How Much Are Glamping Tents to Buy? ( Bell, Yurts, Cabin, Tipis )

When you go glamping, you want the most luxurious tent money can buy without going way over budget. Depending on what that budget is, there are many different types of tents that you can purchase. Each one fits unique needs.

So how much glamping tents cost?

Here is a break down of how much camping tents cost by type.

  • Glamping Bell tent- This glamping tent will cost $350 for basic to $1000 for top of the line.
  • Glamping Yurts- This type of glamping tent will cost $500 for basic to $3000 for top of the line.
  • Glamping Cabin Tents- This style of glamping tent will cost $100 for basic to $400 for top of the line.
  • Glamping Tipis- This glampng tent will run $130 for basic to $1000 for top of the line.

Be sure to keep reading for more in-depth information including examples with prices and comparisons of what you will get for the money.

Bell Tents for Glamping

Bell tents are one of the most classic glamping tents on the market. They are preferred by many people because they are whimsical and cute while having practical uses as well. That’s not to mention that they are available in many different designs and at a wide range of prices according to the the design.

How much do bell tents cost?

Now, the biggest factor as to whether or not you actually plan on purchasing a glamping bell tent comes down to the price. These tents have a wide price range depending on the size you need and what they are made of.

The smallest usually start at around $350, while the biggest can be found for upwards of $1,000. Of course, who you buy from and the quality of the material will affect these prices.

Examples of bell tents and prices

Check out some of these just as a starting point based on your budget and branch out from there!

To make sure you get the most recent price and to see what you will get for the price, we highly recommend that you click on each one and check them out.

What do bell tents offer for the money?

Most bell tents offer quite a few features that make them ideal for glamping. These include:

  • A spacious interior. Regular camping tents can be a tight squeeze for families, but you do not have to worry about this with a bell tent! There is plenty of floor space for everyone. In fact, the average interior floor space for this type of tent is around 172 sq. ft. For glamping, this is perfect for two people, but if you are glamping with a group, some can go up to almost 400 sq. ft. That’s the size of some studio apartments!

As for the height of a bell tent, you are guaranteed to have at least 6 ft. of headroom. If you prefer something with higher ceilings, some models stand tall at almost 12 ft.

  • Durable material. Most bell tents that you will see are made of some kind of canvas. Canvas is known for being pretty weather resistant and durable for almost any environment. This material is still breathable enough to stay cool on hot days, too! If you take proper care of your tent, it should last for years.
  • In many models, you have the ability to bring a wood-burning stove into your bell tent. If you are glamping in the winter, this is especially useful both for heat and for cooking.

People that bell tents will be worth the price for

While glamping with a bell tent can be great for anyone, there are certain people that may benefit from it more than others. These people are:

  • Many of the bigger bell tents can fit families, but they would be most comfortable for a couples’ retreat. This way, you can fit in a queen-size or even a king-size bed without feeling cramped by everyone else’s furniture. You can bring in a wood-burning stove, all of your luggage, and any other trimmings while still having plenty of room to move around.
  • Anyone who needs easy setup. Not everyone has the patience nor the health to spend a long time setting up a glamping tent. Bell tents, while they are not exactly a breeze to pitch, are easier than setting up something like a yurt.
  • Those people glamping in rainy climates. The canvas material that the bell tent is made of should keep the rain out of your tent. It is also great for people glamping in hot places, as the canvas is breathable while keeping sunlight out.

Yurts for Glamping

Yurts are another popular glamping tent type, known for being stylish and luxurious. They offer several features that you may not get from other tent types.

What do yurts offer?

  • Lots of space. Bell tents are roomy, but yurts are often even bigger. The average floor space of a yurt is usually between 260 sq. ft.- 700 sq. ft. You can fit significantly more furniture and people in one of these, depending on the size you need. The average height of a yurt is anywhere from 6 ft. to 12 ft. tall!
  • Some yurts are made for people to live in or glamp in for a long time, so they will definitely need to be weatherproof to the extreme. Wind, rain, sun, and snow are no match for a yurt.
  • Plenty of extra features. Not all yurts have extra features, but some offer luxuries you will not find anywhere else. These include skylights, windows, and places to introduce electricity through ports. You can have light and charging stations in your yurt!

Who are yurts best for?

Again, while yurts can be used by everyone, they are better suited for these glampers:

  • Small families. Bell tents may not be able to comfortably accommodate a family of four, but plenty of yurts can! You will have room for all of your luggage and beds without being elbow to elbow.
  • Summer glampers. While it is definitely possible to heat your yurt, their bigger size may make it more difficult to do so. The material will keep you cool in the summer, but also cooler in the winter.
  • Long-term glampers. Yurts have the weather resistance and the sturdy structure to last throughout a month-long glamping trip. They will last throughout storms without getting you wet.

How much do yurts cost?

Unlike bell tents, yurts are usually considerably expensive. These tents are more of an investment, better for glampers who will go multiple times. The price ranges from $500 to $5,000 from most sellers. You may be able to find one for more affordable prices, but they are rather rare.

Examples of glamping yurts

Don’t be fooled. Many tents marketed as yurts are often bell tents. In order to keep you from purchasing the wrong tent out of confusion, you should look here for better examples.

  • The Mongulair Portable Yurt. The most affordable option available to you right now is on Amazon for $2,200+. It can fit in a car while still being able to fit six people comfortably when properly set up. It is made of weather resistant material, and the yurt gives you the ability to install a wood-burning stove!
  • Any of these yurts from CampingYurts.com will provide you with everything you need. They start at $2,800 and increase as you choose bigger sizes or add more features like windows and fireproof material.
  • The yurts for sale on Yurts.com are just about the most expensive that you can buy. Prices start at over $5,000, but this is because each is fully customizable to your tastes. You can add extra insulation, different types of doors, canopies, or winter weatherproofing features.

Cabin Tents for Glamping

Cabin tents for glamping are shaped more like a house with straight walls instead of slanted and a pointed roof.  Some have rounded roofs, but these aren’t as recognized as the original design. They are used commonly in traditional camping but can be elevated significantly to provide a more luxurious experience.

What do cabin tents offer?

  • Multiple rooms. Several models of cabin tents have room dividers for added privacy. If you want a bedroom for yourself and a changing room in another, that is certainly possible! Whatever you choose to do with these rooms is up to you.
  • High ceilings. At the peak of the roof of the tent, you may be able to stand up straight. That is unless you are super tall! Most cabin tents have a peak height of around 7 ft.
  • Many cabin tents come with screened porches for outdoor views while being able to still relax in the shade. Sweating is definitely not glamorous, and you can keep yourself feeling cool and dry with one of these.

Who are cabin tents best for?

  • Large groups. Many cabin tents are huge and are advertised as being able to fit up to ten people! Of course, if you want to go glamping, you may not want all of those people in the way. Still, some of the bigger models could likely fit five or six people comfortably.
  • People who prefer their privacy. Since most of these have room dividers, you can keep yourself out of the view of everyone else in your own private space.
  • Those glampers who need something easy to set up. Some cabin tents require more effort to pitch, but many models are “instant,” meaning that they can be set up in just a few minutes.

How much do cabin tents cost?

Since these tents are more accessible to regular campers as well as glampers, they are generally more affordable. The price of a cabin tent big enough for glamping usually ranges from $120 to $400. If you are glamping on a budget, consider buying one of these!

Examples of cabin tents for glamping

  • CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent. This is one of the most spacious cabin tents for glamping that you can find on the market! Is it as “Instagrammable” as other tents? Maybe not, but you still get the space you need to make your space glamorous. You can get it on Amazon for anywhere between $200-250.
  • Standing Room Family Cabin Tent. This glamping tent is best for tall people, as the manufacturer specifies that you get 8.5 ft. of headroom! You get large windows and doors with waterproof fabric, too. This is the most affordable option at around a price of $100. (Subject to change.) Find it on Amazon.
  • 10 Person Family Cabin Tent. If you plan on going glamping with a big group or your family, this cabin tent may give you the best experience. It also has a screened in porch to protect you from the sun without having to give up the beautiful views that you came glamping for in the first place. This is on the higher end of a price range, but it is still incredibly affordable at around $300, though the price frequently changes by small increments.

Tipis for Glamping

Tipis have been used notoriously by nomads over 100 years ago. They used these tents as homes. This type of tent has stayed popular because they are a prime shelter from the elements while still being spacious! Let’s talk about some of the other things tipis have to offer in addition to space.

What do tipis offer?

  • Durability and weather resistance. Like bell tents, tipis now are usually made of canvas. Canvas, if kept clean and safe in storage, will withstand wind, rain, and harmful UV rays. You can use a tipi to go glamping again and again without worrying about getting soaked.
  • Optimal temperature regulation. Tipis are known for helping you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Whenever you go glamping, you will still be relatively comfortable.
  • Tipis are pretty easy to set up, though not as easy as cabin tents. You will surely have an easier time pitching one of these than you would with a yurt! The typical setup time reported by other glampers is anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour. It really depends on who you buy from and what size tipi you buy.

Who are tipis best for?

  • People who do not need much headroom. Unfortunately, the worst thing about a tipi is the steeply slanting side walls. While the center will stretch above your head a fair bit, you still may have to bend over to walk. That isn’t comfortable for anyone!
  • Couples or single people. For the most comfortable space, you should not bring too many people into your tipi. You will be cramped and have no room for any furniture you plan to sit beside the walls. Of course, if you buy one meant for many people, that may change. Do your best to judge for yourself ahead of time.
  • Repeat glampers. Really only invest in a tipi if you are serious about glamping. The canvas is a good guarantee that you will get a lot of use out of it. If you only plan on glamping once, do not waste your money.

How much do tipis cost?

Tipis can be found across different sites for anywhere from $130 to upwards of $1,000. If you want a truly high-quality tent, you may need to go into the higher price range. More expensive does not always mean better, but this may certainly be the case for tipis.

Examples of tipis for glamping

  • Guide Gear Tipi Tent. This tipi from the company Guide Gear on Amazon is the most affordable option for this type. It is meant to hold 10-12 people, but for a glamping trip, reduce that number by half. This tipi will cost you around $180 now, but the price changes periodically.
  • 4 Person Tipi. This tipi from Seek Outside is in your mid-price range as far as these tents go. You get a lot for the nearly $660 price tag, though! You start with that as your base price and move up based on what you want added on. You can get door screens, stove jacks, vents, and hang loops, among other things if you so wish.
  • If you really want to go all out when it comes to the price of your tipi, consider getting this 12 person tent! Your starting price is $1,300. If that makes you sweat, consider the fact that it is incredibly spacious, durable, and comes with all the features you can get for the tipi listed above as well.

The bottom line is this: no matter what glamping tent you get, you can always find one within your price range. You do not have to be rich to feel like a million bucks! Instead of blowing out your budget, choose a glamping tent based on these factors:

  • The circumference and height of the tent
  • How easy the tent will be to pitch and how long it will take based on how many people are helping
  • The features that you want in a tent
  • Whether you will be glamping with it in the future
  • The durability of each type of material
  • How many people will be staying in the tent with you
  • When you plan to go glamping
  • What else you plan to buy for your trip
  • How other glampers and campers have rated it in the past

That seems like a lot to remember, but you should consider each carefully before making a final decision. When you take your time, you will find a glamping tent that you love, and you will come back over and over in the future!

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