You Might Be Surprised How Much A Two Person Tent Weighs?

When you go camping, the last thing you want is to be bogged down with all of your gear. Most campers try to pack light, but one item that is not often taken into account is the tent. This is especially important if you’re camping with one other person; the heavier you pack, the more you will both have to carry.

Today, we’re going to talk about how much a typical 2-person tent weighs and give you some examples so that you can be prepared when planning your next camping trip!

So how much do two-person tents weigh?

Standard 2-person tents weigh an average of 6 lbs, with a typical range of 5.5-7 lbs. Some can be converted into lighter tents, but most tents like these can’t.

Ultralight 2-person backpacking tents weigh an average of 4 lbs. When converted into their lightest forms. This may not seem like much of an improvement from the weight of a standard tent, but 1 lb. can make all the difference and it really depends on which tent you plan to buy.

The average 2-person, 4-season tent weighs 5.73 lbs, a little lighter than standard tents, but not by much. These tents often come with plenty of extra equipment and insulation for protection against harsh weather, so you may expect some models to weigh up to 7 lbs. as well.

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Tent Weight: Why It Matters

Some campers may not consider tent weight to be an issue; after all, you won’t have to carry it for long. Well, that can be true in some cases, but depending on the type of camping trip you take, it may matter a lot.

For instance, backpackers will be carrying all of their equipment, including a tent, for most of their trip. Even if two backpackers plan to share their space, only one person will be doing the heavy lifting. Backpackers need ultralight tents that can still fit two people.

Tent weight also matters when considering what type of weather you will be camping in. If you will be camping out in the dead of winter or in inclement weather, the extra gear and weatherproofing your tent is equipped with will make it heavier on average. You need to consider this before you buy one.

Knowing the weight of your tent and your circumstances will allow you to pack the rest of your things accordingly.

Two Person Tents: Standard

The standard two-person tent is made for regular camping trips. You carry it to your home base, pitch the tent, and leave it there. This means that the weight of it doesn’t matter quite as much as it would on other types of trips (i.e. backpacking.)

So how much does a standard two-person tent weigh? Let’s find out!

  • Pacific Pass 2-Person Tent

This tent is made for your average camping trip. The extra features are minimal and mostly made to shield you from rain, wind, and snow. It is equipped with:

  • a polyester tent body with mesh windows
  • a removable rain fly
  • a storage pocket
  • two ropes
  • six tent stakes
  • one carry bag

All of this gear together weighs 5.7 lbs. (For pricing information, click on this link.)

  • Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent

Coleman is a well-recognized brand in the world of camping, and for good reason. This company makes a wide array of tents of all sizes and for all types of camping trips. They have many tents for sale, but this is a great tent to take on a standard trip. It comes equipped with:

  • a polyester tent body
  • preassembled poles for easy pop-up effect
  • a rain fly

The total weight of the tent is 5.65 lbs, similar to the Pacific Pass tent. (For pricing information, click on this link.)

  • Coleman Sundome Tent

The Coleman Sundome tent is perfect for almost any camping trip that you could be planning, as long as the weather is relatively warm. It’s fairly weatherproof, with welded and inverted seams to keep you warm and dry all night long. It comes with large mesh windows for ventilation and a great view of the stars at night! This tent comes with:

  • tent body
  • mesh windows
  • E-port
  • storage pockets
  • freestanding frame

All of the equipment together weighs 7 lbs., one of the heaviest two-person tents yet, though still manageable. (For pricing information, click on this link.)

Two Person Tents: Ultralight

For those duos who plan on backpacking, ultralight tents are certainly the smartest choice. They provide plenty of space and shelter without breaking your back after a long day of trekking. Let’s take a look at how much you can expect a typical two-person ultralight tent to weigh.

  • Featherstone 2-Person Backpacking Tent

This tent has everything you need for your backpacking trip with a buddy, and you can even adjust the weight depending on what you need in terms of shelter. It is equipped with:

  • a polyester tent body
  • a rainfly
  • aluminum poles
  • aluminum stakes
  • a reflective guy line rope
  • waterproof footprint

The weight of everything put together is 5 lbs., but the ultralight setup with the footprint, rainfly, and poles will only weigh 3.8 lbs. (For pricing information, click on this link.)

  • Hyke & Byke Yosemite 2-Person Backpacking Tent

If you are looking for an ultralight backpacking tent that is weatherproof, roomy and gives you a great view of the stars, this model is the perfect fit for your needs. It comes with:

  • a mesh and polyester tent body
  • poles
  • footprint
  • metal stake pressers and stakes
  • a rainfly
  • guy lines

The total weight of the tent and all equipment is 4.85 lbs., but the ultralight setup for backpacking is 3.26 lbs. (For pricing information, click on this link.)

  • Bessport 2-Person Backpacking Tent

The Bessport backpacking tent is a little heavier than others, coming in at 5.2 lbs., but it provides more than adequate gear to keep you safe, dry, and warm on your trip. It comes with:

  • tear-resistant fabric
  • mesh fabric for ventilation
  • welded floors and taped seams for weatherproofing
  • full-coverage rainfly
  • freestanding design with preassembled poles

Even though this tent is heavier than other backpacking tents, it is still lighter than any standard tent and it comes with everything you need to be prepared on your backpacking trip. (For pricing information, click on this link.)

Two Person Tents: 4-Season

Most tents on the market are built to comfortably shelter campers for three seasons, winter is the exception. If you plan to camp throughout the year, though, you are going to need something made of sturdier stuff. This means that your tent is likely going to be a little heavier than some others, and we’re going to go over just how heavy you can expect a 4-season tent to be.

  • GEERTOP 2-Person, 4-Season Tent

The GEERTOP tent is perfect for camping out in snow or rain. You can rest assured that the water-resistant coating and anti-tear polyester will keep you nice and dry. It is double layered in order to offer protection from wind and cold temperatures. It also comes with:

  • an outer tent fly
  • a tent floor sheet
  • inner tent
  • free standing poles
  • carry bag

The total weight of this tent is 6.4 lbs. So far, this is slightly heavier than any of the other tents we’ve seen, but not by too much. It should still be fairly easy to carry, though it could get more burdensome over time if you are backpacking. (For pricing information, click on this link.)

  • HILLMAN 2-Person 4-Season Tent

One lighter option when it comes to 4-season tents is this model from HILLMAN. It’s lightweight but still sturdy enough to withstand all manner of weather conditions and temperatures. It is also easy and convenient to set up due to its freestanding design. This tent also comes with:

  • double-stitched seams for waterproofing
  • aluminum poles
  • UV protection
  • aluminum stakes

The HILLMAN tent weighs 5.06 lbs. With all equipment attached. This is closer to the weight of a standard two-person tent, more suitable for a regular camping trip in cold weather than backpacking. (For pricing information, click on this link.)

Overall, any type of 2-person tent that you buy will be relatively easy to carry; if you are backpacking with another person, take turns carrying the load and you should have no problems later! These tents can even be carried by some campers with mobility issues as long as they will not be going far.

If you are going camping with your significant other, a relative, or just a friend, a two-person tent will leave you plenty of room and will be light enough to carry to your final destination. Don’t waste money and sacrifice comfort by going overboard and buying a four-person tent if you don’t have to! Know what you can handle, and prepare for your next camping trip accordingly.

Happy trails!

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