How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Luxury RV?

RVing is a great way to tour the country. You can meander through the beautiful scenery on your own schedule, stopping to see the sights and stay at a campground whenever you please. Renting an RV is an affordable way to experience the RV lifestyle without making a major investment.

If you want your home on wheels to embody the high-end furnishings and amenities you are used to in your stationary home, you likely will want to rent a luxury RV. therefore, you are probably wondering, how much does it cost to rent a luxury RV?

An RV listed at $396 per night can cost you $4791 for a week. It has an insurance fee of $85 per day, a service fee of $316, and $541 in taxes.

Well, like most buying experiences in life, the nicer the product the higher the cost. Still, renting is a more affordable option than buying and some of the rental costs may surprise you! This is an in-depth guide to how much it will cost to rent a luxury RV and what you can get for your money.

What is Considered a Luxury RV?

Luxury RVs have amenities, finishes and options that you will not find in a standard RV. A luxury RV may have granite countertops, hideaway TVs and in some cases you can even stow a vehicle inside a hidden compartment built into the RV.

While standard RVs are expensive, luxury RVs can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some even break a million dollars. While it is unlikely that you will be renting a million-dollar RV, you may still be able to get your hands on luxury million-dollar features.

Opulent RVs tend to be larger. They have spacious interiors with plenty of room for spreading out and relaxing. You don’t have to worry about cleaning off your dining room table so it can be converted into a bed.

There is usually lots of space, each with its own designation. Think of living rooms with theater chairs, kitchens with full-size refrigerators, and expansive bedroom and bathroom suites.

However, there are some smaller RVs that can be quite luxurious as well. They make the most out of the space they do have. They also find ingenious ways to include amenities features in space-saving ways.

The fine furnishings and amenities of luxury RVs do not end at the door. The elegance expands outdoors to the exterior of the RV.

Motorized awnings, outdoor entertainment systems, exterior kitchens, and motorized levelings are just a few things you may find in a high-end RV. Smart controls are another popular feature that most luxury RV owners will have.

All of these offerings may be included in the RV either by the manufacturer or as upgrades performed by the owner.

Luxury RV listings can be diverse in this way. When you are browsing potential rentals you may note that some of them are produced by known luxury manufacturers while others are standard RVs that have been upgraded by their owner. This may or may not make a difference to you.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Luxury RV?

Now that you know what a luxury RV entails, just how much money will it cost to get your hands on one of these opulent rigs for a week or two?

Well, it can depend on a few factors. But those things aside, you can plan on spending anywhere from $200 to close to $500 a night. The broad range is namely due to the size.

Class A luxury RVs rental prices are around $275 to $425 per night.

Class C RVs are $200 to $300 per night.

Fifth Wheels can run $250 to $400 each night.

The size isn’t the cost determiner though. Time of year, location, and who or how it is being rented can all play a role. Let’s take a closer look at these factors.

  • The Size of RVs

If you are new to the RV world, you may have read the above cost approximations and thought to yourself, where is Class B? RV sizing works a little counterintuitively. Class A is the biggest, Class C is medium in size, and Class B is the smallest (think camper vans).

Class A motorhomes are the biggest, as such they can include the most amenities and the greatest amount of interior space. But, driving a class A motorhome will be nothing like driving your daily vehicle due to their size and weight. These campers usually range from 29 feet to 45 feet in length.

A bigger RV means more interior space for dining, relaxing, and sleeping. Most class A motorhomes can accommodate multiple people and have more than one designated sleeping area. The formal bedrooms usually contain at least a Queen mattress.

Class B motorhomes are the smallest and least inexpensive, think oversized van. They are broken down into two categories, Class B and Class B+. Class B motorhomes are usually anywhere from 18 to 24 feet in length, while B+ is only slightly larger.

Because of their small size, they are affordable but interior space is limited. Class B can lack the storage and living space one would expect from a motorhome, especially a luxury motorhome. Class B+ usually includes more amenities and therefore tends to be more popular. Class B is commonly referred to as “camper vans” and is easy to drive and maneuver.

You will usually only find one designated sleeping space in a Class B motorhome. They may include a pull-out couch but usually can only sleep three to four people at most. The kitchen and bath are modest, featuring only a wet bath with no separate shower or toilet.

Class C Motorhomes, somewhat counterintuitively, is a happy medium between classes A and B. They usually range from 30 to 33 feet long and are a great size for most RV enthusiasts, especially beginning renters.

They can resemble campervans but on a larger scale. There is a cabin over the driving area which provides extra sleeping space to occupants. Most have more than one sleeping area that does not include a pull-out couch, such as two designated bedrooms. The kitchen and bathroom won’t be humongous but will be bigger than a Class B motorhome.

If you are looking for the supreme luxury, obviously a class A can provide you with the space. However, if you are new to RVing be sure that you can drive a class A motorhome. They can be difficult to maneuver and hard to park.

The size is probably the biggest determiner of the cost but bigger doesn’t always mean more expensive. Just check out the graph below.

The season can play a role too. Peak RV season, like camping season, is during the summer months.

Many people want to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. Kids are out of school and lots of families take vacation time.

This means renting an RV during this time can be expensive. RVs are in high demand and the supply isn’t endless. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon to see higher rates.

Additionally, owners may want to use their RV for their own trips. There might be fewer listings in general. And again, the lack of supply and high demand can lead to higher rental prices.

Where you live or are looking to rent, may affect the fees. This can happen for a few reasons. Sometimes, there simply aren’t a lot of renters in your area. Those who are renting can charge a little bit more because renters don’t have a great many choices.

Occasionally, markets are just more expensive in certain locations. You might have to pay more if you are renting an RV for example in California compared to Iowa.

Sometimes you may get lucky though. Renting an RV in Florida during the offseason will still be plenty enjoyable while being more affordable. The weather will be fair enough and most attractions will be open. While on the other hand renting during a Colorado winter might be very budget-friendly but it will be nearly impossible to go anywhere.

Finally, who is listing the rental, or what platform it is hosted on can play a role in the price. Many rental platforms require insurance. In general, this is a good thing and it protects both the renter and the owner. But, it can be more costly.

Sometimes, individuals renting on their own can provide the best rates. However, they usually won’t have the background checks or precautions and protections that listing companies can provide. By going through a private renter you are taking a risk.

Ultimately, you will need to reconcile your budget with the what, where, and when portions of your rental. Meaning what kind of RV do you want? Where are you looking to rent (and where from)? And when do you want it?

Examples of Luxury RV Rental Listings

To get a better idea of what you can get for your money, let’s take a look at a few luxury rental listings.

All of these rentals are for reservations during the month of April which is the beginning of the camping season. The nightly/weekly rate is the base rate. In most cases, you will pay around $75-$100 per day for insurance, anywhere from $200 to $900 in service fees and a hefty amount in taxes.

During the peak camping season, this luxury RV costs $795 per night, or over $5500 a week. It sleeps 8 people and has a huge interior. Outfitted with fine furnishings and all the amenities one would find at home. It is listed as a “symbol of status” experience.

This Airstream is listed for $400 per night or about $2800 per week during early spring. It sleeps 5. Some of its features include a queen-sized bed, solar panels, a Bluetooth audio system, and integrated USB charging ports

This Class C sprinter van is rentable for $450 per night or $3150 a week. It can sleep 5 people. It includes a colorized rear camera, a private full bath, flatscreens in the bedroom, and a stainless french door refrigerator just to name a few features.

This Class A motorhome is extremely spacious inside and will cost you $457 per night or $3199 per week. It has televisions in the living room, bedroom, and even outside. It can sleep 6-8 people.

A luxury brand, this Newmar is available for rent for $492 per night or $3444 per week. It can sleep 6. It is fully equipped with automatic features and a patent comfort drive. The huge interior has tile floors, fine finishes, and even a stainless steel french door refrigerator.

This $350 per night or $2450 motorhome can sleep 5. It is a top of the line model with two slide outs, surround sound, a fireplace, and even a washer and dryer.

This 42 RV can sleep ten. You and your family can rent it for $396 per night or about $2772 per week. Listed as the ultimate in posh luxury and glamour, this rig includes Corian marble countertops, a full-size refrigerator, four slide outs, and “enough room inside to park a Buick!”.

This brand new coach can be rented for $400 per night or about $2800 per week. It has plenty of room inside and upgraded furnishings. Other features include a luxury handling system, Sony surround sound, and two AC units.

This eco-friendly luxury RV can sleep 4, which makes it extra spacious inside. It includes a gigantic lounge, a wardrobe and make-up studio, and even an espresso bar. This high-end rig can be rented for $585 per night or $4095 a week.

This luxury coach can sleep five and is fully equipped. It includes a white leather interior. It can be rented for $1000 per night or $7000 per week. It has a huge kitchen that features a state-of-the-art residential-sized refrigerator. The interior is very roomy and comfortable.

As you can see, the price for these luxury RVs is generally between $300 and $500 per night. Though, some can range up into the thousands. They are all different sizes, makes, years, and found in different locations. They are also listed on different platforms.

It is important to remember that just because the owner is asking for a certain price, they won’t always get renters. As a result, they may need to lower their price.

All of these RVs are considered luxury RVs, or at least by their owners. Some are certainly more luxurious than others, but as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or in this case luxury is in the eye of the beholder.

Tips for Renting

Renting an RV, and certainly, a luxury RV can be an awesome way to travel. To close, we have a few tips that are important to consider before you rent.

  1. Be aware of deposits. You will probably have to pay a deposit to hold your rental. In most cases, this can be applied to your future rental payment. You will also need to put down a security deposit. Generally, if you return the RV in a condition that is satisfactory to the owner, then your security deposit will be refunded.
  2. You will need insurance for your RV rental. It can either be provided by the listing platform (recall the $85/per day fee) or you must provide it yourself. It really isn’t optional.
  3. What out for hidden costs. In addition to insurance, taxes, and per night or per day fees you could be charged per mile. Be sure to read the fine print carefully to determine what exactly you will be responsible for paying for.
  4. Know about restrictions. Some RV owners put restrictions on how many hours each day you can use the generator, or how far you can travel. Additionally, some allow pets while others don’t. It is important to review the listing and ask any questions of the owner upfront so that you aren’t charged later or lose out on your security deposit for not obeying the rules.
  5. Plan your trip wisely. As mentioned, costs rise during peak season. Plan your trip wisely so that you can have an enjoyable experience without breaking the bank.

Luxury On Wheels

Regardless of the type of RV you choose, or where you decide to take it, renting an RV will likely turn you on to the wonderful world of RVing. In no time you may become an RV owner renting out your own rig on occasion.

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