layering Blankets

Depending on the colors you have chosen to complement each other and give your room a more chic and put-together look, layer the blankets you bought or brought! Different colors and textures or complementary patterns can add an extra touch of elegance or spunk to your tent or yurt.

Pillow Sprays

Certain scents are said to make you more relaxed and sleepy come bedtime. Lavender, in particular, is a great calming scent! You can now buy a spray to spritz on your pillow and give you sweeter sleep. I bet it keeps your hair smelling nice, too! Buy it at Bath & Body Works in scents like lavender & vanilla or black chamomile!

What are you waiting for? You have everything you need now to feel glamorous and royal. Shop ‘til you drop into your beautiful bed.

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