Recommended 2 person tents ( low price, general, 3 and 4 season )

When you go camping with a partner or a friend, it would make sense to find a tent that fits both of you comfortably without being too big or too small.

A more spacious tent is usually more expensive, and because there is more material involved, it is heavier. Too small, and your tent is going to get uncomfortably hot and hard to sleep in.

There are two-person tents made exactly for this situation that keep both your and your buddy comfortable without being needlessly expensive. Remember, the amount of money you shell out does not always guarantee that you receive the best product available!

There are some great tents that could be overlooked because you may associate affordability with less quality. That simply isn’t the case; I’ll show you which ones are the best on the market for the price and overall customer satisfaction for every camping climate.

You will also learn what you should be looking for in any good tent.

What to Look For in a Two-Person Tent

Let’s talk about what makes a good quality two-person tent in any climate or situation first. There are a few different criteria one that is worth your time should meet. These are:

  • Buying any tent is an investment, even if the price tag isn’t that high. You expect your money to give you something built to last, right? I know I do. One of the most durable materials for tents is canvas. It is rugged, thick, and built to withstand rain and sun alike. This is just one option when it comes to tent material, but it is something you should definitely consider.


  • Whether the place you are staying is windy, snowy, rainy, hot, or freezing, you need a tent that will keep you and your camping buddy dry and warm without being too hot or too cold. Some tents are better than others when it comes to insulation and keeping out the rain. It depends on the situation; don’t worry, I will go over that when we talk about the tents best suited for multiple seasons.


  • You are only two people. A heavy tent is going to be annoying to set up, take down, and carry with you wherever you go on your adventures. You want something light enough that it does not take a village to handle.


  • Adequate space. While some tents claim that they are for two people, they might have a specific body type in mind. You need to think about how it will accommodate both you and your partner in real life. If you are larger, you need a two-person tent with slightly wider dimensions for comfort.

Really, your ideal tent should meet at least half of these. Adequate space is always a must, but if you are not an avid camper, you may not need something that will last for years.

In that case, just find something that will shield you from the elements now. What you are looking for really comes down to what you know you and your friend need.

Best Two-Person Tents for General Camping

River Country Products Trekking Pole Backpacking Tent Combo


The peak of camping season is late spring through the end of summer. If that is when you plan to go, I don’t suspect that you will be needing any specialized tent. In that case, take a look at some of these picks that I am sure could be the perfect fit for your trip.

  • Good: the Hyke and Byke Yosemite Tent. This comes in around the $100 range, more or less. It weighs just a little over 3 lbs., so it is perfect for those looking to pack lightly. This tent is weatherproof and durable, according to the manufacturer.

The product has high marks out of 141 reviews. People say that it has lots of overhead room and that it comfortably fits two people who are really close (a couple or parent and child, for example.) The downside is that people who really love their personal space may not get quite as comfortable as they are used to.

  • Better: the REI Co-Op Quarter Dome. While this tent is on the pricier side at over $300, you should not count it out. This two-person tent is spacious enough for some extra elbow room, and it comes with pouches and loops specifically meant for storing your gear. If you plan to keep on camping and you know you will use it frequently, splurging a little can be worth it.


  • Best: the River Country Trekker Tent 2. This is the most affordable option; you can get it for less than $100, depending on the time you get around to purchasing. It is ultralight and easy to set up, perfect for a pair of backpackers! This tent is also over 7 ft. long and 5 ft. wide, making it one of the bigger ones I have seen. Two people should fit quite comfortably in it lying down.

The reviews are pretty stellar; the listing has high marks with 200 reviews. People say that it is simple to set up and just as easy to take down. The only complaint was that the stakes are a little heavy. Most people recommend replacing them with aluminum stakes instead.


Best Two-Person Tents for 3 Season Camping

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent

Now, if you are an avid camper and plan to go when the months are a little cooler, then these two-person tents may be a better fit for your lifestyle.

It has high marks out of over 300 reviews. Many people  have talked about how durable this two-person tent is; some have taken it into the desert and found that it holds up even when scratched by cacti. It comes with a rainfly, but no footprint. If that is especially important to you, it could be a big drawback.

  • Better: the Black Diamond Distance Tent. This one is a little over $200, still not too expensive compared to others. It weighs just a tad under 2 lbs., making it one of the absolute best choices for those wishing to pack as light as possible. It’s durable, weather resistant, and made out of fire retardant material, according to the description provided.

While there are no reviews on the site, Black Diamond is well-known as a reputable brand for camping gear.

  • Best: the Mountainsmith Morrison Two-Person tent. It is one of the most highly rated models on Amazon, and for a good reason. It is more affordable than many of the other options at under $200, and for the features you get, that’s pretty stellar. It is free standing, has a gear loft, interior pockets for storage, and ample ventilation when you need it. There is more to it than that, but these are just the features I personally look for when shopping around.

It has high marks out of over 500 reviews, making it a pretty popular choice! One person said, having rainwater dumped right on top of the tent while he was away and being surprised when the inside of the tent was still completely dry. If weather resistance is what you need the most, it seems fair that this is the one you’ve been looking for.

Best Two-Person Tents for 4 Season Camping

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent


The really hardcore campers out there need a tent that will stand up to snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures. Your standard two-person tents do not offer much insulation; because of this, you and your partner need a 4 season tent.

  • Good: the Geartop Backpacking Tent. Depending on the time you catch it and your Amazon membership status, the price ranges in the lower $100s. This two-person tent claims to be able to stand up to the strongest winds, the hardest rain, and the coldest snow. It is a bold claim to make, I know, but some reviewers seem to agree.

One says, “I purchased this tent specifically for a winter backpacking trip. I thought the reviews were good and the price was unbeatable for a four-season tent. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it performed.” It has good grades out of a little over 100 reviews. One of the biggest complaints is that the tent is rather small for two people and the camping gear at the same time.

  • Better: the Luxe Tempo tent. This one has a lot of features and is set at a lower price than the competition (the low $100s.) It has double layered doors for the maximum amount of protection both from intruders and the weather. This tent has some headroom so you do not feel quite as cramped as you may in others. It isn’t the lightest 4 season tent at 5 lbs., but it’ll do if you aren’t planning a long backpacking trip.

With great marks out of over 60 reviews, I can say that customers are pretty satisfied. Campers  seem to especially like how easy it is to set up and the amount of built-in storage that you get. The drawback is that it does not seem to be a great fit for people over 6’ tall. Keep that in mind when choosing your two-person space.

  • Best: the ALPS Mountaineering Out of all the 4 season tents I have come across, this one has been the most highly recommended by other campers. It is affordable at a range of around $80-$120, making it so much more accessible to those people camping on a budget than other brands. It is free standing, extra durable, and roomy enough for two adults and a medium sized dog, according to one person. Over 200 campers seem to love it!

However, it is not light enough for campers who plan on trekking far distances. This two-person (and one dog) tent weighs close to 8 lbs. Even with that, I can confidently say this would rank a head above the rest.

Remember, the best tents on the list are what you get for the price and overall satisfaction reported by others. The best for you depends on your situation. Keep that in mind, and have a great time!