Recommended Tents for 10 or more people

Camping with a big group is always so much fun! That is, of course, when you aren’t packed together like sardines in a can at night. Getting a tent big enough for all of you is essential if you want the trip to go smoothly. That is why you need a tent with at least a little elbow room for everyone. Those can be hard to find sometimes, but don’t worry! I have compiled a list of the best tents for 10 or more people. You will get a rundown of everything you need to know, including:

  • The model name
  • The manufacturer
  • What each tent offers
  • What other campers think
  • The price

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

First up on the list is this roomy tent from the Browning Camping company. You may not have heard of them yet, but their tents are getting more popular on the market every day!

What It Offers

  • Free-standing frame. This may not seem like a big deal, but a tent pole right in the middle is going to significantly cut down on the floor space you have available. The frame is made of fiberglass and steel, so you can still be sure that the tent will hold strong.
  • More privacy. Instead of this tent having one big room, it has a divider for extra privacy! You need every inch for sleeping space, but the divider can be used as a changing room during the day when everyone is out enjoying nature.
  • Straight side walls for headroom. One of the most annoying things about tents is that they often have slanted walls that make it hard to stand straight unless you are directly in the center. You won’t get that with this one. If you have back problems, you should consider bringing this along. The ceiling stands at around 7 ft. tall, accommodating even the tallest of campers.
  • Large windows and multiple vents for the ultimate cooling experience. Being in an enclosed space with 9 other people can be stuffy and uncomfortable. That is why this tent offers mesh windows and ventilation even on the roof to ensure that you are all comfortable.
  • Everybody is going to need a place to put their stuff. Sure, you can leave a lot in the car, but personal items of more value can be put into the storage pockets if need be.


This tent is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars with almost 300 reviews. Here’s what some campers have to say about it:


  • “This tent has been amazing! We have camped in conditions with cold/hot temperatures, high winds, severe rain, and hail. Yes, HAIL. The tent has held up beautifully, through all of our camping adventures, and I would still highly recommend this tent.”


  • “The tent has plenty of ventilation. My Husband is 6′ 3″ and has no problem standing and walking anywhere in this tent. It’s easy to put up and fits into the storage bag much easier than others I have owned.”


  • “The divider was nice, had pockets for gear. the center had a hook for a lantern. I have been camping for years and this by far has exceeded my expectations. “


If you are looking for a tent on the more affordable end of the spectrum, I would say that this is a pretty good match! You can get it for between $300-$400 on Amazon.

Coleman Weathermaster 10

Some climates are better than others for camping, and unfortunately, not everyone can stay in a place where it’s sunny and clear all the time. Campers looking to buy a tent that will keep everyone safe and dry should take a look at the Coleman Weathermaster 10!

Coleman has been known for both its reliability and affordability in outdoor gear for over a century now. It’s no surprise, considering what features each comes with.

What It Offers

  • Welded floors and inverted seams. This is how premium weatherproof tents are made. These two details are what keeps the rain out where it belongs.
  • A hinged front door. You don’t see that every day! Zippers break easily and can be a real nuisance. This door design allows you to walk right in without fiddling with a tiny piece of metal.
  • The height of the center of the tent is almost 7 ft. tall, so it is a refreshing change from the rest.
  • Room dividers. Like the Browning Camping tent, the Coleman Weathermaster gives you a little more privacy when you are at your most vulnerable. Now you don’t have to shoo everybody out to change your outfit!


The Coleman Weathermaster 10 is rated 4 out of 5 stars with over 1,500 reviews. Here is what you need to know from the experiences of other avid campers:

  • “We have owned this tent for almost 4 years. It has served us well. It is easy to set up. Have done it alone in no time at all. We waterproofed it the first year and have had no problems. Comfortable to stand up in. We loved the screened in portion. We always face it to a nice view to wake up to. “
  • “Finally a tent that I can move around in! Tonnes of room and great to have the screened area for gear etc. Setup was easier than I expected, but you’ll need 2 people. “
  • “This tent has performed wonderfully! Not a drop in the tent besides what I have brought in on my boots. I can stand upright to get dressed. The hinged door is convenient to come in and go out, even during the rain as long as you make sure the rain flap covering the top half of the door is adjusted to the outside after opening it.”


This tent will cost you $200-$300, making it one of the most affordable models that you could find.

Ozark Trail Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail is another example of fine quality tents for low prices! This Dark Rest model is perfect for people who are camping in a place with a lot of sunny weather. Some people like to take naps, and now you don’t need an eye mask to drift off.

What It Offers

  • Easy setup. The company claims that you can pitch your tent in less than 2 minutes.
  • A room divider. Like the others, you get plenty of privacy for your afternoon naps. Now the rest of the group can do their own thing without bothering you too much.
  • Storage space. The tent comes with a gear organizer and several pockets to make your space as tidy as possible!
  • The center height stands at just under 6 ½ ft. tall.
  • A rainfly. This will ensure that the rain stays off of you and your group while you dream.


The Ozark Trail Dark Rest tent is rated 3.9 out of 5 stars with 22 reviews. It doesn’t sound too promising, I know, but the reviews are better than you think!


  • “This tent has been amazing so far. Used it for camping at a festival (definitely only car camping with this thing). Got it setup (with a bad back) in less than 2 minutes (while everyone around us was still struggling with their tents). Take down proved to be just as quick and easy.“


  • “This tent was perfect. Took next to no time to set it up, and I am 5’2”. With the room divider in, it was hard to tell that there was even light on the other side of the tent. Perfect for us, as I can get dressed without disturbing anyone sleeping on the other side. Dark enough inside to allow for sleeping in. “


  • “Great tent. Went up in minutes and was completely waterproof and even held up to a few hard bursts of winds. It rained pretty hard for a few hours and not one leak. It dried very quickly after as well. Nice thick tent material. Most are very thin. This one is thicker and more heavyweight.”


On Amazon, you can get this tent for usually around $230-$240. It depends on who you buy from because the products are sold through third-party companies.

NTK Arizona 9-10 Person Tent

This tent from NTK is the end all, be all of weather resistant tents. It does not matter where you go; this model can withstand everything that nature can throw at you (save for natural disasters, of course.)

What It Offers

  • Two rooms. Privacy is a must for any tent, and this one can provide everything that the others can.
  • Multiple windows and doors. The ventilation is superb and will keep everyone from those night sweats that we all dread!
  • Full-coverage rainfly. When NTK says that their tent is waterproof, they mean it. Not only does it have other weather resistant features, but it also has a rainfly that will seal you in from the world when storms threaten your good time.
  • Seamless inner layers. No seams = no leaks. With this and the rainfly, you will be dry as a bone all through the night.
  • Mosquito mesh. If you are staying somewhere tropical, the wind isn’t the only thing that you have to worry about. Mosquitoes are everywhere, and some carry pretty serious diseases. To avoid getting bitten in the night, just sleep in the Arizona tent.


This tent is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars with 120 reviews. Why is this tent so special? Hear it from other campers:


  • “I love this tent! It is literally the nicest tent I have ever seen in person. I recognized the quality workmanship right away. All of the seams on the rainfly are perfectly taped. I love how the rain fly goes on all the way to the ground, and the roll-up windows and vents on the rain fly are wonderful. This is the first tent I have seen that has 2 doors – how cool.”


  • “Spacious and well thought out design elements from the storage pockets, gear hook, double doors, room separator, and the entrance floor mat! The rain cover is also well made and goes all the way to the ground to ensure no water penetration, yet can be rolled back to provide excellent ventilation.”


  • “Camped every day for a month across over 7 campsites in a variety of conditions including 40mph winds, 33*F temperatures, high and low elevations, rain, blistering sun, and more. Camped in gravel, grass, moss, pine needles, tundra, and sand. INCREDIBLE TENT!!! Never leaked.”


You can buy this tent on Amazon for prices between $300-$400 currently. If it is truly everything that people claim it is, you are getting the best deal of a lifetime!



There you have it! These are some of the most recommended 10+ person tents on the market right