Do All Glamping Tents Have Restrooms or Toilets?

One of the many pleasures of glamping is all of the amenities and luxuries that it entails. This can range from inclusive meals to lush decor. In many instances, glamping can also include an en-suite bathroom.

So, do glamping tents have restrooms and toilets?

Not all glamping tents have toilets and restrooms, but most glampgrounds that have stationary glamping tents will have attached bathrooms. If you purchase your glamping tent, whether or not it includes a bathroom is up to you.

There is a reason why glamping is the coined term for glamorous camping. One of the least favorite activities of campers is trekking to the public bathroom in the middle of the night. Choose the right glamping tent, and you just might not have to.

What Types of Glamping Are There?

On the most basic level, there are DIY glampers and glampgrounds. DIY glampers buy or create their own glamping tent and use it wherever they like. Glampgrounds typically involve stationary glamping accommodations in a specific location.

DIY Glampers- and restrooms

If you are an individual who plans to purchase your own glamping tent, then the bathroom situation will be dependent on you. Some tents provide bathroom quarters, and with others, you may have to get creative.

If you are selecting a glamping tent manufactured specifically for stationary use, then it quite possibly may have a bathroom. These tents typically will have to be elevated to allow for plumbing. Depending on where you are setting it up, you may need to consider working with a contractor or plumber to facilitate creating a bathroom.

DIY glamping tents can be anything from a spruced up regular tent to a commercially sold model. If your idea of glamping is using a decked out traditional tent, then you will most likely be using the public campground bathrooms or making the trek indoors to your home toilet.

Portable bathrooms are an option, but they can be a pain to empty and clean. However, if you absolutely do not want to use the communal bathrooms, you could look into getting a camp toilet and shower.

Prefabricated glamping tents can cost upwards of a thousand dollars. These tents are usually made from canvas or cotton materials and very sturdy poles and stakes. Some of the more luxurious glamping tents are designed for a bathroom.

Tents equipped for a restroom space will typically have some sort of divider to separate the living area from the private quarters. Additionally, they may feature two separate floors to keep water from the bathroom out of the rest of the tent space.

These extravagant tents can include a traditional toilet, a stand-up shower, or even a free-standing tub. The type of amenities you want to include depends on your plumbing situation. Bear in mind, a tent with a bathroom is likely not the one you will be packing up and moving from place to place.

Not all glamping tents are created equal either. While posh bubble tents are not conducive to bathroom use, as they are almost entirely clear. Canvas tents, yurts, and even tiny homes are more restroom friendly. In addition to your actual tent, you may also need a raised platform. A raised platform can help to accommodate any pipes for plumbing you may need.

Yurts are one of the simplest structures to add a bathroom to, especially because they are increasing in popularity and accommodating year-round residents. Those with yurts will often frame out a bathroom area indoors.

Once they have their restroom constructed, they will add electricity and plumbing. Yurts are typically on a platform, so any wiring or pipes can be brought up through the floor and connected to the main electrical and sewer or water hookups.

Similar to renovations or construction within a home, you will want to check all building codes and permits if your glamping tent is considered a semi-permanent or permanent structure.

Overall, building a luxury bathroom in a glamping tent as a DIY’er can be a huge undertaking.

Unless you want to go semi-rustic.

Creating your Own Glamping Toilet, For DIY Glamping

If an exclusive glampground is a little out of your price range, or if you would prefer to create your own experience, you can still have a bathroom on the go.

It might not be elegant, but it sure beats the public restrooms. Enter camp showers and portable toilets.

Camp showers usually consist of a hanging bag or a pumped reservoir and occasionally, a stall. You can set up a simple pop up privacy tent, or even a portable shower rack for privacy. Then you can put your pressure shower, pump shower, or hanging shower inside.

Usually camp showers won’t have a great deal of water pressure and due to their limited reservoirs showering generally has to be quick. Additionally, some may have the capacity to heat their water while others must be warmed by the sun.

Camp Chef HWD5 from Amazon

Camp Chef HWD5 is a camp shower that attaches to your hose. Though not always a possibility at a campsite, this would make a great at home glamping shower. It provides hot water and also three water jet settings.

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Camping Shower is a bag style shower that uses solar power. With the heat of the sun, the water inside can be warmed. Then use the force of gravity by hanging the bag, and water will flow down the showerhead.

Rinse Kit is a pressurized shower. It has a container you can fill with water. The container does not have any warm properties, but it can pressurize the water. The pressure shower can provide a water stream that lasts up to three minutes.

Portable toilets are another glamping DIY possibility. These are typically containers that you can sit on. They can have chemicals inside them to neutralize waste or use baggies. Either way, you still have to empty and dispose of any contents inside the toilet.

As portable toilets are typically smaller, they can easily fit inside your privacy tent, but you may have to empty them quite frequently.

The Turbo Toilet by Black Pine is a pop-up design. Though lightweight and collapsible, once set up, it can accommodate 2 liters of waste and prevent odors. Either empty it or use it with waste baggies for simpler clean up.

The Leopard Directional Portable Camping Toilet is a bit heftier. It can hold three gallons and includes a flushing system. Better yet, it even has a seat. A pull lever releases the contents from the upper unit into a lower unit where it can be stored until you need to empty it.

Not considered luxury by most, still camp showers and toilets do suit some glampers. If you think the potential hassles of DIY bathrooms are worth the privacy, then your glamping tent can have a bathroom!

Glampgrounds and Their Extravagant Restrooms

Glampgrounds usually have the means necessary to easily include a restroom in their tents. Usually, glampgrounds have ensuite bathrooms in each tent. Besides, these bathrooms can be quite fancy.

Glampground bathrooms can range from the simple to the elegant. The simplest have only a toilet and prefabricated one piece shower stall that are combined into one unit. Or a type of “wet” bathroom.

More costly glamping tents could have a sink, a freestanding tub, a toilet, heated floors, and of course, running water. One example is the up and coming glampground chain “Under Canvas.”

These glampgrounds are usually found outside of US National Parks. They have glamping tents that have hot running water and a flushing toilet all ensuite. Bathtubs and heated floors are a few other high-end amenities.

Other glampgrounds have bathrooms on a smaller scale. They may have a toilet and shower separately, but the shower may be outdoors, and the water usage might be limited.

These glamorous shelters that allow you to avoid a trip to the public restroom can set you back $500 a night.

Which Ones Have Bathrooms?

Usually, bathrooms are more common with glampgrounds. Unless you set up your glamping tent in your backyard or on private property, you likely won’t have a bathroom included as moving all of the parts and plumbing would be a hassle.

Some popular glamping resorts whose glamping tents do include bathrooms are:

Collective Retreats. They have a variety of locations, including Colorado, New York, and California. Their canvas tents erected with rough-hewn log beams include ensuite bathrooms outfitted with L’Occitane products.

The Ranch at Rock Creek. Offering cabins as well as canvas tents, each living space has a private bathroom.

Asheville Glamping. Tents, domes, or airstreams, you have your pick. Each one has a private bathroom, only a short walk away. The bathroom may be referred to as rustic, but the shower does have hot water.

Ventana in Big Sur California offers elegant bathroom options for glampers. They provide a private bathhouse replete the standard items but also heated floors, teak showers, marble sinks, and hotel amenities.

If a private bathroom is a must-have on your camping list, whether ensuite or nearby, then consider a glampground. Though pricey, their stationery and year-round accommodations typically have amazing restrooms.

A Bathroom Fit for a King

Glamping tent bathrooms, even if they are DIY, are usually better than having to trek to a public restroom and wait in a long line. At the very least, they provide you with some privacy and personal space; at most, they can offer a spa-like experience.

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