Average NEW Camper Prices ( Class A, B, C, popups and travel trailers )

There are so many different options for campers–anything ranging from a teardrop camper to a high-class RV–and the process of choosing can get a little overwhelming. If you are like me, though, I bet price is a major deciding factor in this process.

So, how much do campers cost?

Since there are so many options to choose from, the price for new a new motorhome or travel trailer can range anywhere from $10,000 to $400,000.Here is an average price breakdown.

  • Average teardrop camper price – $9,000
  • Average pop-up camper price – $12,000
  • Average travel trailer price – $22,000
  • Average Fifth wheel camper price – $65,00
  • Average Class A motorhome price – $140,000
  • Average Class B motorhome/conversion van price – $95,000
  • Average Class C motorhome price – $80,00

These are the average prices for new models. Prices can be lower or higher depending on the model and amenities. These prices are based on standard models with some options included.

Since there is also a broad range of brands, this article will go over the highest-rated campers out there. With this information, you should have a better idea of what the rest of the market looks like.

But of course, I will highlight each type of camper (from teardrop to RV) and its cost, so you can be sure to get the best option at the best price for your situation. There is a lot to choose from, so remember you can always rent before you buy to know for sure which camper is best for you.

Why the Large Price Range?

There are a lot of different reasons for the price differences, and not just whether you are buying a small pop up camper compared to a full-on motorhome.

First of all, brand matters. It might seem silly–a camper is just a camper, right? In a way, that is correct, but at the same time, some brands are just lucky enough to be more reputable than others. The internet matters, reviews matter, and experience matters.

Brands that have been around longer are typically more trustworthy because they have been in the camper game longer. They have seen what can go wrong and what needs more attention, and they have worked hard to fix those problems and anticipate campers’ needs.

And, since brand matters so much, the price can go up on an RV that is in high demand. You will also want to check where the RV is coming from, as it could have roots in Canada or Australia and not even sell models in the USA.

Of course, age is going to matter when it comes to campers. Any vehicle is generally not a good investment because it deteriorates over time, but vehicles are a necessity to everyday life, so we just have to decide if we care that much about buying a new model over a used model.

So, you will see a newer model at a much higher price than its older version. While the newer version could have some upgrades, it is also just the beginning of a longer life with that certain vehicle or trailer.

So, if you do not care about buying a used vehicle, that is a good way to save money on campers. Even if your camper is a couple of years old, you could save hundreds, or maybe even thousands just because you bought an older, still perfectly functioning, vehicle.

Depending on the year as well, some campers will just have cooler extras than others. You might find a camper with a bathroom, and that will jack up the price, and you might have a full-on electronic system in another for more money as well.

Floorplans can look different, can include more storage, and can include more sleeping room or kitchen room, among other differences. All of this will affect the price of the camper as the amenities give value to the model you are considering.

It also depends on where you are purchasing the camper or RV from. You can get a quote from the camper’s exact website, or you can go to websites like rvtrader.com to see individual seller’s costs, which vary greatly from person to person.

So, the prices I will list below are the prices I have generally seen each trailer start at. Even with the same model, you will find a fluctuation in price due to age or seller preference or floor plan, so none of these prices will be exact. They do, however, give you a good starting point as you continue finding the perfect trailer in your price range.

I will also try to tell you the highest-rated trailer, but of course, there are thousands of lists out there. So, I will try to use one of the most highly rated of each category to give you a quick overview of what you can expect from each type of trailer.

Explanation of Prices Listed

The prices listed below mostly come from rvtrader.com, where I found the lowest prices for 2019 and 2020 models and listed them at “starts at” prices. So, while these prices are real and available, there are some much higher prices for the same model that you will see if you visit the same website.

Without further ado, here we go! From smallest trailer to largest:

Roof Top Tent and Truck Bed Tent Prices

These options might seem out of the blue, but as far as I’ve heard, a lot of people don’t know they are even options.

You can get tents that attach to the roof of your SUV or that fit perfectly in your truck bed and save a little money while still getting the on-the-go camping experience you desire.

Roof top tents come in a variety of sizes–they either fit just on the roof, or part of the tent extends to the ground on the side of your vehicle, allowing for a little more room. Some models come with a support system so the tent can extend over the vehicle without touching the ground.

So, if you are interested, roof top tents are generally around $1,500 or below. For a truck bed tent, you are looking at about $180, give or take.

Now, for the more traditional campers:

Teardrop Camper Prices

The highest-rated teardrop camper is the Intech RV’s Luna Trailer, which costs about $16,500. If you are looking for an easy trailer that sleeps one to two people, a teardrop trailer is a really good and efficient option.

There are actually a couple of different models of the Luna–they are a series. In each, you should be able to find a futon style bed so that you could alternate between bed and couch depending on the time of day.

The Luna’s are designed specifically for off-road use so that you can use it for your more residential camping experiences or your backcountry camping as well. The Luna comes with air conditioning and a rear entertainment center.

You will have a kitchenette, which comes equipped with a small stove, mini-fridge, and kitchen sink. There is an eight-gallon water tank–actually a pretty good size for such a small trailer.

There are different upgrades available to the Luna, including a heating system, a 120v refrigerator, electric brakes, and a 40-inch tv.

The Luna is available in four different colors, and in the series, there are three different floor plans to choose from. It weighs between 1700 and 1800 pounds.

For such a small camper, it is amazing how much can fit inside. When it comes to small, light campers, a teardrop trailer is a great option, and it is one of the lower-priced trailers out there. Definitely, one to consider if you and your family can fit!

As for other teardrop trailers, here is a quick overview of price, if you would like to do some research on other options:

  1. Timberleaf Pika Teardrop Trailer–starts just under $12,000
  2. Hutte Hut Teardrop Trailer–starts at $63,900
  3. Vintage Overland Teardrop Trailer–starts at $12,500
  4. Little Guy Max Teardrop Trailer–starts at $33,000
  5. Taxa Outdoors Cricket Teardrop Camper–the price varies because you can basically build your own design.

A lot of teardrop trailers are customizable, so that’s why the price often begins with some variation of “starts at.” With so many options, you are sure to get exactly what you want at a price you can handle.

Pop-Up Camper Prices

The highest-rated pop-up camper is a little harder to determine because there are so many good pop-up campers out there, but there are a few specific trailers that continuously pop up (pun intended) on most websites because of their simple utility.

Pop-up campers can sleep anywhere from one to six people, depending on how you arrange everything on the interior. The middle of the camper has a kitchenette, and on the sides that actually pop out, there is a queen-size bed and a full-size bed. These beds can also serve as seating during the day.

In general, there should also be a dining space which includes a pull-down table. There would be benches to sit on, which also double as storage. That’s the thing with pop-up campers–you will find extra storage everywhere you look.

Sometimes, pop-up campers even include bathrooms. You could find either a wet bathroom (shower and toilet in the same area), a dry bathroom (shower and toilet separate), or just a toilet, which can usually be covered with a bench for more seating when not in use.

Pop up campers give you more of an authentic camping experience because it feels more like you are in a tent, considering the walls are made of canvas. You can hear and smell the outdoors, which is a huge plus for lots of people.

So, if this is the type of camper you are in the market for, here are a variety of prices for a couple of the highest rated models on the market:

  1. Jayco Jay Series Sport Camping Trailer–starts at $10,810
  2. LivinLite QuickSilver Tent Campers–starts at $10,000
  3. Sylvansport Go Camping Trailer–starting at $9,000
  4. Opus Pop-Up Camper–starting at $28,000 for newest 2020 model
  5. 2019 Aliner Somerset Trailer–starts at $19,900

So, there is a pretty big range with pop-up campers, but for the reasons listed above: they can sleep anywhere from one to seven people, some will have bathrooms, and some might have extra amenities.

Hard Side Travel Trailers Prices

A step up from pop-up campers, hard side travel trailers are a bit heavier than tent trailers but are still about the same size. The highest-rated hard side travel trailer is the Forest River Rockwood, which starts at $9,000.

That seems like a pretty low price, but remember that most campers come in series, as you may have noticed, and the Forest River brand has a lot of the same model, but with different floor plans, so the price will fluctuate quite a bit.

So, at its best and most updated, this camper can be about $27,995 for the newest 2020 model.

There are different variants of this trailer, and the other brands out there, but you should look for if the model has HW in the name, because that means “high wall,” which, perhaps obviously, means that the ceiling is taller in the trailer.

Often, hard side trailers have an angular shape, which looks a little odd from the outside, but on the inside, you have more headroom, and there is more space for windows, allowing for more natural light.

Hard-sided campers are quite a bit heavier than their soft-side counterparts, and they can be a little longer as well. The Rockwood also has a bathroom in it, which helps account for the price.

If the hard-sided camper does not have a bathroom, that extra space is usually allocated to the dining room and more seating. Bathrooms are a toss-up: I know of people that can’t live without them, and other people who prefer a cheaper trailer and then they use the campground bathrooms.

Both are good options; it is just a personal preference. Just remember that there are options out there if you are feeling pressured into buying something you are not quite ready for.

There are options that hold only one to two people, as well as options that hold about five or six. Each hard-sided trailer is equipped to be pulled by a truck or SUV, though usually, you will need a truck to pull the full weight.

So, if you prefer a sturdier and more updated trailer, a hard-sided camper might be for you. Other options for highly rated hard-sided campers are:

  1. Forest River Flagstaff–starts at $7,000
  2. Chalet A-Frame XL–$19,995
  3. Chalet A-Frame LTW–$13,998
  4. Chalet A-Frame Classic–$18,995
  5. Jayco Jay Hardwall Series–$8,995
  6. Coachman Viking–$9,995
  7. Aliner Camper Classic–$17,490
  8. Aliner Camper Expedition–$20,995
  9. Aliner Scout Lite–$9,129
  10. Aliner Ranger 10–$12,600

As you can see, the Aliner, Forest River, and Chalet kind of have the corner on hard-sided trailers. Even though the Forest River trailer is highlighted here, Aliner and Chalet know what they are doing when it comes to hard-sided trailers.

These prices are based on newer models–2019 and up. So, of course, you can find some cheaper options for older models, but this is what you are looking at if you want the tip-top model.

Fifth-Wheel Trailers Prices

Coming in as often the most expensive and biggest travel trailer is the fifth-wheel. This type of trailer must be attached to a truck but is usually big enough to fit six people comfortably. One of the highest-rated fifth-wheels, and the one most often seen on ranking lists, is the Redwood RV Redwood fifth-wheel. 

Fifth-wheels are bigger than the other trailers listed here so that you can expect a fuller kitchen, more storage, toilet, shower, and more living space for all sorts of campers. There are more entertainment spaces and amenities for this style of camper so that you can expect to camp in style.

With the Redwood specifically (though I expect this applies to most other brands), there are quite a few different floor plans available. The interior will be homey but modern, including air conditioning and heating.

A variant of fifth-wheel trailers are toy-haulers, which are basically fifth-wheels with a little “patio” space (or extra storage hanging off the end) where you can keep motorcycles, bikes, four-wheelers, kayaks, etc.

Fifth-wheels require a little more maintenance than other trailers because they have all the electric, sewage, and water that other trailers might not have. So, overall, you will be spending more money up front and more money down the road.

The Redwood RV itself starts at $73,995. And that price is for a 2020 model. The older models range in price, but I did see some as low as $39,900 for a 2014 model.

For other fifth-wheel trailers, the prices fluctuate just as much:

  1. DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites Fifth-Wheel–starts at $97,900
  2. Coachmen Chaparral Fifth-Wheel–starts at $36,985
  3. Forest River Cardinal Fifth Wheel–starts at $46,900
  4. Coachmen Brookstone Fifth-Wheel–$49,995
  5. Keystone Montana Fifth-Wheel–$65,608
  6. Dutchman Voltage Fifth-Wheel–$54,999
  7. Grand Design Reflection Fifth-Wheel–$46,123

The prices listed above are either 2019 or 2020 models and remember that the prices only start at what I listed–they can actually rise dramatically into six figures. You can check individual listings to figure out exactly why, but it is really up to the seller.

Class A Motorhome Prices

So, now we are entering a whole different camper experience: the motorhome. Motorhomes are their own vehicles–you don’t pull them with your SUV (though you can sometimes tow your SUV on the back if you want it with you).

Class A motorhomes weigh the most, are the roomiest, and can hold the most people. They often come with two king-sized beds and maybe even bunk beds. You will have a lot of storage space.

The kitchen is fully equipped with a fridge, freezer, oven, stove, and microwave. The bathroom will have a toilet, a separate shower, and a sink. You will have great views and great storage and the ability to stand up without hitting your head.

One con (since it really seems like there aren’t cons except for the price, possibly) is that the driving of a Class A motorhome can be a learning curve. You have to practice a bit, but you will, of course, get the hang of it!

As you can probably tell, this is the most luxurious of the campers out there. You will thoroughly enjoy any time spent in a Class A motorhome. But this also means you get what you pay for, and what you pay for is quite expensive.

Some of the highest-rated Class A motorhomes are listed at the following prices:

  1. Thor Palazzo–starts at $158,999
  2. Forest River Berkshire–starts at $236,995
  3. Winnebago Grand Tour–starts at $309,900 (and this was for a 2017–the newer models are a little harder to come by on third-party sites, so the price for a new one is likely to be higher than this estimate.)
  4. Newmar Dutch Star–starts at $317,995
  5. Holiday Rambler Navigator–starts at $179,995

Class B Motorhome Prices

After reading about Class A motorhomes, Class B motorhomes are going to seem like you are moving down the ranks quite a bit, but don’t knock Class B until you’ve tried it! Even though they are smaller, they can still be just as convenient and classy as the other options.

Class B motorhomes are the lightest of the motorhomes. There is room for fewer people, maybe three or four at the most, which puts the size in line with some of the bigger travel trailers listed above.

They can be anything from a renovated van to a ready-made motorhome that looks similar to a van or other smaller vehicle.

There will probably be a queen-sized bed and maybe a pull-out couch for other passengers, and there will be less storage and less natural light, but storage and natural light are definitely still available!

Sadly, some floorplans do not have bathrooms, but it is rare these days to forgo that luxury. The kitchen will be more of a kitchenette, but still functional and convenient. Because of the general smallness of Class B motorhomes, they are the easiest to drive, and the cheapest of the group.

Some of the highest-rated Class B motorhomes prices are:

  1. Off-Grid Adventure Vans–this is a whole company that you can pay to convert your van, so the price varies, but you are looking at the $33,000-$38,000 range. Not bad if you already have a van!
  2. Winnebago Revel–starts at $167,913
  3. Hymer Aktiv–starts at $72,911
  4. Airstream Interstate Grand Tour–starts at $137,861
  5. Modvan CV1–starts at $77,000

Class C Motorhome Prices

Class C is right in the middle of Class A and Class B in terms of both space and price. You can expect either a queen- or king-sized bed, and perhaps even some bunk beds in some models.

There is often an overhead space that can be used for another bedroom or office space, depending on the time of day. Class C’s can weigh a lot less than Class A, though, so there is not as much of a learning curve when it comes to driving.

Class C’s should have a bathroom in almost every model, and kitchen space similar to Class A’s. You may not have as many kitchen amenities, but there are a lot of ways to work around that lack.

So, as you might expect, the prices come in the middle. Some of the most highly rated Class C motorhomes prices are:

  1. Winnebago Minnie Winnie–starts at $73,845
  2. Jayco Greyhawk Prestige–starts at $93,999
  3. Thor Motor Coach Outlaw–starts at $89,995 (though this price is rare–the average was more in the low $100,000’s)
  4. Tiffin Wayfarer–starts at $99,995
  5. Coachmen Leprechaun–starts at $79,995

So, Where are the Huge Prices?

As mentioned above, the prices listed are only the starting prices. You will still find motorhomes and trailers for much higher prices, and they will be higher because of the brand, the make, the model, the year, and the extras.

The most expensive motorhomes and trailers on the market–the same price as a house or even a mansion–exist, and if you are looking for full-time RV living, you could consider these options:

  1. 2019 Jayco Embark 37MB Class A Motorhome–$295,200
  2. Thor Motor Coach Tuscany 45AT Class A Diesel Motorhome–$429,660
  3. Thor Motor Coach Hurricane 35M Class A Motorhome–$144,675

And, since you might be wondering, yes, there are million-dollar motorhomes.

  1. The EleMMent Palazzo–$3.7 million

I didn’t initially include this in the price range because, well, it’s crazy. But if you have millions to spend, I say go for it. It’s a pretty amazing motorhome. Made of marble, has a “sky lounge,” unobstructed view from the cab–it’s basically like you are on a private jet or yacht.

So, as you can see, the same brands have models that are expensive, and some that are more affordable. Now that you know the big brands (and some smaller ones), you can feel confident perusing their websites to get the best deal for you.

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