Applewood Rub Roast With Root Beer Marinade Oven An Open Fire

Preparation Time: 5 minutesCooking Time: 6 hours

Prime rib roast (or any other cut of roast) is naturally tender and juicy. It could take up to six hours to smoke and be ready to eat, but in the meantime, the smell will drive you crazy.

Applewood Rub is our favorite but this recipe will work with any rub that you prefer. We use McCormick Applewood Rub.

We love to marinade and tenderize our roast in root beer for 6-12 hours prior to cooking but you can use any type of soda or even beer if you prefer.

7-up is a popular choice but we have’nt tried it that way YET.

You can also wrap the roast in foil to help keep it from drying out but the trade offis you will not get that deep rich over the fire taste.

You will want to use hardwoods for this recipe since maple and oak will not only burn longer but keep a consistent heat.




  • 5 - 6 ln roast or prime rib
  • Appplewood Rub
  • 16oz Root Beer
  • Maple or Oak hardwood


  1. Marinade roast in root beer for 6 - 12 hours
  2. Prepare roast by rubbing with applewood rub or seasoning
  3. Start a small fire with Maple or Oak hardwoods
  4. Once the fire is burning at about 220 - 250 degrees place roast on a fire grill over the fire
  5. Turn the roast a quarter turn once every hour
  6. Use a meat thermometer to check internal heat is at 220 degrees
  7. If you do not have a thermometer cook for at least 5 hours over a small fire. You can cut a slice into the middle of the roast to see if it is done.
  8. Set meat aside for 20 minutes to let the juices flow through.
  9. Cut into 1/2" to 3/4" slices and enjoy.

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