Camping Gas Canisters ( Price, How long they last, Comparisons )

When you go camping, chances are that you should bring along a camping stove. Trying to cook all of your meals over the campfire is messy and frustrating; using one of these stoves is much more convenient. However, camping stoves run on gas. If you want to keep eating hot meals during your trip, you need gas canisters that will last throughout your adventure.

How long a camping gas canister lasts depends on many different factors. Since you need to know the amount of fuel you will need for the duration of your stay, it is important that you understand these factors and where you can get the canisters you need.

Today, let’s talk about how long a camping gas canister lasts depending on key factors of your trip and where you can get some. You’ll be ready to pitch a tent and make some delicious meals in no time!

What determines how long a camping gas canister lasts?

Every type of camping gas canister gives you varying longevity based on how you plan to camp. So many aspects of your trip will affect your usage, so you have to plan ahead if you don’t want to find yourself in a sticky situation. What would affect the usage of this fuel? Let’s discuss that.

  • The duration of your camping trip determines, first and foremost, how long your camping gas canisters will last. The longer you stay, the more meals you will need to make.
  • How often you are going to cook your meals on the camping stove will affect how long your fuel is going to last. If you bring food that doesn’t need to be heated up, you will get a little more use out of one trip.
  • The brand of gas canister and stove you use should impact how much fuel you should have at the end of your trip. Different brands carry different sizes, and the stoves burn varying amounts of it.
  • The size of the gas canister you get obviously will affect how many canisters you need on your camping trip. If it holds more, it lasts longer. It’s a simple principle.
  • The weather that you will be camping in. The temperature these gas canisters are stored in will impact how long the fuel lasts. The colder it is outside, the more fuel the canisters have to burn off to cook your food or heat your water.

How long do different camping gas canisters last?

Now that you know how your gas usage will be affected by your camping needs, let’s talk about the different brands of gas canisters you can buy and how long, on average, they should last on your trip.

  • How Long Does Jetboil Jetpower Fuel Last?

If you own a Jetboil stove, this gas canister is something you’re sure to need. Many people have reported that very few other camping gas canisters work with one of these camping stoves, so this is likely your best option. Since Jetboil owners often need these canisters specifically, let’s go over the different sizes and how often, on average, they should last.

Gas Canister Sizes

On Amazon’s site, there are three different options when it comes to the quantity of fuel you will need. These are:

  • 100 grams
  • 230 grams
  • 450 grams

Average Cost

The average cost of a Jetboil camping gas canister is around $25. However, that may vary by size. For more pricing information, click here.

Average Longevity

If you are using your Jetboil to make breakfast and dinner on a five-day trip, most experienced campers agree that 100 grams of Jetboil fuel will be perfect. If you use other sizes, you can expect the canisters to last for a few more days, but not by much.


  • This fuel seems to last longer than some others of the same size.
  • It works well with a Jetboil stove.
  • These gas canisters are highly rated and have a good reputation.


  • Not everyone owns a Jetboil stove, and the canisters can be incompatible with other brands of camping stoves.
  • These gas canisters are pricier for the same amount of fuel that other brands offer. Many people feel unhappy with the use they get for the price point.

How Long Does GasOne Camping Fuel Last?

If you need a camping gas canister with a little more versatility, GasOne can accommodate your needs. These canisters are compact and easy to carry along while still giving you the same fuel output as a Jetboil canister could.

Gas Canister Sizes

According to GasOne, these canisters come in three sizes, including:

  • 4 oz
  • 8 oz
  • 16 oz

Average Cost

The price will vary based on the size of the gas canister that you need for your camping stove, but you can generally expect to pay around $15-$20 for one 4 oz. canister. For more pricing information, click here.

Average Longevity

When it comes to a 4 oz. GasOne camping gas canister, you can expect your fuel to last through 2-3 nights of camping if you are going to cook every meal on your camping stove. This is the consensus of several past campers, including Amazon reviewer Sara Fischer. She writes, “We used this canister for many meals on a 2-night backpacking trip. Breakfast, two dinners, a few hot chocolate water warm-ups and there is still fuel left over.”

However, if you cook for multiple people, you should consider getting a bigger gas canister if you don’t want to bring several along for the trip.


  • These gas canisters are fairly affordable for what you get.
  • You get a variety of size options for all of your needs.
  • The compact nature of the smaller canisters will leave room for other necessities in your luggage.
  • GasOne canisters are compatible with several brands of camping stoves.


  • The fuel in these canisters does not seem to last very long. If you plan to camp with multiple people, you’ll need to pack several cans.

How Long Do Perune Camping Fuel Gas Canisters Last?

If you are in need of a more affordable option when it comes to buying a camping gas canister, Perune is a great brand to go with! You would think that the price of one canister is too good to be true, but many reviewers seem to have no issue with them. Let’s talk about that a bit more in-depth.

Gas Canister Sizes

According to Perune’s Amazon listing, you have two options about the amount of fuel that you can buy. These are:

  • L100 (100 grams)
  • L250 (230 grams)

Average Cost

As discussed earlier, Perune has some of the most affordable camping stove fuel on the market. You can estimate that you’ll pay between $9-$12 for both sizes listed (before shipping costs.) For more pricing information, click here.

Average Longevity

If you cook three meals per day with 2-3 people, your Perune camping gas canister will likely run out of fuel within two days. This is the average consensus of experienced campers, anyway. If you were to camp alone, one canister could probably last for 3-4 days instead.


  • Perune camping gas canisters are some of the most affordable you can purchase. If you are camping on a tight budget, these are your best options.
  • This brand of fuel is highly rated and respected by other campers, though it may not be as popular as big names like Coleman.
  • You still get multiple sizes for your individual needs.


  • You don’t get as many size options as other camping fuel brands offer.
  • The gas does not last as long as several other brands do. You need to buy more if you plan to camp for more than just a weekend.

How Long Do Optimus Fuel Canisters Last?

Though you may not have heard of this brand of camping fuel, many campers are raving about it! Even bigger names like Jetboil haven’t gotten as much high praise as this brand has lately. Let’s talk about why that is.

Gas Canister Sizes

On Amazon’s site, Optimus gas canisters come in one size – 4 oz. In other places, you may be able to find one in an 8 oz. option. That may not seem like a lot of versatility, but the canisters are compact enough to give you space in your vehicle for more if you need them. For more pricing information, click here.

Average Cost

Optimus camping gas canisters aren’t cheap; one 4 oz. canister generally costs about $20, though it varies depending on where you get it.

Average Longevity

According to the experiences of campers all over, the general consensus is that three people can expect the fuel to last for 3-4 days. This depends on what you use it for, though; most people who said that large groups could use one canister for this long were only boiling water. You may adjust your expectations to accommodate three people for only a couple of days if you actually plan to cook with your camping stove.


  • Most people said that the Optimus camping gas canisters did well in colder temperatures. This is more than can be said of many other camp stove fuels. If you burn less than average in the winter, you are getting a deal.
  • This canister option is rated highly and praised enough for it to be assumed reliable.


  • This fuel is by no means affordable. If you camp frugally, you would be better off buying from a brand like Perune.
  • For the price, you don’t get much longevity in larger groups. If you were in a group of five and you used your stove for all meals, you may only get around two days of fuel before running out. On extended camping trips, that’s a lot of money to pay for such little use.

How Long Do Coleman Propane Fuel Canisters Last?

Coleman is a well-known and highly respected name when it comes to camping gear, and their camping gas canisters are no exception. These canisters are generally affordable and get the job done. Let’s talk about that.

Gas Canister Sizes

Although Coleman has several options for camping gas canisters, the most popular size is 16 oz. That’s a lot for a camping trip, which can only spell out good things for any campers looking to use a stove out in the wilderness.

Average Cost

The average cost of a 16 oz. Coleman fuel canister is between $7-$10. If you buy in bulk online, however, you can usually get a deal and pay around $30 for four canisters. For more pricing information, click here.

Average Longevity

The average camper reports using one 16 oz. canister for a week or more when on their trips. Of course, a larger group may need one for every four or so days. Depending on what you use it for, you can expect one to last at least for nearly a week.


  • Buying these camping gas canisters in bulk reduces the cost by a bit. You get more for the same price you would with other brands.
  • You are buying from a reputable brand, so you can rest assured that your fuel is safe.
  • You can use this fuel for multiple Coleman items, including stoves, lanterns, and grills.
  • You get a bigger size for everything you need instead of having to pack a bunch of small canisters.


  • Some campers still may find the price point to be a bit too steep, preferring to save money and use less.
  • Not everyone wants to buy in bulk, and most options online-only offer this.
  • Propane gives off a distinct smell that some campers may find unpleasant; some prefer to use other fuel instead.

What you should remember about camping gas canisters

Before you buy any camping gas canister for your stove, you need to keep a few things in mind if you want to get the best fuel for your situation. These reminders could make or break your camping trip!

  • The average longevity of a gas canister is based on ideal camping situations. If you are camping in extremely cold temperatures, you should know that your fuel will not last as long as seen here. You may burn significantly more, and you should adjust accordingly.
  • The size of your group should be your first concern. More mouths to feed means more fuel used. In large groups, you may even consider getting more than one camping stove. You’ll still need more canisters, but at least the food will get made twice as fast.
  • The average cost of a canister is just that – an average. How much you will actually pay depends on where you go to purchase your fuel. Some Amazon sellers charge more than others, and camping stores may have sales more often.
  • What you use your camping stove for varies greatly how much fuel you need. If you are only using it to boil water, your gas canisters will last significantly longer.
  • Not all brands of camping stoves are made equally. Your gas canister could be completely incompatible with the size of the stove you have. For instance, Jetboil stoves accommodate fewer brands aside from their own, of course. If you need versatility, get universal sizes.
  • Some camping fuel can be used for more than just stoves, so if you have any lanterns that need power, you should look for multi-use canisters like the ones that Coleman offers. Jetboil does not offer the same versatility, so weigh your options carefully.
  • It is better to buy too much than too little. If you run out of fuel for camping and there is no firewood available, you may have to leave camp early or make a trip out to WalMart for more. This is inconvenient, to say the least.
  • Be sure you buy from a reputable source before ordering your camping gas canisters. Not everyone who sells these online will be honest; you could pay too much or get canisters that have been tampered with.
  • Take what you can carry. If you are backpacking, you will be using little fuel to cook or boil water with. In that case, you should supplement your meals with nonperishables like jerky or granola. Unless you can stop and buy more, this is the best route to go.
  • Gas canisters that you buy online may not ship everywhere. California, for example, forbids the shipping of camping gas canisters. If you live in any of the affected areas, look for canisters at outdoor retailers near you like REI and supermarkets like WalMart or Target.

No matter your camping needs, there is a gas canister out there for the stove you plan to use. How long a gas canister will last all depends on you and your ability to plan ahead. Be smart, cautious, and most importantly, have fun! Food is a crucial part of a great camping experience; camping stoves are convenient and easy to use if you have the right fuel. Just make sure that you have enough space in your vehicle or luggage to carry the fuel and you should be all set.

Without further delay, go have an adventure you will remember for years to come. Happy trails!

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