How much does a glamping dome cost? Find out here.

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Camping is a favorite pastime of people of all ages.  However, not everyone wants a more rugged, backcountry experience.  Thankfully, there are options available to provide all the comforts of home in a nature setting with a glamping dome.

So how much does a glamping dome cost?

Glamping domes typically average between $3,800 to $8,300 depending on the size. The price can be even higher if add special features and amenities.

Here is what we will cover to help you know all you need to know about glamping domes.

Why Are Glamping Domes So Popular?

Glamping, or glamorous camping, is a relatively new term that describes a phenomenon that is centuries old.  The idea of camping in luxury dates back to the 16th century when kings and other wealthy people would travel and set up camp along the way.

Some royals and other nobility would also set up opulent tents during a hunt.  There they could rest and enjoy a meal outside between riding off to catch foxes or other animals.  Bringing along tests and servants allowed them to have all the comforts while out in nature.

So it’s no surprise that glamping has become increasingly popular as time goes on.  Now it is more accessible to everyone, not just the fabulously wealthy.  Couples, families, and groups of friends can now rent out a glamping dome and enjoy a unique experience.

Glamping lodging can take on many forms such as trailers, recreational vehicles, yurts, safari tents, and teepees.  However, glamping domes are unique because they are both elegant and durable.  These luxury outdoor pods make for a one of a kind glamping experience.

Domes are especially appealing because of their unusual shape and structure.  Almost futuristic in appearance, they may remind some glampers of a science fiction film.

Due to the dome structure, they are also more spacious inside than a typical tent or yurt which is narrower at the top.  This allows for a feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

Glamping Benefits for Owners

Those in the glamping or hospitality industry have capitalized on the opportunity to purchase glamping domes to rent out to guests.  These domes have some unique benefits for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Glamping domes are very safe and provide for comfortable lodging year-round, no matter the season or weather.  They are resistant to the wind, snow, water, and some models can last up to 10 years or more.

Also because you often don’t need a building permit to put up a glamping dome, there is less of a hassle to construct them on your grounds.  There is minimal setup time from purchasing a dome to opening it for business.  However, always do your homework in advance to avoid any bureaucratic headaches.

Many glamping domes are also easy to move around and can be placed in nearly any location.  Because of the durable bottom, they can be set up on rocks, sand, or dirt as long as it is level. If the locations need to be rotated, simply move the dome to a new space.

Glamping domes are also much more expensive when rented out as compared to other cabins or campsites.  Because you can charge more, you will earn more revenue per booking and campsite than traditional lodgings.

Many glamping domes are designed to be assembled by the owner so there is very little investment of time to get one off the ground.  They are also relatively affordable for anyone to purchase as a small investment.

If you already own a campground with several basic sites, glamping domes are a great way to add a luxury option to your package of services.  Alternatively, if you are a new entrepreneur who is looking to add additional income streams, getting into the glamping business is one way to do that.

Glamping Domes Appeal to Guests

Glamping enthusiasts love these domes because they are beautiful, unique, and comfortable. They allow you to have all the comforts of home with nearly instant access to the great outdoors.

Being able to wake up to a beautiful view of mountains or a pristine lake while hearing birds chirping or seeing elk just feet away is a priceless experience.  Glamping domes make this possible while allowing you to sleep in a plush bed and enjoy your morning without a stiff neck and back.

The added amenities and accommodations are what take glamping domes to the next level. Any dome can be customized to add in additional features such as carpeting, furniture, artwork, and even a fireplace.  Guests can make their dome as simple or as luxurious as they like.

Not only are the artistic touches an added bonus, but the simple things that are often missed during traditional camping are provided.  Glamping domes can be connected to water and electricity and many also have a portable stove for both heat and cooking.

Many people who enjoy glamping are willing and able to spend additional money for a unique or once in a lifetime experience.  They are looking for something new and exciting which they can share with their friends and family.

Furthermore, glamping domes provide a very unusual style of lodging.  They lend themselves well to photographs and glampers love to post their photos online and on Instagram.

By giving your guest the thrill they are after, they will be happy customers sure to spread news of your business via word of mouth.

multiple glamping domes

Is the Glamping Industry Profitable?

If you are looking to go into the glamping business by renting out your domes, then you’ll need some information about the general industry trends before deciding to invest.  So, is this industry one that is growing?  Can you earn a good living renting out glamping domes?

Glamping is indeed a growing enterprise.  Several years ago, glamping was a very niche industry, but now it has become a mainstream option for people planning a vacation.

In fact, the Cool Camping website reported that glamping bookings have risen 50% between January to March 2018 compared with last year. (source)

One of the reasons for the rise in popularity of glamping is that many people are deciding to vacation closer to home.  Instead of embarking on expensive international trips, some people are concerned about the dangers abroad, ranging from the refugee crisis to terrorism and other hostility.

Because of this, people are looking for unique ways to spend their holidays closer to home.  They may even have a larger budget that would have once been spent on international airline tickets.  Now they can put those funds toward a glamping experience instead.

In 2017, the business-to-business Glamping Show welcomed visitors from 28 countries worldwide with 1200 visitors a day at the show, a 12% increase from 2016.  According to their website, they have seen a lot of growth in the glamping market over the past 5 years. (source)

The Glamping Show is an excellent opportunity to connect with the glamping community and learn more about how to improve your services and connect with potential customers.  The show takes place in the United Kingdom so may require some planning in advance to attend.

A recent report by the market research firm Arizton looked at the recent surge in the glamping industry in the UK and Europe.  According to the report, the European camping market is expected to grow at about 6% during 2018-2023 with revenues reaching nearly $1 billion by 2023. (source).

Sarah Riley works in the outdoor hospitality industry and has even written a guide entitled, “The Ultimate Glamping Business Guide.”  The course can help you get your glamping business off the ground to take advantage of this booming market. (source)

Tips for Purchasing Your First Glamping Dome

If you plan to go into business resting out glamping domes, then there are several factors you must take into consideration when purchasing the domes.  The most important thing in regards to maximizing your investment is to get a dome that will last as long as possible.

A long-lasting dome will ensure that you are able to get a return on your investment many times over.  The more you are able to rent it out, the greater your profits.

Make sure the materials used are high quality and will be able to withstand the weather conditions wherever you plan to set the dome up.  If you anticipate high winds and extreme temperature or snow, then additional materials may be necessary.

The dome itself should be made of materials that are sturdy enough to withstand wind, snow, and rain while also flexible enough to move with the elements and keep their shape.  Materials like fiberglass are both strong and flexible without being too heavy.

Another factor is choosing a fabric that will not be easily weathered or destroyed by the constant presence of the sun’s rays.  Choosing a color, such as white, that will reflect the sun is one of the best ways to protect and preserve your dome.

Lastly, the actual joints in the dome must be both strong and flexible so the entire dome will not collapse under pressure. In addition, the joints must be secured to protect your guests from getting exposed to the weather outside.  Make sure to check the stitching to ensure the materials are securely joined together.

Once you have selected a high-quality dome, the next thing to consider is the comfort of the customer.  Try to anticipate their needs and what is most important to them so you can meet these and provide an incredible experience that will draw them back again and again.

One of the most important requirements for a guest’s comfort is that the dome has proper temperature regulation.  The materials of the dome should be breathable and provide adequate ventilation.

Another factor to consider is how easy it will be to clean the dome.  Debris from nature such as leaves, dirt, and sand will inevitably get into your dome.

In order to turn over the lodging as fast as possible between guests, the dome must be designed and made from materials that can be quickly cleaned.

Additional Features to Look For

After the structural elements have been accounted for, you can move on to the features that most guests will be looking for in their accommodations.  For many, the most important will be the space in the dome itself.

The dome needs to be high enough for adults to be able to stand up fully.  No one wants to feel cramped or claustrophobic while they are glamping.  A spacious interior is relaxing and gives the dome a feeling of luxury.

Because glampers want access to the outdoors, the dome should also have a lot of windows to provide those breathtaking views.  The windows should also allow in a lot of sunlight to make the interior bright and warm.

Depending on the experience you are offering, you can also offer skylights to allow for stargazing.

Lastly, because the dome itself may be set in a remote location or amidst wildlife, it should feel absolutely safe.  Ensuring the windows and doors are secure and can be locked will give your guests that added peace of mind so they can enjoy their adventure.

Where to Purchase a Glamping Dome

Because glamping is very popular in Europe, two of the most popular manufacturers of domes are European.  Both Polidomes and F. Domes are Polish companies.  However, Polidomes does have offices all over the world.

You can shop their websites and get a price quote directly.  However, shipping may be quite expensive and their prices are quoted in Euros.

F. Domes also has some informative articles on their website, including one which budgets the cost of their domes and states that it will pay itself off in 6 months. (source)

Pacific Domes calls themselves the original Geodesic Dome company and has been in business since 1980.  They are a family-owned business based in Ashland, Oregon and sell domes not only for glamping but for many other purposes.

The Pacific Domes website also features many domes for sale and does include pricing.  They also have an extensive gallery of various domes and detailed information about their products.

Another organization, Glitzcamp, is a small company based in China and sells several different glamping domes, including a glass dome.  You can customize a dome on their website but you will have to contact them for pricing information.

inside a glamping dome

Other Uses for Glamping Domes

If you decide to invest in glamping domes to rent out, you may want to get creative as a way to diversify your business.  Glamping domes can be used for more than just luxury camping on the weekends.

One of the common uses for glamping domes is for use during festivals and concerts.  You could rent out your glamping dome and allow festival-goers to use it during the event for a small fee.

Another use is for weddings or other romantic events.  Any glamping dome can be accessorized to make it the perfect honeymoon destination.  In addition, glamping domes can be combined to create bigger spaces for receptions.

A glamping dome is also the perfect locale for a romantic date, such as a dinner on the beach. It provides protection from the elements and privacy while showcasing the beauty just outside.

Marketplaces to Advertise Your Dome

Once you have your dome all set up and ready to go, you will need to find paying customers as your first guests.  Most glampers book their lodging online, so you will have to get set up on one (or more) of the popular glamping third party websites.

Glamping Hub was founded in 2013 and is by far the most recognized of all the sites offering glamping accommodations. It even has the ability to narrow your search to specifically include domes.

Not only does Glamping Hub have listings from 115 countries all over the world, but they attract a lot of prospective customers.  According to their website, they have 98,000 glampers who are looking for a memorable vacation.

The aptly named Glamping.com also has listings for glamping accomodations around the world. While their listings are slightly more curated and there are fewer than Glamping Hub, it is free to submit an application to be listed there.

Those in the UK and Europe can list their glamping site with Cool Camping which features the best sites in England, Scotland, Wales, and Europe.

It goes without saying that you can also list your glamping dome on Airbnb.  While the site is known more for allowing people to rent out a room in their home, it has grown to include holiday cottages, homestays, and even glamping.

Another option is the website Dome Glamping which lists a wide array of locations around the world, from the UK all the way to India and even Australia.  You can click on any location and be taken directly to the website to learn more about the company and book directly.

Ultimately, the glamping industry is definitely growing and there is no better time to get in on the ground floor.  Glamping domes provide the perfect opportunity to dip your toes into the glamping industry and see if it is for you.  The best thing is to be creative and create a one of a kind experience your guests will want to repeat again and again.

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