What is the Difference Between Camping and Glamping?

Camping is the perfect vacation from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. It gives us a chance to escape from all of the noise of the city or the tedium of our normal surroundings.

When you think of camping, the first images to come to your mind are likely of a tent, a campfire, and trees. It’s simple and straightforward.

With the sudden rise in popularity of glamping, though, that entire mental picture has begun to shift pretty significantly.

So what is the difference between camping and glamping?

Camping usually lacks luxuries such as electric or climate control and glamping will almost always include both as well as many other luxuries that you will not normally have with traditional camping.

Today, we are going to discuss the difference between standard camping and the trendy “glamping,” giving you an idea of what to expect from both so that you can spend your nature vacation in total bliss.

Camping v. Glamping: Simplicity and Luxury

Even the very basic idea of what camping differs from what people typically want out of their glamping trip.

Camping and the Simple Life

Standard camping trips are usually seen as a complete vacation from the things that make life complicated or convenient. Though people may still bring along some electronic devices, the goal is to reconnect with nature and with others.

Campers tend to do things that are considered “primitive” by today’s standards. For example:

  • using the restroom outside (no plumbing)
  • cooking over a fire instead of in an oven or stove
  • sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag (no beds)

These are the unique things that people go camping to experience. The entire point of the trip is to go without the comforts of home and experience something new.

Glamping and the Luxe Life

People who go glamping still want a retreat from their daily lives, but how they go about it is completely different from the methods of campers.

Glamping is all about getting away from home without sacrificing the comfort and convenience that you are accustomed to. Glampers often think of their setups as being “a home away from home.”

They often bring along items such as:

  • portable toilets and showers
  • pillow-top cots or mattresses
  • large tents (i.e. yurts, safari tents)
  • camping stoves and grills
  • phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Glamping is simply “glamorous camping,” getting closer to nature without giving up the inventions that we have come to depend on. This can be a unique experience of its own, but the two types of camping are wildly different when it comes to what people do with their time away.

Camping v. Glamping: Shelter

Because the main objectives of camping and glamping are all about simplicity v. luxury, you can expect that even basic things like shelter will differ in appearance. It all comes down to space needed and convenience.

Camping Tents

Campers tend to choose tents that don’t waste space and are easy to set up. These two properties are typically considered necessary when trying to live a simple life, even for just a weekend.

There is a tent on the market for nearly every group size. Some groups may choose to buy a tent one size up to fit all of their gear, but they don’t need excess room for luxury items that they don’t plan to bring.

Camping tents are generally made out of synthetic fabrics that are weatherproof but also easy to store and lightweight. Standard tents come with poles and stakes to keep the frame sturdy and windproof. Now, though, many of these tents are “instant tents,” meaning that taking them out of the carrying bag and setting them on the ground will do the job. This makes setting up and taking down your base camp simpler.

Glamping Tents

The best glamping tents are those that have tons of room for all of your clothing, furniture, and convenience items as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Glamping is all about being comfortable and having a setup that is Instagram-worthy.

Bell tents are a popular choice among glampers because they offer that iconic triangular roof so often associated with camping while having far more space for standing and storing your gear. The entrances to these tents are large enough to walk right through without bending and fussing with a zipper. Even small inconveniences like those disappear with the right glamping tent.

Glamping tents are bigger, prettier, and more convenient for a glamorous vacation than standard camping tents.

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Camping v. Glamping: Convenience Items

The little details really are what sets glamping and camping trips apart more than anything else. Day to day life is made easier with technology and innovation; the different gear that the two types of campers pack will reflect exactly what they want out of their nature retreat.

A Camper’s Packing List

Campers really stress the importance of getting in touch with themselves, others, and the world around them with as few distractions as possible. Their packing lists aren’t lengthy, and they don’t include too many unnecessary items.

What they do typically include:

  • tent
  • sleeping bag
  • flashlight
  • clothing
  • water
  • first aid kit
  • lantern
  • folding chairs
  • phones for emergencies
  • food and utensils

Each of the items covers basic needs. Some campers may choose to bring a camping stove and small things for entertainment (i.e. portable radio, book), but none of these things get in the way of the main objective – escaping from modern living.

A Glamper’s Packing List

Glampers will add all of the items to their packing list that campers use, but often with many additions and upgrades. After all, what’s a life of luxury and glamour without excess?

A glamper’s packing list includes:

  • portable stove
  • blankets and pillows
  • mattress or cot
  • radio
  • portable showers and a toilet
  • electric lanterns, candles, fairy lights, flashlights, etc.
  • laptop, tablet, phone, etc. with portable chargers
  • rugs

Sometimes, glampers even include other furniture for extended stays like dressers and indoor chairs. By the time everything is unpacked and arranged, the inside of their tents will look like a cozy apartment rather than a temporary shelter.

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Camping v. Glamping: Locations

The beauty of camping in all forms is that you can take your home base almost anywhere. You can set up a tent in the forest, on the beach, on top of a mountain – as long as it is safe and legal, you can pitch your tent wherever you want.

Still, though, the locations that glampers choose will differ from what standard campers may normally pick.

Campers: Where They Pitch Their Tents

Campers all over the world pitch their tents in places far away from the city or at least wherever they can get some peace and quiet. They may choose campgrounds with other campers for a sense of community and safety, but since they keep their gear list simple, they will go wherever they can set up a home base and explore.

Glampers: Where They Park Their Yurts

Glampers are somewhat limited in where they can go for a glamorous getaway. Their excess gear would make setting up a home base far too difficult in the mountains or a place not accessible by car. Glampers also choose comfortable climates with sunny, mild weather in many cases.

Some choose to forgo setting up their own shelter altogether and find a “glampground” to stay at. These places have tiny homes, giant tents, or ready and waiting for glampers to make reservations. Glamping campgrounds often offer amenities like indoor plumbing, spas, game rooms, and charging centers for electronic devices.

The appeal of “glampgrounds” is that they are still out of the city. You get the benefits of being close to nature without giving up sturdy shelter and amenities that hotels offer.

Camping v. Glamping: Expenses

As one can imagine, a holiday of luxury comes with a significantly higher price tag than a simple vacation. One central factor in deciding whether one wants to go camping or glamping is how much room is in the budget.

Every additional item of convenience that glampers bring along adds to the final total, and if they plan to stay at a glamping campground, they may end up paying for a reservation comparable to that of a 4-star hotel.

Camping is financially much more accessible to the general public than glamping is.

In summary, camping and glamping are both entirely unique experiences achieved in entirely different ways.

Campers value living simply. They see it as a refreshing change from their daily routines as well as a way to deeply connect with the people that they care about without distractions. Electronic devices are used mainly for emergencies, and cooking is quite a bit more complicated than simply pushing a button to heat up food. It is both simple and challenging, allowing variety and the honing of a new skillset.

Glampers want to break away from the tedium of their daily lives and experience new and exciting things. However, they would rather not go without plumbing or the comfort of a soft mattress at night. All the comforts of home are brought along and thoroughly enjoyed, but glampers also get to connect with each other and nature more than they usually might.

One thing that the two have in common? They’re tons of fun and a great way to spend a vacation.

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