Glamping light ideas (Battery power, Solar Power, Themed, DIY)

glamping lightsGlamping, glamorous luxuries and the great outdoors, rolled together into one, perfect getaway! What could possibly brighten this up even more? Well, especially if you’ve got your very own portable glamping tent, lights could definitely brighten the night, and set the stage for a complete, uniquely themed experience!

There are dozens of different options to choose from when thinking about lighting up your glamping tent. Whether you’re all about solar power or DIY or traditional oil lamps, this list has got you covered.

Here’s what we will cover so that you can get the perfect glamping lights.

  • Battery powered glamping lights
  • Solar powered glamping lights
  • Themed Lanterns
  • DIY glamping lights and lanterns
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Battery Powered Lights

These lights are longer lasting and easily portable – mainly because they’re normally the size of a tiny tea or regular-sized stick candle. These would be especially wonderful for a nice, romantic getaway due to their candle-like appearance and warm, cozy lighting.

However, there are a lot of other, unique options when it comes to LED lights. Here are some that I highly recommend:


Lanterns are exactly what they claim to be. You can get the traditional look, or go with something more flashy, such as the Moroccan Black Lantern from Lights4Fun [ref. http://www.lights4fun.co.uk].

Simple Tea Candle LED’s

These are great for both simplicity and romance. AND, they’re super easy to find because you can pretty much buy them anywhere. These tiny ‘candles’ provide cozy and some warm, soft light that’s guaranteed to brighten up your night and get you and your significant other ready for some cuddling.

LED Stick Lights

These are just the normal LED lanterns you’d stick in the ground down your driveway for nighttime. But here’s a dual purpose. Put them around your tent or as a pathway leading to your tent! Viola, a lighted area so you don’t trip over roots that stick 4 inches out of the ground!

solar light

Solar-Powered Lights

Solar powered lights are great because they charge in the day and glow at night! Most of them often tend to have a softer light that emanates, instead of that harsh, false light of regular light bulbs.

Some of the most common types of solar-powered lights used for camping include:

Solar Powered Stick Lights

These are the same as the battery-powered LED lanterns only they charge during the day and don’t need their batteries changed every other day. Again, you can use these to light a pathway to your tent for nighttime walks or place them all around your tent like a beacon to the stars!

Solar Powered Lanterns

Solar powered lanterns are, again, the same as their battery-powered counterparts, only fewer battery changes, less money spent, more eco-friendly, and, in my opinion, a much better glow. Solar powered lights typically have fewer lumens than regular bulbs, which creates a softer luminescence rather than that harsh, false-looking light from normal watt lightbulbs.

Solar Powered Themed Lanterns & Lights

If you’re not in the market for the traditional look, there are plenty of unique and themed alternatives! Themed LED and solar powered Chinese Lanterns, lights shaped like animals or plants, letter-box lights… Let your imagination wander and get creative!

Speaking of which….

chinese lamps

Themed Lanterns

Fairy Lights

These lights are exceptionally fun and unique because they come in a wide variety of colors and shapes! Lights4Fun [ref. http://www.lights4fun.co.uk] (which can also be found on Amazon.com) have lights that come in pretty colors and even shapes like hummingbirds, butterflies, and other types of cute, flying critters. These are especially magical for when you take your little ones camping with you.

Solar Powered Chinese Lanterns

If you want to add an oriental-feel to your glamping trip, try getting some solar powered Chinese lanterns! They come in a variety of colors and themes, charge in the day, look gorgeous at night, and create a unique experience that you’ll be sure to remember.

Lighted Alphabet Letters

If you want to get really creative, try doing light-up alphabet letters. You can get super creative with these. Write out phrases or names, goals for your trip. Anything you can think of. This will be sure to light up your night and your whole camping trip!

Letter Light Box

If you don’t want to get individual letters, try a light-up letterbox instead. These have pre-written names, phrases, and more in a convenient box that lights up and is normally battery-powered.

Get a pre-made one, or even order one specially made just for you with a phrase or name of your choice!

glow jar

DIY Lights and Lanterns

DIY lights and lanterns are great for a lot of reasons. You get the memorable experience of making them, for one. You can even invite your friends and family along to join in on the fun! They also offer a more personalized feel to your experience, as you can make them however you like, with whatever you like. This means, you can use any type of light that you prefer, whether that’s LED, solar powered, regular volt, or candle (be careful with candles though, and never leave them unattended, or you may come back from your five second bathroom trip to find your luxurious tent burnt to the ground and Smokey the Bear looking very disappointed in you.

Make a Glow Jar

The difference between this glow jars and previous glow jars we’ve talked about is that this one is made with actual lights in a jar! All you need are some battery powered Christmas lights and a mason jar. Add some festivity to your glamping trip this season, maybe?

Traditional Glow Jars

If you haven’t already read about them, I’ll give you the recipe again. All you’ll need is phosphorescent paint or some glow sticks (you’ll need scissors and gloves if you’re using glow sticks) and a clean mason jar. You can either paint the jar or simply drip the paint in and shake it around. Then, let it dry and wait til Earth turns out the lights!

Hulu Hoop Glow Wreath

[ref. https://homebnc.com/best-diy-outdoor-lighting-ideas/]

Wrap up an old hulu hoop with some battery powered Christmas lights and hang it up in your tent. Why not have Christmas outdoors this year?

Wine-Not Torches

All you’ll need for these are empty wine bottles, ½ inch copper coupling, Teflon thread seal tape, ½ inch tiki torch wick, glass beads, citronella-scented (optional) tiki torch fuel, and a funnel.

If you want, wash the labels off the bottles, just make sure you thoroughly rinse the soap off and dry it. Then, wrap tape around the coupling until it fits snuggly through the opening of the wine bottle and insert the wick into the coupling. After that, place some beads at the bottom of the bottle to weigh it down and fill the bottle with the fuel (stop where the bottle starts to narrow). Then, simply insert the wick and use when you’re ready!

fancy glow jars

Simple Battery Powered Christmas Lights

These can actually make for a really unique light experience because, just like decorating your house, you can decorate your entire tent and be as creative as you want!

Here are some ideas:

  • Bring a few tall poles with you and string the lights along the poles to the middle of your tent in the center. From there, you can even create a centerpiece using an old planter or anything else you can think of.
  • Decorate a lampshade with burlap or other material. Just cut it in strips and hot glue it to the lampshade. Get creative and glue different patterns. There’s no limit to the amount of fabric you use, just make sure it isn’t too heavy or the lampshade may bough or break.

Knotted Hanging Lanterns

Use some jute string, a clean mason jar, scissors, and a tea candle (or LED tea candle if you prefer) to create knotted rope lights.

See here for the tutorial [ref. https://lovecreatecelebrate.com/jute-string-lanterns/#_a5y_p=5769627]

Find a few trees, set up camp, and hang up your lanterns!

Glow Globes

There are a few different ways to make these.

  1. Use simple glass globes from ceiling lights with battery powered Christmas lights, fill ‘em up, and watch them glow.
  2. Use grapevine balls and, again, battery powered Christmas lights. Stick a single ball onto each light and string them around your campsite. This is also a really inexpensive alternative to the pre-made ones you can buy (which, C’mon, are ridiculously over-priced).

Tin Can Chandelier

All you’ll need are LED tea candles, hot glue, a drill, tin cans, and some rope. Clean out the cans well, drill a small hole through the bottom of the can, string the rope through the bottom so that a small portion sticks through the inside of the can, hot glue to tea candles to the bottoms of the can over the excess rope. Viola! Do this as many times as you want, or until your tired, and string them together for a rustic chandelier effect.

There are dozens of ways you can light up your glamping night, whether your an eco person who prefers solar powered lights or a DIY guru who simply enjoys to create and create some more. These lighting ideas go from the most simple to the most extravagant. So, take our advice and light up your night!

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