Glamping Pods ( What are they, Cost, Where to rent one )

In recent years, glamping has become the hot new trend among those people who want the comforts of home while enjoying nature at the same time. Glamping is fun and relaxing overall, but the effort you put into setting up the perfect glamorous pad isn’t. You have to buy a shelter, set it up yourself, pack all of the most basic luxury items, and fuss over what you do and don’t have space for.

Glamping pods get rid of all that extra tedium and stress you go through with your usual glamping experience! It seems too good to be true, but you really will have the perfect glamping experience when you choose to stay in one.

Let’s talk about

  • What glamping pods are
  • What they offer that tents do not
  • Where you can find one
  • How much it costs to stay in one
  • Why you should consider glamping in a pod

What are glamping pods?

Glamping pods are tent-like structures made of wood instead of flexible materials like canvas or cotton. They range in size, but most have added room for amenities that your standard tent may not be able to accommodate.

Think of them as tiny cabins; essentially, they’re the same without a bunch of wasted space for a small group of people.

The average pod can comfortably fit 2-4 people, although you could bring 5 if you really wanted to and still be happy.

What Glamping Pods Offer that Tents Do Not

You may be thinking, “That sounds great, but how is it that much better than staying in a tent?” Trust me, glamping pods offer a world of things that you simply do not get if you set up your glamping space by yourself.

  • More protection from the weather. It’s simple, really. Wood offers more protection from snow, wind, and rain than canvas does. Both do a great job, but flexible tents just do not compare.
  • Indoor toilets. Some glamping pods are set up to let you “go” in private. When nature calls, you don’t have to hide behind a bush and pray that no one comes looking. Sure, you could buy a privacy tent and a portable toilet, but why go through all the trouble?
  • Though this is not true of all pods you could be glamping in, some provide electricity. This means that you can charge your phone or plug in a heater when you get chilly by the light of an actual bulb, not a lantern. You can leave your portable chargers at home and stop worrying about conserving battery life! That, to me, is what luxury really is.
  • At many glampsites around the globe, you can choose to stay in a pod that is already furnished with beds. Cots and air mattresses can be uncomfortable, and they take up a lot of valuable space in your vehicle for the extra trinkets you’d like to bring along.
  • No setup. Ah, the bliss of not having to drive stakes into the ground or haul heavy posts! The glamping pods are already built and ready to go.
  • Glamping pods have one crucial security item that tents don’t: solid doors. You have a substantial entrance that keeps animals and potential intruders out. A zipper is no longer the only thing that stands between you and unwanted attention.

Where to Find a Glamping Pod

You can’t really just tote around a glamping pod. They are just too big to fit in a car, don’t you think? These pods are set up at different glampsites all over the world. Depending on where you plan to go, this could change the game entirely!

  • Higher Culloden Farm (Cornwall, England.) These glamping pods come with the whole package. You’ve got king-sized beds, a shower, a toilet, seating, shared kitchens, and electricity, to boot! If you’re looking for a getaway in a cozy little town in Europe, you should look into staying here.
  • Camping Merry-sur-Yonne (France.) This campsite has the most adorable glamping pods, and they’re set right in the middle of a gorgeous campground with a ton to do! Each pod sleeps four people and still has room left over for a table without feeling claustrophobic.
  • 68 Degrees West (Wales.) When you go glamping in Wales, you can expect a warm welcome. Their pods are fully insulated, roomy (can sleep 2-4 people), and their restroom amenities are the best you may find anywhere!
  • Eco-Pod in the Mojave Desert (Ridgecrest, CA.) If you really want to get away from it all, how about glamping in the desert? Don’t worry; you won’t have to sacrifice any of the luxuries you are used to. There are two bedroom pods and a restroom pod equipped with a shower, a hand basin, and a toilet. The room pods have their own TVs!
  • Suburb Glamping Pods (College Park, MD.) When you stay here, you have access to the entire world! The park itself is near Washington, D.C. without being so close that the noises and light pollution of the city bother you. Communal spaces have restrooms with showers, swimming pools, hot tubs, and free WiFi! Inside the pods, you have air conditioning and electricity. What more could you possibly want?
  • Pod near Melbourne and Victoria (Australia.) These pods are ideal for two people! This could be the perfect getaway for a couple or a pair of really good friends. You get WiFi, a LCD TV, a king-sized bed, an en-suite bathroom, an armchair, electricity, and kitchen appliances. This is a pod fit for royalty.
  • Pod rental near Peninsula de Setubal (Portugal.) This pod is near everything. You’re nestled in the countryside with both a beach and a forest within walking distance. Three people would be cozy and comfortable in one pod! You get a bed, a sofa, a private bathroom, electricity, running water, and a kitchenette! If you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a Hobbit living in the Shire, you can get your chance with this one.

These are just a few examples of where in the world you can stay in your own magical glamping pod! If you want to see more in the United States, take a look at the this link. For more international places, click here.

The Cost of Glamping in a Pod

The cost of your stay varies from place to place, but you can generally expect to shell out $100-$300 per night. The average cost of a stay seems to be around $200. You may be cringing at that number, but compare it to what you would spend on a DIY glamping trip.

Let’s look at the average cost of the supplies you will need.

  • Glamping tent: $200-$1,000 (avg = $600)
  • Privacy tent (bathroom): $30
  • Portable toilet: $30
  • Portable shower: $35
  • Luxury cot: $130
  • Glamping kitchen: $200
  • Phone chargers (solar and portable): $25

This is only the beginning of what you may need, and it comes out to over $1,000. Some of these things you may never use again. What’s more, you still will not have access to WiFi or a TV. You can’t expect electricity, either.

You could spend a week in many of these glamping pods without ever even touching what you would spend glamping on your own with things you would rarely use.

Why Stay in a Glamping Pod?

It has become clear to me, at least, why glamping pods are a great choice for those who want to camp in style.

  • It’s cost-effective. You will use all of the amenities without having to buy individual items and pack them all up for less than you would otherwise.
  • You’re safer. Tents do not provide much protection against the weather and intruders if we are being honest with ourselves. DIY glamping is fun, but the best and most secure bet is to stay in a pod instead.
  • It takes less work. This time, all you will be setting up is your wardrobe instead of every single thing you need to feel even half of the comfort you would if you had just stayed home.
  • You have more free time. Not only does setting up everything yourself take a lot of effort, but it also takes up a good chunk of time that you could spend relaxing or meeting new friends!
  • It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Of course, you can always come back; what I mean is that glamping in pods is something few people get to do very often. They are comfortable, and some of them feature skylights so you can see the stars while you lie down!
  • They work for every occasion. Whether you are going glamping with the whole family or you are looking for a romantic getaway, a glamping pod perfectly fits the moment. With the openness of the designs, the natural light flooding in, and the cozy cabin feel of it all, you will be sure to make great memories.

That being said, what are you waiting for? Adventure awaits in the form of a lovely fairytale home!

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