Glamping: An In-Depth Look at Camping Luxuriously

The recent rise in popularity of “glamping” or “glamorous camping” has piqued the interest of many campers and even those who don’t consider themselves fans of the outdoors. Whether you are looking for a change in the way you spend your nature retreat or are looking to experience camping without sacrificing the comforts of home, glamping could be the right choice for you!

Today, we’re going to give you an in-depth look at what glamping is, what it involves, and how to make your glamping trip one you’ll never forget!

What is glamping?

Glamping, otherwise known as “glamorous camping,” is a style of camping that blends what you would expect from a typical nature vacation with the luxuries of home. Every item that can be upgraded will be. It adds the atmosphere of staying in a nice hotel without the noisy neighbors or the high price tag.

The term “glamping” was popularized in the early 2000s in the United Kingdom, but the concept has been around for centuries. Nobles and kings, while traveling on diplomatic missions, would erect large tents which were then decorated and furnished lavishly. Later, in the early 1900s, this way of camping was popularized by wealthy Europeans going on safari in Africa.

Now, glamping has become far more accessible to the average person; you can vacation like a king without paying exorbitant prices.
How many ways are there to go glamping?
There are several ways to enjoy your glamping trip, whether you stay at already established glamping accommodations or decide to go on a D.I.Y. adventure! No matter where you want to stay all over the world, there is likely a glamping spot that will suit your desires.

DIY Glamping: What it Involves

Do-It-Yourself glamping is quite simple and offers the freedom to set up your (spacious) tent almost anywhere you’d like. One of its many advantages is that you can customize your trip to exactly what you want while keeping your budget under your control!
Common Glamping Gear
Glamping wouldn’t be the experience that it is without the proper gear. Below are examples of just some of the things you can choose to bring to make your trip truly glamorous.
The shelter that you choose for your glamping trip comes down to the space that you need and what you want it to look like. There are several different types to choose from. Tents will generally be your biggest investment, but they can be used for years to come.
The safari tent is one of the most popular types for glamping because it’s spacious with high ceilings and iconic due to the history of these lavish trips.
Bell tents are also a great choice while glamping because they are aesthetically pleasing and feature straight walls with high ceilings. It is easier to place the furniture that you want along the walls, maximizing your space and comfort.
While some yurts are meant to be more permanent structures, there are easily portable versions to take along on a glamping trip. Yurts are generally the largest tents on the market in terms of internal space, and they are quite weatherproof as well with their heavy canvas walls.
Glamping is all about upgrading your comfort in every aspect, and that includes your sleeping situation. On standard camping trips, you might sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag or perhaps even a cot.

On a glamping trip, however, most opt to bring along mattresses or cots with a pillow top. Instead of sleeping bags, comforters and other soft blankets are the preference of glampers.
On standard camping trips, people may prefer to get away from everything that makes up our daily lives, including electronics like laptops, phones, and TVs. Glampers often choose not to forgo these simple pleasures and will bring laptops and phones with portable chargers.
Camping trips do not typically involve much furniture aside from folding chairs, but glampers may bring along smaller, comfy chairs from home if they wish, ottomans, mirrors, portable vanities, etc. It’s all part of the mission to make your home away from home as close to a home it can be.
Hygienic Products
Glamping in style and comfort isn’t easy when you don’t feel clean, and glampers have found a solution to this issue. Even when there are no shower or restroom facilities around, glampers don’t have to “rough it.” Portable showers and toilets keep you feeling clean and taken care of without sacrificing your dignity and comfort.

Other hygiene and bath products include:

● Comfy robes
● Large towels
● Face masks
Leisure and Convenience
For most people, camping trips are about going hiking, canoeing, etc. but some prefer to lounge and experience nature in a more leisurely (and less physically exhausting) way. Some leisure and convenience items that you can bring include:

● Books
● Foot spa
● Pool floats (for any lake or other body of water you may glamp near)
● Beach umbrella and lounge chairs
● Radio
● Phone
● Laptop
● Projector and screen (for a glamorous private theater experience)
● Popcorn machine (if you have an electricity source)
● Camping stove (to make meal preparation easier)
● Portable chargers

These are just a few ideas that may elevate your glamping trip and ensure that you never get bored.

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Glampsites and What They Offer
If DIY glamping sounds like too much effort and money on gear that you may not use often, you can always spend your vacation at an established glamping campsite or “glampsite.” There are glampsites all over the world to visit!
Where to Find Glampsites Worldwide
Starting the search for the perfect glampsite isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first. Thanks to its skyrocketing popularity, there are several online platforms to find a glampsite that fits your needs.

The most popular glamping website, aptly named glamping.com, has hundreds of listings for glamping sites all over the world. No matter where you want to go, you simply have to type in your desired destination in the search bar and peruse listings until you find one that you are interested in! Prices may range depending on where you want to go and how many amenities are offered.
Arena One 99 Glamping (Croatia)
This Croatian glamping site offers breathtaking views of the beach and forest from your luxurious tent.

According to the site, Arena One 99 offers:

● 199 total accommodations
● Air conditioning
● Mini fridge
● TV
● Sauna
● WiFi
● Housekeeping
● Electricity
● Spa

and more. There is a minimum requirement of a 3-night stay with rates starting at $161/night.
Under Canvas Grand Canyon (Arizona, U.S.)
The Grand Canyon is one of the natural wonders that the United States has to offer, and you can go glamping here in the spring through the end of the fall season.

Glamping.com lists some of the amenities for this glampsite, including:

● Shower
● Towels
● Bath products
● Firepit

There is a 1-night minimum stay with a nightly rate of $189. There are 67 spots, so you should be sure to reserve yours in advance.
Takou River Glamping (New Zealand)
If you want to stay at a very exclusive glamping site, the Takou River is a great and beautiful spot. With only one accommodation and a minimum two-night stay, this glampsite with a gorgeous, high-ceilinged tent is great for couples.

The site is open from March to September.

The Takou River Glampsite includes the following amenities:

● Spa
● Kitchen appliances and dishware
● Bluetooth speakers
● Hammock
● Bedding
● Library
● Hot tub
● Phone chargers
● Shower

as well as several more found on the site. This glampsite costs $250/night, and it’s great for any honeymoon or couples’ getaway.
Tedesco Eco Park (Brazil)
The Tedesco Eco Park is a glampsite in Brazil that offers gorgeous safari tent rentals starting at $188/night. This glampsite is for all types of people from corporate groups to families to couples. There are three total accommodations with a minimum 2-night stay.

This glamping site is open all year long.

The amenities offered by the Tedesco Eco Park include:

● Air conditioning
● Bath products
● Heaters
● Shower
● Lanterns
● Bikes
● Kitchen appliances
● TV
● Water park
● Bedding
● Electricity

among others.

Established glampsites offer some amenities that you can’t bring on a DIY glamping trip. If you have the money to try it sometime, then why not experience an entirely new level of camping?

In short, much is included in glamping that you simply can’t enjoy on a standard camping trip. Hot tubs, electricity, working kitchen appliances, and hot showers are just part of the experience when camping glamorously.

Whether you choose a DIY trip or reserve a yurt, safari tent, or hut, glamping is something that everyone should try at least once. Make a home away from home and go glamping.

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