How Much Do 30′ Travel Trailers Weigh? ( 29′, 30′, 31′ Camper Charts )

It’s important to start with saying that most travel trailers are not exactly 30′ in length. Most dealers will simply round up or down to 30′ and many times, I see dealers listing travel trailers as “31′” when, in reality, the trailer is actually over 32′ in length. This is a massive collection of travel trailers manufactures between 2017-2020 with lengths between 29 and just under 32′. I have spent many hours collecting this data and weeding out false measurements.

With that said, if you find any information that is not correct, please post in the comments so that I can make any corrections. For that matter, if you want to discuss anything, feel free to leave me a comment.

So, how much does a 30-foot travel trailer weigh?

The average weight of a 30-foot travel trailer is 5,800 pounds. This is a dry weight, meaning, as it comes from the manufacturer. This is the weight with all the standard equipment and tanks empty. This is only the average weight; actual weights normally vary between 4,500 pounds and 7,000 pounds depending on the make and model.

Fortunately, I have taken the time to put together this list travel trailers manufactured between 2017-2020 with lengths and weights. There is a list for each manufacturer of about 50 models. You may note that there are trailers listed with the same model’s number but different years. You will probably also notice that the lengths and weights can vary between model years.

If you are looking at a specific manufacturer, be sure to use the clickable table of contents to go straight to that manufacturer. If you just want to look at different options, just scroll through and take a look.

As a rule of thumb, you will want to get a trailer that is at least 3,000 pounds below the towing capacity of your vehicle. Remember, these weights are dry, and by the time you add your own equipment and the tanks have fluid, the weight will increase a lot. On top of that, you will have a drag from the wind resistance.

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29 foot, 30 foot and 31-foot travel trailer weights by manufacturer

Coachman Travel Trailers 29′ 30′ and 31′ Weights

The average weight of Coachmen travel trailers from this list is 5,704 pounds. The lowest weight is 4,882 pounds, and the highest weight is 6,379 pounds.

47 Models manufactured between 2017 and 2020

ModelLengthDry Weight
Apex Ultra-Lite 28LE 201831.17'5,010 lbs
Apex Ultra-Lite 265RBSS 202030'5,652 lbs
Apex Ultra-Lite 276BHSS 201830.92'5,700 lbs
Apex Ultra-Lite 279RLSS 201831' 5,488 lbs
Apex Ultra-Lite 279RLSS 201931'5,490 lbs
Apex Ultra-Lite 279RLSS 202031'5,490 lbs
Apex Ultra-Lite 288BHS 201731.17'4'882 lbs
Apex Ultra-Lite 288BHS 201831.17'4,882 lbs
Apex Ultra-Lite 288BHS 201931.17'4,882 lbs
Catalina Legacy Edition 263RLS 201729.83'6,112 lbs
Catalina Legacy Edition 263RLS 201929.10'6,112 lbs
Catalina Legacy Edition 263RLS 202029.10'6,052 lbs
Catalina Legacy Edition 263RLSLE 202029.83'6,112 lbs
Catalina Legacy Edition 273BHS 201830.67'6,379 lbs
Catalina Legacy Edition 273DBS 201730.25'6,198 lbs
Catalina SBX 241RLS 202029'5,764 lbs
Catalina SBX 251RLS 201729.83'6,112 lbs
Catalina SBX 261BH 201830.25'6,198 lbs
Catalina SBX 261BHS 201930.30'6.198 lbs
Catalina SBX 261BHS 202030.30'6,138 lbs
Catalina SBX 281DDS 201931.70'6,169 lbs
Catalina SBX 281DDS 202031.70'6,109 lbs
Catalina Summit 261BHS 202030.30'6,138 lbs
Catalina Summit 271BHSCK 202031.92'6,318 lbs
Catalina Summit 271RKS 202029.10'5,962 lbs
Catalina Trail Blazer 26TH 202029.83'5,487 lbs
Express Liberty 276RKDSLE 202031'6,365 lbs
Freedom Express LE 248RBS 201728.92'5,407 lbs
Freedom Express 257BHS 201728.58'5,265 lbs
Freedom Express 257BHS 201929'5,263 lbs
Freedom Express 271BL 201831.50'6,154 lbs
Freedom Express 275BHS 201931.90'5,879 lbs
Freedom Express 276RKDS 201731.60'6,316 lbs
Freedom Express 279RLDS 201731.92'5,949 lbs
Freedom Express 279RLDS LE 201831.92'5,929 lbs
Freedom Express 279RLDS 201931.92'5,800 lbs
Freedom Express 279RLDS 202031.92'5,800 lbs
Freedom Express 281RLDS 201931.80'6,367 lbs
Freedom Express 281RLDSLE 201931.80'6,329 lbs
Freedom Express 282BHDS 201831.92'5,908 lbs
Freedom Express 287BHDS 201929.30'6,274 lbs
Freedom Express LTZ 246RKS 201930'4,700 lbs
Freedom Spirit 2758RB 202030.11'6,134 lbs
Freedom Spirit 279RLDS 201931.92'5.800 lbs
Northern Spirit 2454BH 201929'5,502 lbs
Northern Spirit 2758RB 201930.90'6,134 lbs

Dutchmen Travel Trailers 29′ 30′ and 31′ Weights

The average weight of Dutchmen travel trailers from this list is 5,631 pounds. The lowest weight is 4,588 pounds, and the highest weight is 6,834 pounds.

42 Models manufactured between 2017 and 2020


ModelLengthDry Weight
Aerolite 2520RKSL 201730'5,206 pounds
Aerolite 2573BH 201829.40'6,282 pounds
Aerolite 2573BH 201929.83'6,282 pounds
Aerolite 2733RB 201931.42'6,728 pounds
Aerolite 2830BHSL 201831.40'5,400 pounds
Aerolite Luxury Class 272RBSS 201731.9'6,600 pounds
Aspen Trail 2390RKS 201727.17'5,544 pounds
Aspen Trail 2460RLS 201729'5,542 pounds
Aspen Trail LE 25BH 201928.67'4,588 pounds
Aspen Trail LE 25BH 202028.8'4,588 pounds
Aspen Trail LE 26BH 202030.8'5,630 pounds
Aspen Trail 2610RKS 201930.25'6,373 pounds
Aspen Trail 2710BH 201828.58'4,745 pounds
Aspen Trail 2710BH 201928.58'4,811 pounds
Aspen Trail 2730RBS 201731'6,824 pounds
Aspen Trail 2740BH 201931.9'5,348 pounds
Aspen Trail 2740BH 202031.10'5,417 pounds
Aspen Trail 2750BHS 201731.33'6,246 pounds
Aspen Trail 2750BHS 201931.40'6,330 pounds
Aspen Trail 2790BHS 201831.11'6,497 pounds
Aspen Trail 2790BHS 201931.11'6,660 pounds
Atlas 2732RB 202031.33'6,828 pounds
Atlas 2912BH 201831'6,540 pounds
Atlas 2922BH 201831'6,834 pounds
Coleman Lantern Series 262BH 201830.58'5,893 pounds
Coleman Lantern Series 263BH 201729'5,820 pounds
Coleman Lantern Series 263BH 201930.58'6,005 pounds
Coleman Light 2855BH 201831.25'5,646 pounds
Guide 2627BH 201930.58'5,833 pounds
Kodiak 248BHSL 201928.9'5,298 pounds
Kodiak 248BHSL29.9'5,298 pounds
Kodiak 253RBSL 201729.10'5,325 pounds
Kodiak 253RBSL 201829.08'5,415 pounds
Kodiak 261RBSL 201931'5,786 pounds
Kodiak 261RBSL 202031'5,786 pounds
Kodiak 264RL 201731' 5,518 pounds
Kodiak 264RL 201831.17'5,518 pounds
Kodiak 269BHSL 202031'5,700 pounds
Kodiak 286BHSL 201731.33'5,515 pounds
Kodiak 296BHSL 202029'6,000 pounds
Kodiak Ultimate 279RBSL 201830.67'6,323 pounds

Forest River Travel Trailers 29′ 30′ and 31′ Weights

The average weight of Forest River travel trailers from this list is 5,900 pounds. The lowest weight is 4,314 pounds and the highest weight is 7,824 pounds.

50 Models manufactured between 2017 and 2020

Cherokee 234VFK 201729.17'5,500 lbs
Cherokee 264DBH 201832'6,455 lbs
Cherokee 264L 201831.75'6,725 lbs
Cherokee 274DBH202031.67'6,243 lbs
Cherokee 274RK 201929.60'6,704 lbs
Cherokee 284DBH 201930.11'6,910 lbs
Cherokee 304R 201931'7,824 lbs
Cherokee Alpha Wolf 23RD-L 202029.33'5,392 lbs
Cherokee Alpha Wolf 26DBH-L 202031.60'5,757 lbs
Cherokee Alpha Wolf 27RK-L 201929.60'6,118 lbs
Cherokee Alpha Wolf 29QB-L 201931'6,742 lbs
Cherokee Grey Wolf 23DBH 201729.08'5,380 lbs
Cherokee Grey Wolf 23DBH 201829.08'5,380 lbs
Cherokee Grey Wolf 23DBH 201929'5,342 lbs
Cherokee Grey Wolf 26BHSE 201829.25'4,639 lbs
Cherokee Grey Wolf 26DBH 201830'5,795 lbs
Cherokee Grey Wolf 26DBH 202029.25'5,795 lbs
Flagstaff Super Lite 26FKBS 202029.92'6,608 lbs
Flagstaff Super Lite 26RBWS 202030'6,158 lbs
Flagstaff Super Lite 26RBWS 202029.75'6,158 lbs
Flagstaff Super Lite 26RLWS 201829'6,335 lbs
Flagstaff Super Lite 26RLWS 202030'6,335 lbs
Flagstaff Super Lite 29KSWS 201930'7,542 lbs
Flagstaff Super Lite 526RLWS 201930'6,335 lbs
Impression 26BH 202031'5,530 lbs
Rockwood 261VS 2017 29'6,392 lbs
Rockwood Ultra Lite 2606WS 201929.75'6,158 lbs
Rockwood Ultra Lite 2608BS 202029.11'6,549 lbs
Salem Cruise Lite 261BHXL 202029.10'4,314 lbs
Salem Cruise Lite 263BHXL 202031.42'5,854 lbs
Salem Hemisphere Hyper-Lyte 25RBHL 202031'6,038 lbs
Salem Hemisphere Hyper-Lyte 26RLHL 201930.08'5,738 lbs
Salem Hemisphere Hyper-Lyte 26RLHL 202030.08'5,728 lbs
Shasta 25RK 201929'5,219 lbs
Shasta 25RS 2019 29'4,656 lbs
Surveyor 251RKS 202029.60'5,721 lbs
Surveyor 264 RKLE 201829.40'4,886 lbs
Surveyor 266 RLDS 201831.30'6,089 lbs
Surveyor 271RLS 201930.42'5,580 lbs
Surveyor 271RLS 202030.50'5,580 lbs
Surveyor 272 FLS 202031.11'6,028 lbs
Surveyor LE 248BHLE 201929.92'5,504 lbs
Surveyor Luxury 271RLS 201930.50'5,580 lbs
Vibe 25RK 202029.33'5,868 lbs
Vibe Extreme Lite 258RKS 201729.50'4,942 lbs
Wildwood 28DBUD 201729'6,056 lbs
Wildwood X-Lite 261BHXL 202029.08'4,352 lbs
Wildwood X-Lite 263BHXL 201731'5,854 lbs
Wildwood X-Lite 263BHXL 202031.42'5,854 lbs

Heartland Travel Trailers 29′ 30′ and 31′ Weights

The average weight of Heartland travel trailers from this list is 5,708 pounds. The lowest weight is 4,814 pounds, and the highest weight is 6,432 pounds.

44 Models manufactured between 2017 and 2020

ModelLengthDry Weight
Mallard IDM25 201730.75'5,868 lbs
Mallard 25 201830.75'5,868 lbs
Mallard 25 201930.75'5,868 lbs
Mallard 26 2018 32.17'6,416 lbs
Mallard 27 201830.33'5,500 lbs
Mallard 27 202030.33'5,672 lbs
Mallard 28 201731.50'6,125 lbs
Mallard 28 201831.50'6,125 lbs
Mallard M260 202031'5,866 lbs
North Trail 21FBS 202029'5,497 lbs
North Trail 22FBS 201729.50'5,497 lbs
North Trail 22FBS 201829'5,200 lbs
North Trail 22FBS 202029.42'5,497 lbs
North Trail 25LRSS 202031.92'6,026 lbs
North Trail 26LRSS 201830.17'5,695 lbs
North Trail 27RBDS 202031.83'6,354 lbs
North Trail 28DBSS 201830'6,432 lbs
Pioneer BH250 202029.83'5,175 lbs
Pioneer BH260 201930'5,775 lbs
Pioneer BH260 202030.75'6,196 lbs
Pioneer BH270 201831.58'6,354 lbs
Pioneer BH280 202030.75'6,196 lbs
Pioneer RL250 202030.25'6,134 lbs
Prowler 250BH 202029'4,814 lbs
Prowler Lynx 25LX 201929'4,814 lbs
Prowler Lynx 25LX 202029'4,814 lbs
Prowler Lynx 25RLS 201729.50'6,158 lbs
Prowler Lynx 255LX 201829'6,200 lbs
Prowler Lynx 255LX 201930'6,158 lbs
Sundance 262RB 201930.10'5,920 lbs
Sundance 291QB 201931.92'5,930 lbs
Trail Runner 25RL 202029.90'6,134 lbs
Trail Runner 25SLE 201729.08'4,912 lbs
Trail Runner 272RBS 201830'6,268 lbs
Trail Runner 272RBS 201930.60'6,160 lbs
Wilderness 2450FB 201830'5,433 lbs
Wilderness 2475BH 201829'5,592 lbs
Wilderness 2500RL 201831.92'6,026 lbs
Wilderness 2500RL 202031.11' 6,026 lbs
Wilderness 2575RK 201730.75'5,868 lbs
Wilderness 2575RK 202030.90'5,968 lbs
Wilderness 2775RB 201831.50'6,280 lbs
Wilderness 2775RB 202031.90'6,354 lbs

Jayco Travel Trailers 29′ 30′ and 31′ Weights

The average weight of Jayco travel trailers from this list is 5,668 pounds. The lowest weight is 4,550 pounds, and the highest weight is 7,800 pounds.

45 Models manufactured between 2017 and 2020

ModelLengthDry Weight
Eagle 270RLDS 202030.90'7,800 lbs
Eagle HT 262RBOK 202030.10'7,371 lbs
Jay Feather 24BHM 201929'5,465 lbs
Jay Feather 24RL 202029.25'5,285 lbs
Jay Feather 25RB 201930.50'5,515 lbs
Jay Feather 25RB 202030.42'5,595 lbs
Jay Feather 27RL 201931.60' 5,670 lbs
Jay Feather 27RL 202031.50'5,755 lbs
Jay Feather 29QB 202029'6,765 lbs
Jay Flight 24RBS 201829'5,646 lbs
Jay Flight 24RBS 202029'5,605 lbs
Jay Flight 26BH 201929'5,291 lbs
Jay Flight 27BHS 201731.67'6,065 lbs
Jay Flight 28BHBE 201930.10'6,615 lbs
Jay Flight 28RLS 201929.20'6,485 lbs
Jay Flight 29RLDS 201829'6,760 lbs
Jay Flight SLX 8 242BHS 202029.17'5,465 lbs
Jay Flight SLX 8 242BHSW 201929.33'5,535 lbs
Jay Flight SLX 8 264BH 201829.25'4,615 lbs
Jay Flight 26BH 201829'4,855 lbs
Jay Flight SLX 8 264BH 201929.254,615 lbs
Jay Flight SLX 8 264BH 202029.25'4,590 lbs
Jay Flight SLX 8 264BHW 201829.25'4,550 lbs
Jay Flight SLX 8 264BHW 201929.17'4,460 lbs
Jay Flight SLX 8 265RLS 201830.92'6,005 lbs
Jay Flight SLX 265RLS 201930.92'5,975 lbs
Jay Flight SLX 8 265RLS 202031'5,975 lbs
Jay Flight SLX 265RLSW 201931'6,083 lbs
Jay Flight SLX 8 267BHS 202030.17'5,690 lbs
Jay Flight SLX 267BHSW 201930.17'5,515 lbs
Jay Flight SLX 8 267BHSW 202030.17'5,440 lbs
Jay Flight SLX 8 284BHS 202030.10'6,160 lbs
Jay Flight 284BHSW 201730'6,138 lbs
Jay Flight SLX 8 287BHS 202030.10'6,140 lbs
Jay Flight SLX 8 298BH 201931.92'5,105 lbs
Octane 273 202030.11'7,738 lbs
White Hawk 24MBH 201729'5,300 lbs
White Hawk 24MBH 201929.17'5,680 lbs
White Hawk 24MBH 202029.17'5,625 lbs
White Hawk 26RK 201830'5,400 lbs
White Hawk 26RK 202031.17'6,165 lbs
White Hawk 27RB 201831.42'6,010 lbs
White Hawk 27DSRL 201731'6,040 lbs
White Hawk 30RDS 201730'6,545 lbs

Keystone Travel Trailers 29′ 30′ and 31′ Weights

The average weight of Keystone travel trailers from this list is 6,511 pounds. The lowest weight is 5,148 pounds, and the highest weight is 7,175 pounds.

50 Models manufactured between 2017 and 2020

ModelLengthDry Weight
Bullet 248RKS 201929.33'5,148 lbs
Bullet 248RKS 202029.83'5,309 lbs
Bullet 257RSS 201929.92'5,158 lbs
Bullet 261RBS 201931'5,465 lbs
Bullet 257RSS 202029.92'5,275 lbs
Bullet 261RBS 202030'5,513 lbs
Bullet 272BHS 201931.30'5,840 lbs
Bullet 277BHS 201831.58'5,456 lbs
Bullet Premier 24RKPR 201829'5,442 lbs
Cougar 26RBS 202029.92'6,604 lbs
Cougar 26RKS 202030.58'6,575 lbs
Cougar 27RES 201930.10'6,520 lbs
Cougar 27RES 202031.50'6,520 lbs
Cougar Half-Ton 26RBS 202029.92'6,604 lbs
Cougar Half-Ton 27SAB 202031.5'6,581 lbs
Cougar Half-Ton 29BHS 201929'7,008 lbs
Hideout 25TH 2019 Toy Hauler29.11'6,250 lbs
Hideout 27RLS 202031.92'6,521 lbs
Hideout 272LHS 202030.80'6,069 lbs
Laredo 275RL 201929.60'6,500 lbs
Laredo 250BH 201929.11'6,250 lbs
Laredo 292BH 201931.30' 6,880 lbs
Outback 260UML 201930' 6,200 lbs
Outback 260UML 202030.50'5,755 lbs
Outback 272UFL 201931.90'6,080 lbs
Outback 280URB 201929.60'5,980 lbs
Outback 291UBH 202030.80'6,560 lbs
Outback 299URL 202029' 5,998 lbs
Outback 301UBH 202031.60'7,160 lbs
Passport 2521RL 202029.83'5,276 lbs
Passport 2600BH 202030.67'5,385 lbs
Passport 2710RB 202031.25'5,770 lbs
Passport 2900RL GT 202030.30'5,920 lbs
Passport GT 2521RL 202029.10'5,276 lbs
Passport GT 2600BH 202030'5,450 lbs
Passport GT 2710RB 201931.50'5,770 lbs
Passport GT 2820BH 202031.60' 6,060 lbs
Premier 24RK 202029.50'5,568 lbs
Premier 26RB 201831.50'6,008 lbs
Springdale 252RL 201929.90'6,508 lbs
Springdale 260BH 202029' 5,260 lbs
Springdale 262RK 202030.20'6,360 lbs
Springdale 266RL 202029'6,360 lbs
Springdale 271RL 201931.83'6,981 lbs
Springdale 274RB 201931.58'7,175 lbs
Springdale 274RB 202031.58'7,146 lbs
Springdale 280BH 202031.70'7,146 lbs
Sprinter Campfire 26RB 202029.60'6,780 lbs
Sprinter Campfire 26RK 202030.92'6,924 lbs

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