Do KOA Campgrounds Have Showers?

If you are an avid camper in the United States or Canada, chances are that you have heard about Kampgrounds of America (KOA) campgrounds even if you’ve never been to one. There are nearly 500 sites all across these countries, and they are known for being high-quality places to pitch your tent!

Many campers consider KOA campgrounds to be head and shoulders above other privately owned grounds for several reasons. The amenities you can take advantage of while on your trip elevate the experience and provide you with some of the comforts of home that other sites just can’t compete with.

One amenity that you can enjoy at a KOA campground is a hot shower!

That being said, other campgrounds often offer the same promise, but does it live up to expectations?

Today, we’re going to talk about KOA campground showers and everything that you need to know about them before planning your camping trip.

Do all KOA campgrounds have showers?

Yes. Though some amenities and features vary by campsite, you can always rely on your KOA campground to have showers ready for your use. RV campers can take advantage of full hookups as well to use their own private showers.

All KOA campgrounds include:

  • Pull-through sites for RVs
  • Washers and dryers
  • Bathrooms with hot water and showers
  • General stores/convenience stores with camping gear
  • Pet-friendly policies

Are KOA showers free to use?

Yes, KOA showers are free to use… as long as you are paying to camp at one of these sites. You do have to pay fees to book a spot at the campground of your choice, so you may not consider the showers “free” in that case.

However, you do not have to pay for every shower that you take while on your trip.

Do KOA showers have hot water?

One thing that KOA campgrounds advertise heavily is hot water for their restroom facilities, including showers! Getting clean is a necessity, and many campgrounds offer basic showers, but not many boast of a hot water supply.

When you pitch your tent at one of these sites, you can unwind and relax those muscles in a steamy shower after a day full of activity.

This is part of what makes KOA campgrounds so highly desirable. The attention paid to camper comfort leaves people singing the praises of these campsites!

Are KOA showers clean?

Koa campground showers are some of the cleanest that you will find in the country! It can be difficult to keep shower facilities clean, especially during the busy season. However, KOA staff want to make your camping trip one to remember, so they hold their facilities to a high standard.

When you go to one of these campgrounds, you can rest assured that the showers are cleaned regularly and safe to use!

What to bring to KOA campground showers

When you use a KOA campground’s shower facilities, you should keep in mind that you need to bring a few things of your own with you. Let’s talk about that.

  • Shower Shoes

When you use any public shower, even clean ones like those found at KOA campgrounds, you should bring shower shoes. The more that people share a shower, the higher the chances are of the shower floor being dirty, even if you can’t see it.

  • Shower Tote

Keeping your toiletries organized while using a campground shower is important. You wouldn’t want to lose your precious shampoo and conditioner! Bringing a shower tote into your stall will help you keep track of everything you brought and will make the trip to and from the showers much easier.

  • Toiletries

Obviously, you will need essential toiletries to get yourself clean within the shower! It is recommended that you carry miniature products; full-size bottles are unwieldy and inconvenient to take on camping trips. You will likely need:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body wash
  • Face cleanser
  • Loofah
  • Washcloth

at the very least. Good hygiene is a MUST, and you won’t be able to wash off all the dirt and sweat with just water.

  • Towel (Quick Drying)

You are going to need a towel when showering at a KOA campground (or anywhere.) Drying off quickly is important for your comfort and the convenience of those waiting for a shower that you need to vacate.

However, because you are camping, you want a towel that dries quickly for your own convenience. While you can hang up the towel to dry for a while, it’s always better not to leave your things exposed to the elements for too long.

Proper campground shower etiquette

Taking advantage of the hot showers that KOA campgrounds provide? Great! Follow a few simple guidelines so that everyone can enjoy the amenities that you do.

  • Don’t hog the shower

I know that you may be tempted to luxuriate in the steamy water for a while, especially if your muscles are sore from hiking or swimming. Who wouldn’t be?

However, many other people staying at the same site need to shower, too, and people tend to get impatient and upset when one person hogs all of the water. Be a good tent neighbor and only spend enough time in the shower to get clean and rinse off.

  • Cover up

Before and after you leave your shower stall, cover-up. Be sure that you are decently clothed. Strangers do not want to see more of you than they would at the pool; be mindful of this. It is suggested that you wear:

  • A swimsuit
  • Swimsuit coverup
  • T-shirt
  • Shorts
  • Towel

Any combination will do as long as your sensitive areas are covered completely.

  • Leave the shower clean

It’s impossible to scrub down and completely sanitize a camp shower for the next person, but you do not have to leave it messy, either. Try and wash down any loose hair or dirt that may have come off of your body. Take all of your toiletries with you when you leave. This is just common courtesy to your tent neighbors.

  • Shower early

The biggest issue with showering at your campground is that everyone generally wants to do so at the same time. This leads to long lines and frustrated campers. The hottest time for high shower traffic is right before dinner. Everyone is winding down and getting ready to eat, so they want to wash up beforehand.

If you shower mid-afternoon or even every morning, you can beat the shower traffic and lessen wait times for everyone involved. Try and find out when the showers are least busy at your specific campground and make an effort to schedule yours then.

KOA campgrounds to visit

If you are planning your next camping trip and hot showers are a must-have on your list, you should try and find a KOA campground in an area near you! You can begin your search by taking a look at some of these examples around the United States.

San Diego Metro KOA (Chula Vista, CA)

This SoCal KOA has everything you need for a perfect California getaway! It offers all basic amenities but has a few of its own unique features that you may love:

  • Climbing wall
  • Themed weekends
  • Game room
  • Deluxe cabins
  • Basketball
  • Horseshoes
  • Kamp K9

This KOA is open all year round. For more information, call (619) 427-3601. To book a spot, call (800) 562-9877.

Nashville KOA (Nashville, TN)

Nashville is known as Music City, and for a great reason! It has been one of the biggest music publishing centers in the nation, and the city attracts talent from all over the world. If you would like to explore Nashville’s rich music scene but also take advantage of the beauty of nature in the South, the Nashville KOA is the perfect place for you.

In addition to basic amenities, this KOA offers:

  • Cable TV
  • Bicycle rentals
  • Kamp K9
  • Gym
  • Public computer
  • Activity park
  • Laundry room

New York City North/Newburgh KOA (Plattekill, NY)

NYC, otherwise known as The Big Apple, is a highly sought after tourist spot. New York City has so much to offer, and many campers want to explore the big city without having to pay an arm and a leg to stay in a hotel.

With the NYC KOA, you can do just that. The trip from the campground to the city isn’t too long, so you can explore the city by day and roast marshmallows by the fire at night.

In addition to basic amenities, this KOA offers:

  • Arcade
  • Snack bar
  • Mini golf
  • Bike rentals
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Wine store
  • Cable TV

KOA campgrounds do have showers, but they also have so much more! These campgrounds are perfect for groups of all sizes, adults and children alike. There are almost 500 sites to choose from, and each one offers hot showers, clean bathrooms, and amenities that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy at just any old place.

Take your next camping trip to a higher level; pitch your tent or park your RV at a KOA campground today!

For more information on KOA campgrounds in your area, visit koa.com.

For more information on campground shower etiquette and supplies, click on this link!

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