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Out of the thousands of camping blogs on the internet, Feedspot.com has named glampingorcamping one of the top 100 camping blogs.

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We are honored that Expertido.com has added us to their top 50 camping blogs list.

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This is the camper I bought just to do youtube videos and write articles for you.

This is what we do if we don’t know something about glamping or camping, we go out of our way to learn.

I didn’t know much about camping in a travel trailer and as you can see by the picture, I did something about it.

Glampingorcamping.com is run by two brothers in Oklahoma, David, and Rick.

When we decided that a blog was something we really wanted to do camping was a no brainer for us.

Camping is the one passion we have other than our families and we wanted to share not only our knowledge but the knowledge of our whole camping community.

OK, so now why Glamping? To be honest, our wives and kids don’t like the roughing-it lifestyle as much as myself or my brother David so, with time, we have become experts on Glamping as well.

My wife and me camping at Robber’s Cave.

This site was created to not only help beginners but seasoned campers as well.

The truth is, we learn more every day and all of the articles on this site are built on real-life experience or hours of research with other expert campers.

Not a single article gets published on GOC without first going through or being written by one of us.

We really hope you love our site and find our articles easy to read and learn something.

We would always love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave comments on any article. We read every comment.

Glampingorcamping.com is ran out of Thinkengraved.com’s main office and warehouse in Oklahoma City.

Feel Free to write to us anytime

If address your letter to Rick Arms c/o GOC, I will personally read it.

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