Do Glamping Pods Have Toilets Or Electricity?

Glamping has recently become all the rage with those who prefer to camp with all the comforts of home. Though the practice of “glamping” has been around for centuries, back then reserved only for nobles, regular people have decided that a glamorous getaway is sometimes necessary.

Glamping pods offer a camping experience at the height of luxury, but do they truly give you all of the comforts you desperately crave? When you think of glamping, you certainly don’t picture using the restroom with dozens of other people or roughing it with flashlights. Your first questions when checking out glamping pods to rent should be, “Do they have toilets? Do they have electricity?” Today that is exactly what we’re going to answer for you.

Almost all rental glamping pods have electricity, but if you are a DIY kind of person, you will have to supply electricity yourself. Most rental glamping pods have a toilet and shower, but again if this is a DIY project, you will have to decide if adding running water and wastewater plumbing is right for you.

What is a Glamping Pod?

Before we talk about exactly what amenities come with glamping pods in different locations, you might still be a little fuzzy on what a glamping pod is, precisely. How do you know what you want if you don’t even know what these pods are like? Let’s discuss that.

Glamping pods are tent-like structures, but instead of being made of soft material, they are made out of wood, like cabins. They also have amenities that you could generally expect from cabins, but glamping pods are, in most cases, more affordable to rent.

Think of it as a tiny house; they look similar, but they give you a cozier feeling that is associated with camping more than it is with everyday living. Don’t worry, though; glamping pods give you just about as many amenities as hotels do!

These are called “pods” because they are small, so keep that in mind. You can’t expect to bring tons of suitcases and six friends and expect to be comfortable. Your glamping trip will only be glamorous and luxurious if you use common sense.

Toilets in Glamping Pods

The most basic luxury that we expect in this modern era is indoor plumbing. That being said, of course, you would want your glamping pods to be able to provide that! As you know, just about every established campsite provides toilets on the grounds somewhere. However, glampers would rather have a private throne en-suite.

The truth is that every “glampsite” with glamping pods will have different accommodations. The answer to this question is not so black and white. What you can expect, though, is to have to pay extra for a private bathroom. After all, glamorous experiences come with a price tag.

Let’s talk about some different glampsites that offer private bathrooms in their pods.

Glamping Pods with Private Toilets

If you feel that you need a toilet away from prying eyes and other glampers, check out some of these sites all over the globe and what you can do to make your dreams come true.

Essex, England

Looking for a getaway in the U.K.? This glamping pod on a farm in Essex could be the right fit for you. In addition to offering a private barbeque and kitchen with a jacuzzi right outside, this glamping pod will give you your very own internal toilet and shower.

Booking this glamping pod will cost you an average of $112 per night depending on when you go and what you plan to enjoy. Sound like your cup of tea? Click here for more information.

Falmouth, England

If you would prefer to get a little further away from London for a couples’ retreat or a getaway with friends, this glamping pod near Cornwall is sure to please. You get a private kitchen with appliances plus your own private bathroom with one toilet, one shower, and one sink. One pod can accommodate up to four people.

For more booking information, click on this link.

Velp, Gelderland (Netherlands)

For an altogether more unique experience, you can go way out of the way in the Netherlands for a good time! These cozy little glamping pods can actually fit up to four guests; you get a private shower and toilet, a kitchenette with appliances, and a jacuzzi to top it all off! If you aren’t the cooking type, there is a restaurant onsite.

For more booking information, click on this link.

Setubal, Lisbon District (Portugal)

When you think of vacationing in Europe, Portugal may not be your first choice. Most people want to go to France or Germany, but Portugal offers breathtaking views, including what you can see from your glamping pod on the peninsula! This glamping pod is affordable, incredibly close to the beach, and offers your own private bathroom.

For more booking information, click on this link.

No matter where you go, a private “throne room” can be found in a number of glamping pods and glampsites in general. Glamping implies that you have all of the comforts you could find at home; this is the most basic luxury that should be afforded to you since you already pay hotel prices without some of the usual amenities.

Modern Cabins to Provide Your Own Getaway

Next, let’s go over glamping pods and the question of electricity.

Do Glamping Pods Have Electricity?

Your needs are covered when nature calls, but glampers also choose to forgo traditional camping because they do not wish to be “unplugged.” We rely too much on our phones and other technology, that’s true, but what’s the harm in enjoying a vacation while uploading pictures of your adventures on Instagram?

If that’s something you can agree with, you probably want to stay in a glamping pod equipped with electricity so that you can charge your phone, tablet, eReader, or laptop when you need to. Surprisingly, some even come with televisions! For a getaway that doesn’t require a social media break, you may want to check out some glamping pods with electric power.

Glamping Pods with Electricity

Depending on where you go, you can be certain that your glamping pod provides the power you need to talk all night with your friends, your family, or your sweetheart back home. If you’re the antisocial type, you can at least watch some Netflix. Take a look at some of these juiced-up glamping pods.

College Park, Maryland (United States)

U.S.-bound glampers may have been feeling left out reading about these far off places that may be unattainable if you don’t have a passport and money for plane tickets. Don’t worry; there are glamping pods in the United States for you to enjoy, too!

These pods come equipped with electricity and air conditioning, and free WiFi is available for all of your web-surfing needs. Using up all of your monthly data is annoying, and you probably used up a good bit on the way to your glampsite. Free WiFi is a huge bonus, and this glampsite has you covered.

For more booking information, click here.

Campbell River, British Columbia (Canada)

Glampers looking for a top-of-the-line, gorgeous glamping pod will definitely enjoy one in the beautiful country that is Canada. These massive pods have their own televisions, kitchen appliances, and huge two-person spa tubs. It may sound too good to be true, but trust us, it’s the real deal.

You can expect to pay around $152 per night, which may seem pricey, but for what you get, even some 4-star hotels can’t compete.

For more booking information, click here.

Radomlje, Central Slovenia (Slovenia)

Maybe your first choice for glamping was not somewhere in Slovenia, but that’s only because you don’t think of luxury camping in Europe unless the sites are in the West. Central Europe has all the places like England or France do, including glamping pods!

These aren’t your traditional pods, given that they are shaped with an A-frame instead of being rounded like most. This remote glampsite gives you WiFi, electrical hookups, and even a private bathroom!

The best part is that these pods are more affordable than some others, averaging at $93 per night.

For more booking information, click here.

Things to Remember About Glamping Pods

  • The operative word here is “pod.” A pod is something small, so you can expect close quarters. If you need something spacious, you are better off renting an actual cabin or something roomier like a yurt.
  • Every glampsite offers different amenities when it comes to their glamping pods. Make sure that you check the site you are booking on ahead of time to see all of the amenities that you can count on when you arrive.
  • There are glamping pods all over the world for you to stay in! It just depends on what you want out of your experience. If you want to go to sunny, warm beaches, Greece and Australia are great. If you want to stay in the desert, look for pods in the Western United States region.

The world of glamping can be confusing to get into if you don’t know what you want or where to go. This handy, international guide to only the best glamping pods can get you started! Adventure is out there, and you can start your journey without roughing it in the woods. What are you waiting for? Relax with modern amenities somewhere new; rent a glamping pod today.

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