How Much Do Camping Chairs Weigh? ( Average Weight For 12 Styles )

Camping chairs can be used in many settings, not just at the campsite. You often see camping chairs at soccer games, at the beach, and outdoor concerts. Although, they are marketed towards camping.

Because of their camper demographic, camping chairs are often designed to be light and portable. However, there are a variety of types of camping chairs, some of them pretty heavy. The most common types of camping chairs and their average weights are listed below:

Here are the average weights of camping chairs

  • Standard Camping Chairs: 7lbs
  • Ergonomic Camping Chairs: 12lbs
  • Cooler Camping Chairs: 5.14lbs
  • Reclining Chairs: 23lbs
  • Canopy Camping Chairs: 10.12lbs
  • Kids Chairs: 2.9lbs
  • Oversized Camping Chairs (Big and Tall): 15.5lbs
  • Loveseat Camping Chairs: 15lbs
  • Hanging Camping Chairs: 7.9lbs
  • Ultralight Camping Chairs: 1.9lbs
  • Stool Camping Chairs: 2.5lbs
  • Swivel Camping Chairs: 5.7lbs

Types of Camping Chairs

Camping chairs initially started off as light and portable chairs that could be taken camping or used outside at sporting events. They were designed to be used by individuals who did not want to sit on the ground but also didn’t want to take a bulky chair along with them.

Today, the types of camping chairs available are vast. Some are economic while others are luxury, this also means that some may be heavy while others may be light.

Standard Camping Chairs Average Weight

Most camping chairs have one thing in common, they are composed of metal tubing (usually steel) and fabric panels (usually a combination of polyester and mesh). They are designed to fold in some manner and become more compact for carrying.

The standard camping chair typically folds up into a cylindrical shape that can fit into a carrying case with a shoulder strap and drawstring. When it is unfolded for use it has a back, a base, and two armrests.

There are many additions that can be made to the camping chair that either decrease or increase its weight, functionality, comfort and/or luxury. Standard camping chairs tend to be on the light side.

Average Weight: 7lbs

Ergonomic Camping Chair Average Weights

Ergonomic camping chairs are designed to keep the user comfortable and support any common tension or pain areas. Most ergonomic camping chairs will feature some sort of lumbar support either in the form of a pillow or extra padding.

Ergonomic camping chairs because of their extra padding and cushions are usually a bit heavier.

Average Weight: 12lbs

Cooler Chairs Camping Chair Average Weights

Cooler camping chairs are the perfect combination of two common camping or outdoor event needs. They combine a place to sit with a cooler and/or storage compartment. The coolers are in most cases not hard body coolers but softshell thermal coolers.

There are a few different cooler chair options available. The most simple version is a folding chair with a cooler attached to the seat. The chair does not have armrests and only consists of a back panel and a base panel with a zippered cooler underneath. It is ideal for portability thanks to its lightweight.

Cooler stool. The cooler stool is very similar in its design and features. It is a folding stool with a zippered cooler affixed to the underside of the base. Aside from the panel of fabric on which you sit, there is no backrest or armrests.

Backpack Cooler. The backpack cooler is a very ingenious camping chair. The chair is in the form of a small stool attached to the back of the backpack. Depending on the model, the backpack might be a cooler or a normal backpack. When you set it down the legs of the stool can fold out to create a mini seat.

Luxury Cooler Chair. Luxury cooler chairs often come with more storage and a sturdier design. However, this can make them heavier and bulkier. These chairs will not likely collapse into a cylindrical shape but fold in half or fold up like a common folding chair.

They can have padded panels for the seat and back. They also usually have a large cooler attached to either the back of the chair or off an armrest. In addition, they may have extra storage pockets.

Cooler chairs are considered on the lighter side (especially backpack or stool coolers), that is until you fill them up with food and drinks.

Average Weight: 5.14lbs

Reclining Camping Chair Average Weights

Reclining chairs can sometimes be considered an ergonomic chair or a luxury camping chair but there are so many available that they can occupy a category of their own. Reclining chairs are designed like a basic camping chair but include a leg extension panel or footstool. In addition, they have the ability to recline.

Not all reclining chairs have the same features. Some may have a footrest while others may not. Also, some may include a side table, padding, or a pillow.

Zero Gravity chairs are perhaps one of the most popular examples of a reclining chair. They can be easily reclined and feature a mechanism to lock the chair at your preferred angle. Other reclining chairs may have more limited positions.

Reclining chairs, especially Zero Gravity models, are heavy.

Average Weight: 23lbs

Canopy Camping Chair Average Weights

Camping chairs with canopies are perfect for blocking the sun and protecting you from light rain. These chairs have an attached canopy that provides shade and shelter for anyone sitting in the chair.

They are collapsible and can be folded and stuffed into a case like any other camping chair. As the canopy is a feature upgrade these chairs may be a little more pricey.

Canopy camping chairs are usually considered a bit heavier.

Average Weight: 10.12lbs

Kids Camping Chair Average Weights

There are plenty of kids camping chairs available. They come in all different sizes, from toddler to teen. Also, they come with a variety of features such as a canopy.

Kids camping chairs can commonly be found in bright colors, fun patterns, and displaying popular characters or images.

Because of their size, kids chairs are pretty light!

Average Weight: 2.9lbs

Oversized Camping Chairs (Big and Tall) Average Weights

Some camping chairs are oversized for the novelty while others are made to accommodate larger individuals. As these chairs are bigger they are usually heavier and not as easily transportable.

A popular oversized design is a thickly padded loveseat style chair. Other favorite styles are oversized solely for oddity and unusualness and may not be the most practical.

As their name suggests, these chairs are big and heavy.

Average Weight: 15.5lbs

Loveseat Camping Chair Average Weights

Almost a subcategory of oversized camping chairs is loveseat camping chairs. These large chairs are designed to hold more than one person.

They may be simply big enough to accommodate two people. Alternatively, some have two attached but separate seats incorporated into their design similar to a bench. These chairs still have the ability to fold, they are just not as compact.

With double the space comes double the weight.

Average Weight: 15lbs

Hanging Camping Chair Average Weights

Hanging camping chairs have become very popular. Like a standard camping chair the base, back panel, and other components are made of fabric material. The poles are removed and instead ropes are used.

These chairs can be suspended from trees or any other sturdy place and resemble a hammock. Because of their lack of pole structure, they fold up quite nicely.

This typically weigh around what a standard camping chair would.

Average Weight: 7.9lbs

Ultralight Camping Chair Average Weights

Ultralight camping chairs take the intended purpose of a camping chair, portability, to the next level. Usually not constructed for premium comfort, these chairs are meant to give you a seat wherever you may find yourself.

Often, these chairs are tripod style or minimalist in nature. They do not usually have armrests, cupholders, or storage. Additionally, they make use of thin and lightweight materials.

Aptly named, these chairs are light.

Average Weight: 1.9lbs

Stool Camping Chair Average Weights

Stool camping chairs can sometimes be considered an ultralight chair. They also come in a cooler style and backpack style. Stool camping chairs are one piece of simple fabric stretched between two or three poles.

They do not have a back panel nor armrests. They are ultralight and ultra-portable.

Sometimes considered ultralights, these chairs do not weigh much.

Average Weight: 2.5lbs

Swivel Camping Chair Average Weights

Swivel camping chairs put a spin on the standard camping chair. Their base rotates so that the user can spin around. Just like common camping chairs they can come with a variety of features such as armrests, cupholders, and more.

Swivel camping chairs usually don’t have a lot of added features aside from the swivel, making them somewhat light.

Average Weight: 5.7

What Kind of Chair Should I Buy?

The type of chair you purchase largely depends on your wants and needs. As there are numerous types of camping chairs that each fulfill specific functions, you should take into consideration what aspects are most important to you. These include:

  • Price.

The price largely depends on the chairs special features. If you would like such things as a pillow, cupholders, storage pockets, or a footrest then you can expect to pay more. Also, camping chairs that are marketed to be extra light or portable may cost more than standard chairs.

Features. As mentioned above, there are many different features to choose from. Some chairs are very simple while others offer functionality and/or luxury comfort.

  • Materials.

Some materials are more durable than others. Similarly, some are lighter than others. If the chair makes use of any specialized materials it can improve its functionality, and in turn, raise the cost.

  • Weight.

If weight is not a concern then you can choose from virtually any chair. On the other hand, if you are looking for optimal transportability you will want to take into account the weight of the chair.


Durability. Products that last a long time and are extremely durable are often more expensive. If you plan to use your camping chair often it can be worth the investment. If you don’t want to break the bank and only plan to use your chair a handful of times then consider a chair that uses standard materials.

Endless Possibilities

There is a large demand for camping chairs and in turn, the market offers a myriad of different types. You will surely be able to find one that suits your wants and needs.

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