What is a glamping cabin? ( We have all the info )

Love the outdoors, nature, and travel? Despise sleeping on the ground, navigating to the porta-potty with a headlight, or having to pitch your own tent?  Don’t forsake camping just yet, simply upgrade to Glamping.

Glamping is a portmanteau of the words glamorous and camping. A glamping cabin refers to a luxurious camping cabin consisting of exquisite amenities, opulent furnishings, and even resort-like services. Glamping is all the fun of camping without the ruggedness and hassles.

So what is a glamping cabin?

A glamping cabin is a luxury cabin that has more or upgraded amenities than a traditional camping cabin. It will include hot and cold running water, luxury bathrooms, top of the line beds, electricity, dishwashers, laundry and sometimes even cable or satellite t.v. Glamping cabins are a huge step up from your everyday camping cabin but still have the beautiful scenery and wildlife.

Glamping vs. Camping

Even though Glamping seems to be a new and trending word, the idea behind luxury camping is not novel. Think back to French and English royalty going on pilgrimages, often taking an extensive retinue, lavish tents and many of their opulent belongings. Glamorous stars of the silver screen and the wealthy of the early 1900s often went on elaborate safari trips.

Nobles and starlets alike did not desire to become one with the elements. Often having state-of-the-art tents, cuisine, and creature comforts hauled out into the wilderness. Now, that state-of-mind is on the rise.[1]Out of 1000 people surveyed

In most instances, camping can be considered “roughing it”. You are responsible for carrying your own sleeping arrangements, food, and belongings to your destination. This will limit your options of what you take, likely being just the necessities.

When you are camping, you will probably sleep in a tent, on the ground under the stars, or in a hammock. You will cook modest and simple meals over a fire and occasionally have to boil your water.

The restroom situation is typically bleak, consisting of a porta-potty or a hole in the ground. If you get lucky with a year-round facility, expect long lines. Additionally, the location of the bathroom may be a hike from your campsite, so pack your flashlight!

There is nothing wrong with camping and reconnecting to Mother Earth. But if you are ready to experience nature on a little less personal level than bathing in a river, give glamping a try.

Glamping is considered a combination of a deluxe resort experience had in a natural setting. A hybrid of top-tier service and convenient access to nature. Glamping resorts, hotels, and ranches come fully furnished, equipped with electricity and running water, and provide first-class service.

Types of Glamping Cabins

Glamping accommodations can be considered the crème de la crème. Unless you consider a yurt with an impeccable Feng Shui interior to be a tent, chances are you won’t be sleeping under a pitched tarp. Glamping “cabins” can include treehouses, tipis or cottages.

Cottages can consist of multiple rooms, including a kitchen and bathroom and are far from quaint. Glamping yurts have received an upgrade from those first introduced in Mongolia over 3000 years ago. They now are built with modern materials and insulation. Designed to hold a fireplace, wood floors, plumbing, and electricity.

Tipi’s, or teepee, is another retro style accommodation that has been overhauled to fit glamping expectations. The historical design of the outside masks the elegant inside. Comforts include large sized beds, plush rugs, and even televisions.

Glamping treehouses are an example of two contemporary trends combined to create the ultimate posh shelter. Often in unique settings, they offer incomparable views. Take in nature comfortably from inside a modernly furnished treehouse.

Portable glamping rooms are available as well. Wagons, reticent of gold rush pioneer days, have recently cropped up. The covered wagons are fully enclosed and tastefully furnished. If you would like a portable unit that is a little more 20th century, consider an airstream. Astonishingly, tiled bathrooms, kitchens, and couches can all fit inside these lavish trailers.

Tiny houses can either be travel ready or stationary. Regardless of mobility, nothing about it will feel tiny when you enter this decadent home nestled in a pristine landscape. Similar to a tiny house, eco-friendly pods or cubes offer stylish living in a small space.

Where Are Glamping Cabins Located?

Fancy glamping accommodations can be found all over the globe. In settings such as the rainforest, mountains, seaside, or tucked within coniferous pines.

Aman Resorts India location boasts Mughal-style air-conditioned tents complete with a freestanding bathtub. The resort serves extravagant cuisine composed of on-site grown ingredients. A short flight away, Three Camel Lodge can be found in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. Its yurts are outfitted with handcrafted decor and handmade toiletries in the bathroom.

If you are interested in opportunities to hike or fish, visit The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana. Western-style tents or cabins are equipped with WiFi. The Ranch is home to a fitness center, a jacuzzi, and a bowling alley.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in British Columbia Canada similarly offers magnificent tents and activities, for example, yoga, billiards, and a spa.

Craving something tropical? Anegada Beach, found in the British Virgin Islands, brings nature right to your porch. King-sized beds are housed in luxury tents located directly on the islands’ white sand beaches.

For a steamy rainforest trip, consider Gaia River Lodge in Belize. Thatched roof cabanas in the country’s Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve are surrounded by wildlife, vegetation, and nearby waterfalls.

Prepare to be on safari at Kichwa Tempo Tented Camp in Kenya. Don’t be fooled by the word tent in its title. This camp has electricity, spacious beds, and even a massage room. Take part in a hot-air balloon ride, game drives, and the spectacle of annual animal migrations.

Contrary to the common notion of camping locales, some hotels offer urban glamping experiences. Marketed as “the easiest way to get away”, urban glamping offers an escape from the daily grind.

Glamping tents are popping up on privately owned rooftops and terraces in cities around the globe. On an island in the New York Harbor where automobiles are banned, Governor’s Island hosts 37 glamping tents.

What to Bring To Your Cabin

An awesome feature about glamping is that you won’t need to pack and set up your own shelter. Furthermore, you likely won’t need to bring much in the way of amenities.

No matter the type of accommodation, they are typically well furnished. This includes a full-service bathroom with running water and electricity. Forget the shovel; you won’t be required to dig your own commode.

Your room will also probably have a sizable bed. It is outfitted with premium thread count sheets, pillows, and blankets. If large enough, there may also be a couch, chairs, and a table.

So what should you pack? It would be wise to bring clothing for a variety of weather scenarios, temperatures, and occasions. Just because you are luxury camping does not mean that there won’t be a formal dining experience, or a black-tie event.

If you plan to get out into the wild, don’t forget to pack a daypack. Full of necessities like sunscreen, a water bottle, cold weather gear, and bug spray.

Toiletries may be provided, similar to a hotel or resort. Be sure to check with your glampround’s website prior to check-in.

Glamping can be a way to unplug, but you also don’t have to fear being too disconnected. Thanks to the addition of electricity, feel free to pack your technology. And don’t forget a great book, may we suggest Thoreau’s Walden?

Other Aspects of Glamping

As previously mentioned, there is much more to be done at glampgrounds than just lounge around in your yurt. Many resorts and grounds feature a myriad of events, amenities, and pastimes.

El Cosmico, situated in the Texas desert, offers guests an outdoor stage, a reading room, and even a hammock grove. One resort in a heavily wooded area of Florida, West Gate River Ranch, also offers rustic-style tents; but these come equipped with a glamping concierge. How chic!

Dining is a luxurious and delectable experience. Menu options include stuffed crimini mushrooms with local goat cheese, gourmet French-press coffee, and Raspberry Coulis. Thinking about a day trip? The staff will pack you a lunch, hold the peanut butter and jelly.

A Few Considerations

Don’t expect to gain any respect from your spartan naturalist friends after a foray into the world of glamping. Those that go glamping and those that go camping usually reside in two very different, well, camps. Glamping is traditionally more costly than camping.

One cannot expect to receive posh accommodations, lush toiletries, and lavish dining for the price of a typical campsite down payment. Some beyond high-end tents can cost as much as $5, 000 a night. Reasonable, when you consider the ultimate luxury tents run anywhere from $50,000 to $1 million to construct, furnish, and maintain.

Finally, if you really want to get out into nature and experience the elements, camping may be more your style. Though sometimes eco-friendly, the bright lights and loud activities of glamping have a way of keeping the wildlife at bay.

A High-End Hotel in a Natural Locale

Upscale tenting has seen a boom in the last decade or so. More people desire to disconnect and venture into nature without giving up creature comforts. If this sounds like you, a glamping cabin is just waiting for your reservation. These luxurious accommodations will satisfy your cravings for wildlife without forcing you to give up your stylish lifestyle.

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