California Has The Most Campgrounds And RV Parks ( List and Links )

Campgrounds can come in many forms; from luxury resorts full of amenities to a dirt patch on which to set up a tent. They may be private or within State Parks, National Forest, or BLM holdings.

So which state has the most campgrounds?

It may not come as a surprise that California likely holds the majority of the country’s campgrounds. This is due to the sheer size of the state. California is followed closely by Florida and Michigan. California also has the most state parks at nine, and Alaska is next with eight. California claims the country’s most visited state park, Yosemite. Its largest state park is Joshua Tree National Park.

Government Land Campgrounds

California has nearly three hundred state parks. Not all of them allow overnight camping, but many do. California’s state parks also offer unique camping experiences.

Some allow group camping with groups as large as one hundred. Others offer alternative camping such as staying in a yurt or floating campsite. Finally, some campsites cater to equestrians with horse campsites.

Further State Park camping descriptions and info can be found at parks.ca.gov under camping information.

Also, there are a handful of BLM held lands available for camping in California. Camping on BLM lands will likely be dispersed camping. BLM.gov states “Camping is allowed on Public Lands in California for no more than a period of 14 days within any period of 28 consecutive days unless otherwise identified”.

Furthermore, you will have to pay a small fee and possess a California fire permit for any campfires or gas stove fires. Nevertheless, BLM lands can provide beautiful and secluded camping opportunities.

Private Campgrounds

California is home to over three hundred private campgrounds. Some are rustic and remote while others have prime locations near to popular tourist attractions.

California camping is typically divided by section, then by region. Campgrounds exist in the northern, central, and southern sections. Towering forests exist in the northern portion, while sandy beaches and surf can be found to the south. The central section includes coastline, desert, and popular cities.

Regional examples are as follows, there is the gold country region, the delta, Nevada, and San Francisco Bay in addition to others. You can do everything from beach camping to desert camping all within the same state.

Want to know what the largest campgrounds in the U.S. are? Check out this article that we wrote.

It has taken a lot of hours to log all these campgrounds and links to them, so I really hop it helps you!

List Of Campgrounds In California

The following lists all of the private campgrounds as well as the city in which they are located in California.











  • JGW RV Park – Redding, California
  • Johnny’s Marina & RV Park – Eureka, California (can not find website link)











U & V


X & Y

A Plethora of Camping Possibilities

As with all campgrounds be sure to check them out before arriving. You will want to know if they have any facilities, dumping stations, and amenities. Also, know their fees, rules, and regulations. Many mainstream campgrounds require a reservation so it is best to call ahead.

As you can see the camping options in California are numerous. Whether it be a state park or a private campground, you can always find somewhere to set up a tent or park your RV and enjoy the great outdoors!

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