Asking a Girl To Go Camping (What to consider, how to get her to go )

boy girl campingCamping is so much fun and is even better when enjoyed with your favorite person.  However, your girlfriend or wife may not think camping is fun, especially if she’s never been.  You may also have a special girl in your life who you’d like to invite to go camping with you.  How can you propose a camping trip that you both will love?

So what is the key to getting a girl to go camping? Anticipate fears and concerns, make positive associations, take baby steps, and make camping eventful, fun and romantic.

We had one of our great women writers take on this article so you could see what to consider and do from a woman’s prospective. In this article, we will lay out how to do each of these topics so that you will be prepared not only to ask her to go camping but able to convince her to go as well.

Anticipate Fears and Concerns

If someone has never been camping before, it’s only natural that they’ll be hesitant or less than excited to try it.  Camping is known for its lack of creature comforts, so it’s understandable that a girl would have reservations about going.

Before suggesting a trip, try to get to know a little bit about why she thinks camping won’t be fun. Ask some questions to get an idea of her perceptions about camping so you can dispel any myths.

Some common first-time camping fears might include:

  • Being unable to sleep comfortably

Getting a good night’s rest is undoubtedly very important, and most people love their bed. However, there are good sleeping pads made from foam or inflatable air mattresses that will provide more than enough cushioning.

  • The food won’t be good

Camping food isn’t just about baked beans, trail mix, and jerky.  You can cook almost anything over a campfire, and if you stay close to a town, you can go out to restaurants for several meals.

  • Fear of wildlife

There is a persistent camping myth that bears are everywhere and will attack at random. This simply isn’t true, and most camping locations don’t have any bears at all.  If you’re staying in a designated campground and don’t leave food out, you will likely never see a bear.

  • Lack of modern conveniences

Having to do without running water, flushing toilets, and showers are most people’s worst nightmare.  But many campgrounds do have a lot of amenities although they may be a little rustic.

  • Loss of connectivity

We live in a society where most people rarely go a few minutes without looking at their phone or checking email and social media.  However, there may not be any WiFi or cell phone signal while camping, resulting in the sense of disconnectedness with the outside world.  But camping is a good opportunity to get away from work and the stress of always being online.  Plus it will make you value the internet that much more when you reconnect.

  • Getting bored

Those who have never been camping may not be able to fathom what they will spend their day doing.  Without a phone, computer, or TV, what else is left?  Fortunately, there are so many fun things to do while camping.  From hiking and exploring in nature to taking pictures, reading, and enjoying evenings around the campfire, it’s hard to get bored when you’re in the great outdoors.

  • Dangers in nature

Some might have heard horror stories about poison ivy or falling off the side of a cliff and think that nature is dangerous.  However, this isn’t the reality, and most campgrounds and trails are perfectly safe.

  • Getting dirty

Spending an entire day outside is sure to conjure up images of muddy, dirty clothes and shoes. While camping is not always the most hygienic experience, it’s possible to do it without getting totally covered in dirt.  Stay on trails that are clean and dry, put a blanket down when picnicking, and keep your hiking boots out of your tent and you’ll easily stay clean throughout the day.

  • Taking care of pets

If you have a pet at home, you’re probably concerned about who to leave them with or the price of boarding them for a few days.  With a little advance planning, you can find arrangements for your pet or simply bring them along with you.

couple on a mountain

Make Positive Camping Associations

After dispelling any myths and providing information about the realities of camping, you will go a long way to ease any fears she might have.  Another way to calm nerves is to replace the anxiety with excitement.

Chances are you have tons of positive memories from previous camping trips to draw upon.  Your own enthusiasm can be contagious and help someone else to get excited about going camping too.

  • Share pictures

Show her pictures of your previous camping trips so she can get an idea of what it was like and what she can look forward to.  Look up epic pictures of national parks, trees, mountains, lakes, and other beautiful destinations around the world.  It’s hard for anyone to resist stunning nature photography and she’ll be wishing she was there in no time.

  • Tell stories

Share some experiences and memories about camping.  Tell her about your first time and how you felt.  If you were nervous, tell her how everything turned out okay.  Think of your best stories, of the fun you had with friends and the wonderful times you shared.

  • Watch a movie

Find some movies about camping that cast it in a good light.  Avoid horror or thriller films that have hikers getting lost or dying in the wilderness.  Instead, try some comedy or adventure movies that involve camping such as:

  • Moonrise Kingdom
  • The Kings of Summer
  • The Parent Trap
  • Camp Rock
  • The Babysitter Club
  • Wet Hot American Summer
  • Read a book

If your girl enjoys reading, get a book the highlights the great outdoors and look through it together.  If you want to plan a trip to a specific destination, get a coffee table book full of glossy, beautiful pictures.  Planning to hike a certain trail?  Get a biography of someone who has done it or a fictional book set in that area.

  • Talk about the benefits

Camping is so beautiful and it’s empowering to be able to “survive” for a night away from home. It also gives you great stories to tell, provides lots of exercise and fresh air, and is an affordable option for a vacation.  Going camping is also a great way to escape from the real world and forget all your problems for a day or two.

Take Baby Steps

As with any new experience, it’s a good idea to start small and build from there.  With camping, there are a lot of ways to gradually introduce someone to the experience, so they feel more comfortable and confident.

  • Get information

Knowledge is power, and having some details about what to expect will help her feel more prepared.  Look online at maps, pictures, and trails.  Plan out the route using Google Maps and visualize what it would be like to actually travel there.

  • Camp in the backyard

Set up a tent close to home and make it fun.  Have a barbecue to simulate cooking over a campfire and then finish the evening off with some drinks.  Build a cozy bed inside the tent and stay up late talking, bonding, and snuggling.  She’ll be able to relax because the house is just steps away in case anything goes wrong.

  • Go in the spring or fall

Pick a time of year when the weather is beautiful, and there aren’t any extreme temperatures to contend with.  This will mean one less thing to worry about and make spending hours outside even easier.

  • Start with a cabin or RV

Don’t think that camping has to involve a tent.  If she’s not comfortable with the idea, rent a cabin or RV instead.  A sturdier lodging will provide more peace of mind and is likely to include a private bathroom as well.

  • Go on a day hike

Head out into nature on the weekends and do some short hikes.  This will give her a taste of nature, and she’ll get used to spending time outside and being active.  Make sure to choose trails that are well tended and don’t have a lot of elevation gain.

  • Make it easy to say yes

Do all the research and planning up front.  Then lay out the itinerary and tempt her with all the amazing places you’ll go.  If she doesn’t have camping gear, let her borrow some of yours to make it as easy as possible.  All she’ll have to do is say yes and then let the adventure begin!

camping picnic

Make it Eventful, Fun, and Romantic

Camping can definitely be lots of fun and even romantic.  It all depends on your attitude, the location, and what you bring along with you.  There are also lots of great activities to help you grow closer, work together as a team, and develop a stronger relationship.

  • Bring fun and games

Let her know about all the fun things to look forward to by bringing some cool activities along.  If there’s a game she’s always wanted to play, promise to play it with her on the trip.  There are also a lot of games to get to know each other better that she’s sure to love.

  • Get a double sleeping bag

A couples sleeping bag will make the trip much more cozy and romantic.  You’ll look forward to snuggling up and keeping each other warm at night.

  • Set the mood

Pack some string lights to put up and a speaker for playing romantic music to dance around the fireplace or serenade you to sleep.

  • Give lots of encouragement

Let her know how happy you are that she is along with you while camping.  Positive reinforcement is a great way to help someone feel better when they’re out of their comfort zone.  Tell her how good she looks in her hiking gear and show appreciation for her willingness to try something new.

  • Plan a picnic

Most women love the romantic notion of having a picnic with their significant other.  Get a cute little wicker basket, pack a temptingly delicious menu, and make sure to bring some wine or champagne to enjoy.

  • Bring a hammock

Who doesn’t love to lounge in a hammock with a good book or while away a lazy afternoon?  Tempt her with the thought of lounging around or cuddling together inside.  If she’s never been in a hammock, she’ll be excited to try it out.

  • Be prepared

Take along some extra items as a precaution in case you run into problems.  Pack some wipes, towels, and hand sanitizer for any dirty bathrooms.  Bring a first-aid kit in case of scratches or cuts and make sure to have plenty of sunscreen and bug spray.

  • Give an out

Don’t put pressure on her to commit to the entire camping trip.  Let her know that if she doesn’t enjoy it, you can leave early and come home, no questions asked.  She’ll feel much more relaxed knowing that you will be understanding if she becomes really uncomfortable and needs to go home.

  • Make a deal

Is there something she really wants you to do that you’re not looking forward to?  Bargain with her and tell her you’ll do her activity if she comes camping with you.  Then she’ll have an incentive to go as well as something to look forward to after the trip is over.

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