11 Best Campgrounds at Yellowstone National Park

Established as the world’s first national park on March 1, 1872, Yellowstone National Park is home to hundreds of species of animals, thousands of historic archaeological sites, and millions of campers every year who come to experience all of the wonder and beauty that this 3,472 sq. miles this park has to offer.

Whether you want to stay for the hot springs, wildlife spotting, or just to get away from the busy modern world, there is a campground at Yellowstone that is perfect for you.

The top campgrounds at Yellowstone National Park are, Grant Village Campground, Madison Campground, Canyon Campground, Norris Campground, Mammoth Hotsprings, Bridge Bay Campground, Tower Fall Campground, Slough Creek campground, Lewis Lake Campground, Pebble Creek Campground, and Indian Creek Campground.

This article will not only take an in-depth look at 11 of the best campgrounds at Yellowstone National Park but also explain what type of camping each is good for.

Almost every campground listed has a 360 virtual reality video. You can literally look around in 360 degrees by holding left click on the screen.

1. Grant Village Campground

The Grant Village Campground is one of the largest campgrounds that Yellowstone offers. It boasts 400+ sites, accommodating all types of camping shelters including tents, trailers, and RVs.

Grant Village Facts

  • The site is non-electric.
  • It is the closest campground to shower facilities, flushable toilets, and potable water.
  • Grant Village Campground is only a short drive from popular attractions like Yellowstone Lake and the West Thumb Geyser Basin.
  • The campground is about a mile from a restaurant, gas station, and a general store.
  • It is one of the most popular campgrounds during peak season and fills up fast. Reservations can be made up to one year in advance.

If you want to stay at Grant Village Campground, you had better be proactive in making reservations! Due to the glowing recommendations of long-time campers, the site has skyrocketed in popularity.

Best For…

This campground is ideal for trailer and RV campers, those who need better access to shower and restroom facilities, and anyone wanting to view the more popular attractions that Yellowstone National Park offers.

2. Madison Campground

Staying at Madison Campground is every camper’s dream. At any of these 270 campsites, you can expect almost any amenity you need to be available nearby. Some of these sites are trailer and RV friendly as well.

Madison Campground Facts

  • The campground is non-electric.
  • This campground is closest to Yellowstone’s West entrance.
  • It is closest to the Upper, Lower, and Midway Geyser Basins.
  • The Madison River is nearby, making it a popular spot for those who enjoy fishing.
  • Madison Campground offers access to restroom facilities (running water included.)
  • The site is close to West Yellowstone, a town that offers camping supplies if anyone is in need of a restock.

Reservations for Madison Campground fill up quickly, especially in the spring and summer seasons. Reservations can be made up to one year in advance, the same as Grant Village.

Best For…

Madison Campground is best suited for overnight campers, fishing enthusiasts, those who need access to restroom facilities, and anyone who has come to Yellowstone to see the famous geysers. RV and trailer campers are welcome to park at most sites on this campground as well.

3. Canyon Campground

Yellowstone’s Canyon Campground is home to 270 campsites. Some are only accessible to hikers and bikers while some sites accommodate every type of camper, including those with RVs.

Canyon Campground Facts

  • This campground is non-electric.
  • Canyon Campground has easily accessible restroom facilities and potable water nearby.
  • It is close to Canyon Village. The village offers laundry facilities and a general store as well as a visitor education center.
  • There are several hiking and biking trails close to this campground.
  • The name “Canyon Campground” is due to the closeby Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

Best For…

Canyon Campground is the ideal spot for bikers and hikers, as many trails are only a short distance away. Anyone who is journeying to Yellowstone to see their Grand Canyon will find that this campground is the easiest way to get to their desired destination.

4. Norris Campground

Norris Campground is slightly smaller than the aforementioned sites, with only 100 campsites available on a first-come, first-served basis. This site offers many of the amenities that the others do, but its main appeal is in the location.

Norris Campground Facts

  • All campsites here are non-electric.
  • It is located in Central Yellowstone, deep in the heart of the national park.
  • Most of Norris’s sites accommodate only tents and smaller trailers, though some still have space for RVs up to 50 ft.
  • Each campsite offers food storage, potable water, and restrooms with running water.

When you stay at Norris Campground, it is likely that you may spot bison roaming in the area. This is part of the appeal of the site, and it is what campers frequently report loving about this area of Yellowstone in general.

Best For…

Norris Campground is best for those who want a slightly less crowded place to pitch a tent and those who come to Yellowstone to see native bison that you cannot find in most of the country. Tent campers will have an easier time getting a spot at Norris than RV campers.

5. Mammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs campground is one of the most highly rated by frequent campers at Yellowstone National Park. There are 85 sites to choose from, though there is no way to reserve a spot because they are first-come, first-served. These 85 sites accommodate tents, trailers, and RVs.

Mammoth Hot Springs Facts

  • All campsites here are non-electric.
  • The site is named for being in closest proximity to Mammoth Hot Springs itself and is also nearby to the Boiling River, where many go to soak.
  • These campsites do provide access to toilets with running water and potable water.
  • Mammoth Hot Springs is the northernmost campground at Yellowstone.
  • Bison frequently roam the area near the campground as well as elk.

Best For…

The Mammoth Hot Springs Campground is ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy the unique experience of relaxing near a hydrothermal feature. It is great for wildlife enthusiasts and those who want to stay at a less crowded campground.

6. Bridge Bay Campground

Yellowstone’s Bridge Bay campground offers 400+ campsites both exposed and shaded for all types of campers whether they prefer to pitch their tents or park their trailers/RVs. This popular campground is one of the first to fill up during the summer season, so reservations can be made up to a year in advance.

Bridge Bay Campground Facts

  • All campsites are non-electric.
  • The campground is located between Yellowstone Lake and the Bridge Bay Marina.
  • Each campsite shares access to toilets with running water, dishwashing stations, and potable water.
  • The nearby Bridge Bay Marina offers fishing gear, boat rentals, and tours to campers.

Best For…

The Bridge Bay Campground is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the water features of Yellowstone National Park. Summer campers say that this is one of the best campgrounds to stay during peak season. Families would likely enjoy spending quality time together here.

7. Tower Fall Campground

The Tower Fall Campground is located in the northern region of Yellowstone National Park. The campground itself overlooks Tower Creek. There are 31 remote campsites here which mainly are suited for tent campers.

Tower Fall Campground Facts

  • All sites are non-electric.
  • The sites are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The campsites at Tower Fall share access to potable water and restroom facilities.
  • There is a general store across the street from the campground where you can find camping supplies, food, and souvenirs.
  • There is a hiking trail nearby that ends at the summit of Mount Washburn.

Best For…

This campground is ideal for those who need close access to amenities and those who love hiking! It is better suited for tent campers and not trailers or RVs. Anyone looking for a remote place to enjoy their nature retreat will love Tower Fall Campground.

8. Slough Creek Campground

Slough Creek Campground is located in the northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park. Its 23 campsites are more difficult to secure in the summer when the weather is nicest. The campground’s many unique features are worth securing a spot before they’re all gone!

Slough Creek Campground Facts

  • All sites are non-electric.
  • The campground is very remote and far away from the main attractions of Yellowstone.
  • Each campsite offers access to potable water and restroom facilities.
  • The campsites are darker and allow you to see the stars more clearly at night.
  • The Slough Creek Trailhead is a popular destination for hikers.

Best For…

The Slough Creek Campground is ideal for those who want a remote location to pitch their tent and go stargazing at night. The sites are best suited for tent campers and those who want to enjoy the surrounding wildlife like bison and elk.

9. Lewis Lake Campground

The Lewis Lake Campground is perhaps one of the most beautiful campgrounds that Yellowstone has to offer. These 85 campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis and they fill up fast because of the beauty of the area. Lewis Lake’s beautiful blue water and scenic shoreline make it a popular destination with many campers.

Lewis Lake Campground Facts

  • All sites are non-electric.
  • The campground is located 8 miles from the southern entrance of Yellowstone National Park.
  • The area is very close to hiking trails.
  • Lewis Lake accommodates tents, trailers, and RVs up to 25 ft. in length.

Best For…

Lewis Lake Campground is ideal for those who want to camp in a more remote location and enjoy fishing, boating, and lounging by the lake. If you are a hiker, pitching a tent or parking your trailer here is a wonderful idea if you can secure a campsite of your own.

10. Pebble Creek Campground

Pebble Creek Campground is one of the most exclusive campgrounds at Yellowstone. It has only 27 campsites that are first-come, first-served. It is RV friendly, but there are no generators allowed.

Pebble Creek Campground Facts

  • All sites are non-electric.
  • The campground is located in the far northeast corner of the park.
  • Pebble Creek offers the greatest chance of seeing wolves in the entire area.
  • There are restroom facilities nearby.

Best For…

This campground is ideal for those who want a quiet, remote place to camp out and enjoy the beauty of nature. Wildlife enthusiasts will love searching for wolves to observe (from a distance.)

11. Indian Creek Campground

Indian Creek is another RV friendly remote campground that is definitely worth checking out if a calm, quiet atmosphere is a must-have for your getaway. Its 70 campsites prohibit generators and promote a sense of coziness and remoteness without being too small.

Indian Creek Campground Facts

  • All sites are non-electric.
  • The campground is open from mid-June to mid-September.
  • Indian Creek has access to restroom facilities.
  • It is located within beautiful scenic views of the forest.

Best For…

This campsite is ideal for anyone who wants a serene, quiet getaway without battling for the most exclusive sites. Those who prefer to camp during the summer will find Indian Creek to be welcoming and possibly available with proactive planning.

The 11 best sites for camping at Yellowstone National Park can be found in every area for every type of camper! Families and lone campers will find a campground that meets all of their needs. The world’s first national park has something out there for everyone; it just takes finding the right base camp to make your dream vacation happen.

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