What are Glamping Tents? ( List of types and prices )

glamping tent

What are Glamping Tents?

A glamping tent is any tent that has most of the amenities that you would find in a small apartment or hotel room. Just about any type of large tent can be made into a glamping tent just by adding luxuries that you would not normally find in a traditional tent.

To find out more about the different types of glamping tents, their amenities, and some of the most awesome glamping experiences you have to add to your bucket list, read on!

What are the different types of glamping tents?

There are so many different types and forms of glamping tents that, sometimes, it’s hard to choose exactly which one is the perfect one for you and your needs. To make your decision just a little easier, I’ve dissected them into six groups; tents, cabins, mobile, house-like, upscale, and eccentric.

For a complete list of glamping resorts that offer any of the below, I recommend this Glamping site [link to http://www.glampinghub.com/types-of-glamping]

inside a yurt

The view of the inside of a yurt.

Type Of Glamping Tents

  • Glamping Yurts

Yurts are a round structure, complete with a dome roof and fabric-covered walls. This construction makes it light and exceptionally easy to assemble and reassemble, making it extremely mobile and easy to transport to various locations.

Fun Fact: The first written description of a yurt as a dwelling was recorded by the ancient Greek historian, Herodotus, who described the yurt-like tents as the dwellings of Scythians (a horse-riding nomadic nation that resided in the northern Black Sea and Central Asian region from around 600 BC to 300 AD).


  • Glamping Teepee

Teepees are another light, easily mobile structure, made from fabric walls and wooden or steel poles. They have also been ‘time-tested’, as they have been used as a shelter for various indigenous tribes in Northern America and Canada as far back as the 1800s and maybe even longer!

These tents are great for glampers who enjoy the subtle things in life every once and awhile and don’t mind taking a break from the advanced technology of everyday life.

  • Bell Tents

Bell tents are similar to tipis as they consist of a high roof and woven sides. What’s unique about bell tents, however, is that they only have one, single central support beam, whereas tipis have support beams on all sides, and the walls are held apart by tension cables that are pegged into the ground (like a tent you’d bring with you while camping).

The great part about bell tents is they tend to be larger and allow room for more people or storage space.

  • Safari Tents

Safari tents are mainly for those who decide to take a tour through, well, the safari. They are usually complete with basic amenities such as a more house-like shape, separated rooms, screen windows, and, sometimes, kitchenettes.

The walls are supported by a much more complicated network than that of a bell tent or tipi, which provides greater stability and security. However, this also makes them far heavier and less likely to be moved around.

  • Glamping Huts

Huts are one of the more traditional ways to experience the great outdoors. They can be made from virtually any natural material including straw, ice, snow, wood, stone, grass, palm leaves, branches, or fabric.

This makes this a pretty darn eco-friendly glamping experience, as you’re practically one with the elements. So, if you’re looking for a traditional experience without the hassle of putting up a tent and scavenging for food, this is about the closest you can get!

Sometimes, huts are transportable, providing you with the freedom to choose where you’d like to stay.

  • Glamping Igloos

I know… Whoever heard of glamping in an igloo! All that snow and ice, you’re sure to freeze before you can enjoy yourself, right? Wrong.

There are many glamping resorts, especially those in the Arctic regions or nearby mountains, that offer igloo stays! And, don’t worry, they aren’t insulated with whalebone.

Fun Fact: Did you know that human heat can raise the temperature in an igloo to 10-degrees Celsius (or 50-degrees Fahrenheit)? Me neither!

glamping cabin in mountains

Types Of Glamping Cabins

  • Tent Cabins

Tent cabins typically have a simple makeup; frame made from metal pipes and cloth sides. However, the unique part is the floor. A wooden floor. Not to mention the spectacular amenities including kitchen facilities, running water, heat, and electricity!

  • Log Cabins

Ah, the traditional log cabin. Wooden walls, fireplaces, cozy rooms, and that feeling of being at home (without actually being there).

These are a fan-favorite to stay at, especially during the winter months. Because who doesn’t want to watch the snowfall by a romantic blazing fire, all cozied up in soft throw blankets?

  • Tree Houses

This quirky type of glamping is perfect for getting in touch with your inner child! Many glamping treehouses come with amenities like kitchenettes, bathrooms, and even TV!

There are two forms of glamping tree houses. The first is what you’d expect, a tiny house in a tree, supported by the natural curvature of the tree it’s built onto.

The other is more of a loft on stilts. Same amenities, 360-degree view of your surroundings! Some people prefer the latter simply for the ability to take in more of their surroundings.

  • Domes

Domes are, well, domes. They can be constructed by a variety of different materials including wood, steel, or even high-resistance PVC-Polyester fabric, which makes them great for braving the elements.

The elevated floors keep you free from the humidity on the ground and leave little to no trace on the ground, seamlessly blending into the harmony of its surroundings.

  • A-frame Cabins

A-frame cabins are dually sturdy and luxurious. Think of it as a kind of home-away-from-home. Their stylish appearance is not one to be taken lightly. However, walking in may just take your breath away.

The A-frame makes for a unique interior (which is normally fully furnished if you’re renting one) and they’re usually secluded among the trees, providing some much-needed privacy for your getaway.

Make sure to embrace all the levels of luxury and explore the uniquely laid-out upper loft!



  • Campervans

Sometimes referred to as campers or caravanettes, campervans are ideal for those who are unsatisfied with one simple getaway at one simple location. Nope, campervans are for the ultimate traveler.

If you’re the type of glamper who would love to camp out in the Colorado Mountains one night and, the next, among the beautiful surroundings of Yosemite, the campervan may be the perfect solution for you.

  • Airstreams

Airstreams are another type of luxury RV, complete with amenities such as awnings, electricity, bathrooms, kitchenettes, beds, and more!

These got extremely popular around the 50s and 60s, when the need and want to travel long distances increased, especially around the holidays.


  • Eco-Pods

These are the ultimate glamping choice. If not for their eco-friendly nature, then for their gorgeous, uninhibited garden-view scenery.

Aside from the beautiful scenery and eco-friendly footprint, they are also loaded with amenities such as solid protection from wind and rain, heat and electricity, beds, and added security (so no need to worry about meddlesome pests or nighttime troublemakers).

  • Tiny Houses

Have you ever seen that show, tiny houses? Well, imagine that only completely secluded, huge picture windows, and possible mobility!

Tiny houses offer all the amenities of a house, with the added benefit of complete privacy and, ahem, no neighbors.

So, if you want to get away for a weekend and go ‘au-natural,’ go for it! (Just make sure you’re careful of the picture window. You don’t want to give any unexpected hikers a peep-show)

  • Cottages

Cottages are usually small, but they can come in a variety of sizes. Cottages are normally fully loaded with all the usual amenities you would find in an apartment.

Taking your glamping stay to a cottage will provide you with a cozy home-away-from-home feeling and will be sure to leave you feeling refreshed.


  • Nature Lodges

If none of the above have tickled your fancy, you might find that nature lodges or other forms of lodging may be more your style.

Maybe you’re just trying to take a vacation and do some gorgeous sightseeing, but you aren’t necessarily trying to alienate yourself in the wilderness. Or, maybe you just hate bugs. That’s where nature lodges come in to save the day!

Nature lodges are found in, you guessed it, nature! Perfectly aligned in the surrounding scenery, they provide the feel of being in nature with the luxuries of an upscale hotel. This includes food, freshwater, kitchens, shelter, beds, bathrooms, and more.

Some nature lodges also offer amenities such as hot springs, spas, tours, and other fun activities you may enjoy.

  • Villas

If you’re looking for beauty, but not necessarily in the middle of nowhere, Villas can be a great choice. Villas are large houses, usually surrounded by some amazing scenery such as gorgeous gardens, lakes, or on the edge of woods.

One of the great things about Villas is you can choose the setting. Lakeside, wooded, gardens, urban or secluded. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Fun Fact: Villa’s used to only be available to the highly elite back in the days of the Roman Empire.

island glamping


  • Caves

Whoever thought of cave-dwelling as a vacation? Were they genius or imbecile? That’s debatable. However, there’s nothing imbecilic about cave glamping!

Though you usually won’t get the amenities of modern-day technology, you are provided with beds, shelter, tables, lanterns, and some amazing, once-in-a-lifetime scenery.

Most cave glamping resorts provide tours and other activities where you can explore and learn all about the history of the caves. Some caves, such as the Granada caves, have a rich history that glampers get the privilege to enjoy.

Fun Fact: The Granada Caves were used by farmers, moors, miners, and humble peasants as a refuge throughout the years.

  • Barns

Sturdy, weather-proof, beautiful scenery… Barns. The last doesn’t really seem to fit, does it? Well, not for these luxurious and refurbished barns. And, no need to worry about the overcrowding of farm animals, either. They’re long gone.

These glamping barns are completely remodeled and big enough to fit your whole crew, be it family, friends, or colleagues. And, it’s a totally unique and fun way to get out and have some fun and see some amazing sights. Try looking out the loft window, and you won’t be disappointed by what you see.

  • Cabooses

Are you a lover of trains? Have you always wondered what it might be like to take a trip to the past and live amongst cowboys, Indians, and train robbers?

Well, suit up cowboy, and rent a caboose for the weekend! This is especially great for families, and very special for small children. Ever played cowboys and robbers as a kid? Now your kids can play it as close to real life as possible.

These cabooses have been completely remodeled to create a secure and homey shelter for you and yours during your stay. Don’t worry; it won’t roll away.

  • Towers

This is a personal favorite of mine and definitely on my bucket list. Tower glamping can be anything from abandoned windmills to lighthouses to castles (yes, even medieval ones!).

Stay in an abandoned windmill (refurbished and stuffed with all the goods, of course) and tell ghost stories until your eyes pop out.

Awake to the soothing sounds of waves and birds in a lighthouse. Pack some rather eccentric dresses for a secluded, romantic getaway and play Romeo and Juliet with your love.

The possibilities are nearly endless, not to mention awesome fun! These are really something you can get creative with and make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

  • Islands

Did you know you can rent an entire island for glamping? Well, you can! If you’re looking for a complete deluxe getaway, free from neighbors and surrounded by the beauty of nature, this is for you.

The island comes with a shelter, mainly small villas or cottages, that are completely stocked with everything you’ll need including electricity, heat and A/C, spacious windows, furnishings, beds, bathroom, kitchen, and more.

Whether you’re looking for family vaca or a romantic getaway, this is sure to create some pretty unforgettable moments.

  • Floating

Not a fan of the wilderness? Maybe you’re more a fan of the soothing sound of water and the ability to see fish through your floor. Well, floating glamping allows you to do just that.

These can be either anchored houseboats or, possibly, a cabin on stilts. Each comes with all the amenities you’d need including a kitchen, bathroom, beds, and electricity. Some of the more fabulous come with spa tubs and see-through floors!

Whichever type of glamping best suits your fancy, and there are a lot to choose from; it’s sure to be a memorable occasion.

Some of the Most Awesome Glamping Tents Ever… You can BUY!

Maybe you’d love to go glamping on occasion, but the prices make your pulse jump. Or, maybe you just aren’t a fan of what glamping has to offer.

Sometimes, it’s hard to find a glamping resort that suits your exact needs. Luckily, you can actually buy tents made for personal glamping endeavors!

Because, really, why spend the money every six months when you can spend it once and have it last a lifetime?

Here are the top 10 best glamping tents that you can buy.

  1. Heimplanet The Cave Inflatable 3-Person Glamping Tent – $759.95

This tent is called “the cave” because it creates a cave-like experience, even in sunlight! No sun will get through the dark walls and windows of The Cave.

This tent can house 2-3 people with plenty of room for tables, storage, or air mattresses. And, you’ll love setting it up. Simply lay it flat, attach the pump, and watch it set up itself!

  1. Bubble Tent Single Tunnel Inflatable Transparent Glamping Tent – $900.00

Want a 360-degree view from your tent? Then you’ll absolutely love this bubble! Because that’s exactly what it is: a bubble.

Stargaze from all angles during a breezy summer night (without the fear of bug bites) or watch the air around you turn into a beautiful snowy igloo during the winter, right before your eyes!

  1. Nemo Wagontop 4P Glamping Tent – $649.95

Ok, right off the bat, I was sold by the high-ceiling… This tent provides and then some! Each wall is complete with a large screen window, and the front vestibule provides a great area for storage and is easily removed.

And, thanks to the single-wall design, this tent is a breeze to set up. Simply insert two hubbed poles, and you’re ready to glamp!

  1. Kampa Hayling 6 Air Pro Glamping Tent – $1,065.44

You need a tent… for six people… and you’re thinking how the heck can I find one that big. Well, this tent isn’t just a tent. It’s a 2-in-1! The front of the tent is a large sitting area (like a living room or lounge area) large enough for tables, chairs, and anything else you can think of that you might find in a living room.

The rear is a sleeping area that is large enough to accommodate six adults! You can even separate the two rooms and get some much-needed privacy.

  1. Ozark Trail 12-Person 3-Room Glamping Tent – $239.00

Okay, maybe she’s not a looker. However, it’s probably as big as a normal size apartment, so it makes up for it.

This monster contains three rooms, each of which can have a designated purpose. Turn all three of them into bedrooms or use one as a bedroom, one as a dining area, and one as a lounge. The possibilities for this beauty-in-disguise are endless!

  1. Lotus Belle 16-Foot Outback Deluxe Glamping Tent – $2,700.00

Okay, you probably looked at the price and skipped this one right over. But, keep in mind it’s a one-time price and not what you’d have to pay every time you use it. Which may just make this tent worth every penny.

This 16-by-16-foot tent is big enough for two twin-sized beds or a queen-sized bed (it’ll even fit through the door)! Between the space, the spacious windows, and the fact that it looks like a princess tent, I’m sold.

  1. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6-Person Glamping Tent – $549.99

This 10-by-10-foot tent is complete with galvanized steel poles, making this a truly sturdy tent that will withstand some nasty weather. It includes two large doors, two top vents, four good-size windows, and an awning!

  1. Dream House Canvas Yurt-Style Glamping Tent – $359.00

If you still can’t believe the Lotus Belle costs an arm and a leg, but unfortunately you’ve fallen in love and can’t stop thinking about being a princess, this tent may just be your solution.

It’s strikingly similar to the Lotus Belle in shape and just slightly smaller with a 4-meter diameter. However, it’s still big enough for a queen-sized air mattress, two end tables, and even a designated gear storage corner!

  1. Cabela’s Outfitters Alaknak 12-by-12 Luxury Glamping Tent – $1,019.98

Again, the amenities definitely justify the means of the one-time price for this unique tent.

The material is tear-resistant and waterproof and comes with two extra-large cots, an awning that dually keeps the sun at bay and prevents water from pooling in front of the door, and a chimney. That’s right, I said chimney!

This tent is complete with a stovepipe that allows you to cook your food inside the tent. No more shish-kabobs over a fire… I’m making steak, tonight! Why? Because my tent has a stove pipe.

  1. REI Co-op Kingdom 8 Glamping Tent – $529.00

This spacious tent is weatherproof and perfect for families or double dates. With a zip-in divider, the interior can be separated into two separate tents! No more huddling together with the crew. Get some privacy in your life!


Glamping is not just one thing, and you don’t have to do it just one way. Since glamping has increased in popularity, you can now choose to go glamping in the wilderness, on the water, in a cave, on a farm, in a castle, in an RV, in one place or a hundred.

While the possibilities of each type of glamping may not be endless, the possibilities of glamping itself are pretty close to. And, if you get a headache thinking about how much it costs, or feel like it’s less freeing than traditional camping, glamp your own way with one of the many awesome glamping tents available!

Glamping is for everyone, no matter your style. So, what’s your style?


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