Coffee While Camping (Types and How To Make)

camping coffeeMaking coffee when you’re camping is both a treat and a must-have for some people, especially those used to drinking coffee in the mornings. There are many products and methods that will help you make the perfect cup of coffee in the morning before hitting the trail.

The best way to make coffee entirely depends on preference. While instant coffee or cowboy coffee is the fastest and easiest, some people prefer the taste of French Press or percolated coffee.

Methods for Making Coffee While Camping

There are many different methods of making coffee while camping. Some of these methods are very simple and can be done with items brought from home, and some of these methods require specific camping gear to make the coffee.

Instant coffee is the fastest and easiest way to make coffee when you’re camping. The only thing that you’ll need is gear to heat water. This gear can either be a pot that you can put over a fire or even a small camp stove that you can use to heat the water. You just add the instant coffee mix to hot water, and you’re done!

Pour-over coffee is the second easiest way to make coffee when camping, although not quite as quick and easy as instant coffee. This method requires a way to heat water, as well as a way to suspend a coffee filter above your mug. This method is done by pouring hot water slowly over coffee grounds that are sitting in a filter.

Single serving pour-overs are becoming more common and are relatively new to the market. These pour-overs are a paper frame with the coffee inside. The structure elevates the coffee over your cup to pour hot water over the grounds.

You can also purchase non-disposable pour-over stands. Most of these stands found in coffee shops are ceramic or metal, but there are many lightweight options on the market designed for backpacking and camping.

“Cowboy coffee” is the easiest possible way to make coffee when camping, but it is a taste that many people may not like. This method only requires hot water and ground coffee. You mix the coffee grounds with the hot water and let it sit. Once the coffee grounds have settled, you enjoy your cup of coffee! Many people don’t like this method because you sip in the occasional coffee ground.

If you don’t want to deal with loose grounds, you can place a cheesecloth, bandana, or coffee sock inside your mug, then pour your hot water and coffee grounds into the cup. This allows you to lift the cloth out of the cup once the coffee has steeped, thus removing the grounds from the cup!

If you pour coffee on top of boiling water, then reduce to simmer, the coffee grounds will float on top. Although this is not a perfect method, you will be able to scoop most of the grounds off of the top with a spoon.

If you follow the same steps but don’t simmer the coffee, you can drizzle cold water on top, and it will sink all of the grounds to the bottom of the cup! This does not remove grounds at all from the cup, but it does settle them to the bottom so that you won’t be drinking them!

French Press coffee Is amongst the most common method of making coffee when camping. There are many different types of presses on the market, from glass and metal to attachments that fit backpacking stoves. This is a method in which you add hot water to coffee grounds, and there is a rod with a screen on the bottom that pushes the coffee grounds to the base of the press. You then pour the coffee into your mug.

A Percolator is one of the oldest methods of making coffee while camping, although this method is commonly used on stovetops in a home setting. A percolator is a pot with two chambers that boils the water and cycles through a tube in the middle of the pot, pours over the coffee, and then back to the bottom to be recycled through the pot. This is the best method for making coffee when camping if you plan to serve several people, as this can make anywhere from four to eight cups at a time.

The Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker is an excellent option if you’re looking to make coffee faster and achieve a bolder flavor. The Aeropress is a brand instead of a method, but it’s somewhat one of a kind. This coffee maker works like a French press, except it uses

Although the Aeropress is a very fast and easy way to make coffee when you’re camping, it is a bit bulky, making it more suitable for car or RV camping as opposed to backpacking. Also, there are three main components to the coffee maker, and if you lose one, it will not work.

Portable Espresso Makers are a bit of a new trend and may be just for you if you’re looking for strong coffee. These espresso makers are simple and easy to use, but may not be suitable for backpacking, as they are heavy and bulky. Some portable espresso makers even take batteries, so definitely keep these on the RV trip or car camping trip.

Home Made Coffee Makers for Camping

As with many different types of camping gear, there’s always a way to make something at home that can save money and time. Although not homemade, there are some options that you would typically purchase for camping that will work just fine when you’re camping.

In general, you can use any type of drip coffee maker or French press when camping. The most important thing is that you avoid glass. If you’re backpacking, a glass container could be your worst nightmare. Backpacks tend to get thrown around and dropped, so the glass will break easily and may not even make it to the campsite in one piece. When choosing a coffee maker, no matter what type, always try and stick with plastic.

One advantageous technique is using tea bags. Before you set out on your trip, purchase some empty tea bags. Grind your coffee and full the bag as if you were putting tea leaves in it. This allows you to boil water and place the tea bag in the cup and let it steep just as you would with tea.

Another useful way to make coffee is to use a funnel and a coffee filter. Although you will have to carry the funnel, this is a very inexpensive way to make coffee when you’re camping. Simply place the funnel over your mug, put the filter and grounds in the funnel, and pour hot water over the grounds and let it slowly drip into the cup. Always make sure you get a stainless-steel funnel or one that is approved for food use to avoid any harmful chemicals in the plastic.

Cowboy coffee is one of the best methods if you’re looking for a homemade alternative. You can use a bandana, cheesecloth, coffee sock, or any other type of sanitary porous fabric with this method. Cowboy coffee is usually very strong, so make sure only to add as many grounds as you think you’ll need, or you’ll have some really strong coffee.

Best Coffee Mugs for Camping

There are many different mugs that you can use for camping. Some of these mugs are more suitable for backpacking, and some are more suitable for backpacking. Some of these actually serve as a coffee press, making them an all-in-one design. These presses and mugs are available in many different sizes.

Jetboil – Although this isn’t specifically a mug, it can be used for many things with the right attachments. The Jetboil is a backpacking stove that has a built-on pot to cook and boil water in. Although sold separately on most models, you can purchase a French press attachment that allows you to press your coffee in the same pot in which you boil your water. The Jetboil also has a sip lid, so you don’t even have to pour it into a mug!

Jetboil offers camp stoves in many different sizes, so you can make as much or as little coffee as you like! If you choose to follow the tea bag method, the Jetboil can boil water in under two minutes, thus making coffee a breeze to make.

GSI Outdoors mugs – GSI Outdoors makes many different types of mugs for camping that are suitable for both backpacking and camping near your vehicle. Some of these mugs serve as both a French press as well as a mug. Many others are lightweight mugs that are perfect for backpacking. The non-press mugs are great soups when backpacking, as well.

In addition to GSI Outdoors’ French press mugs, they also make backpacking coffee grinders, drip coffee makers, and reusable coffee filters.

No matter what your taste buds like or what type of camping you’re doing, there’s a coffee maker out there for you. If you’re backpacking, or in an area with no trash cans, be conscious of the environment if you have to use any type of filters.

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