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After taking in several factors, we found that 2 of the 10 ultralight cots that we reviewed rate a 9 and 8.8 out of 10 n our scoring scale. These were the G2 go2gether ultralight cot and the KingCamp Ultralight folding cot. We also had two cots come in with scores of 8.75 and those were the Marchway ultralight cot and Femor Ultralight Weight camping cot.

As a full disclosure, when I go backpack camping, I use an ultralight tent and sleeping bag. I do not own an ultralight cot but I did spend about 3 hours researching but looking at what cot owners had to say as well as discussing these cots with a couple of my friends that do use ultralight cots for hiking.

I know you came here to see reviews. Don’t worry; we will go over all 10 of the cots that we researched and tell you all the information we learned for each one. We will also show you the price range, weight, folded size, unfolded size, weight limits and discuss some important things we uncovered for each cot.

The first thing we will cover is how our scoring system worked, so you can better understand how we came up with our ratings.

Most places will just throw “reviews” at you and just expect you to take their word for it but not us. Here are the factors we considered and how we used these factors to come up with a simple rating. First, we tried to look at what would be important to you. This is what we came up with-

  1. Price

  2. weight of cot

  3. weight capacity of the cot

  4. folded size

What we did was assign a number to each of these categories on a scale of 1-10.

For the price, we assigned $50 and below a 10, $51 to 70 a 9, for 71 to 90 an 8 and any cot above 91 a 7.

For cot weight, we assigned 2.9 pounds or less a 10, 3 to 3.9 pounds a 9, for 4 to 4.9 pounds an 8 and over 5 pounds a 7.

For the weight capacity, we assigned 200 to 219 pounds a 6, 220 to 240 pounds a 7, 241 to 260 pounds an 8, 261 to 300 pounds a 9 and over 300 pounds a 10

We also looked at reviews and used this information to give 7, 8, 9 and 10 point assignments. This was more of a judgment call using the overall ratings but also looking at the negative ratings and seeing if they were saying the same thing or if they were just rare instances that there was a problem. We did it this way because we know from a long time knowledge of retail that one off negatives can be for various issues and not the overall quality of an item. What we look for is more than one instance of the same complaint.

The final step was to come up with and an average of these numbers for each cot to give it an overall average rating.

So here it is, our 10 ultralight weight camping cot reviews in order from highest rated to lowest.


This cot scored an 8 on the price range coming in around $85.

The weight is pretty good at 4 pounds giving it an 8 there as well.

The weight capacity isn’t bad coming in at 260 pounds giving it a 9.

The folded size is excellent at 23 X 2.5 X 2.5 inches giving it score of 10.

The customer feedback on this cot gave it a rating of 10 as well.

The specs show the frame is a made of heavy duty aerometal and the fabric sheet is a heavy-duty rip stop polyester.

The unfolded dimensions are 75 in.(Length) x 26.5 in.(Width) x 6.5 in( the height to ground) or 6’3″ Length  X 2′ 2-1/2″ Width  X 6.5″ height.

The manufacturer says that assembly is quick and easy but also add that you should watch the assembly video as the lock latch must be sprung out properly.

After reviewing what customers think, we didn’t find any duplicate mentions of anything negative about this cot. For that matter most of the reviews were stellar, so this should be a good performing cot.


This cot scored a 7 on the price range coming in around $125.

The weight on this cot is good at 4.4 pounds giving a score of 8.

The weight capacity comes in pretty strong at 265 pounds giving a score of 9.

The folded size comes in at 14″ X 5.1″ X 5.1″ for a high score of 10.

The specs say that it has durable aerial aluminum alloy rods with a  420D rip stop polyester fabric sheet.

Also, they say you can put the storage bag into the pillow bag get one Pillow and 4 simply stents that make assembly fast and easy.

The unfolded size is 75″ × 25″ × 4.7″ or 6″3″Length  X 2″1″ Width  X 4.7″ Height.

The reason this cot scored lower overall is we did find a couple of mentions of people saying that the legs collapsed while moving around on it. We would have no idea if it was an assembly issue or something that is an actual issue but overall most people say this is a great cot.


This cot scored an 8 on price as it comes in around $79.

The weight comes in at 4.5 pounds earning a score of 8.

The weight capacity is a solid 300 pounds earning a score of 10.

The folded size comes in at 16.9″ X 5.5″ earning a score of 10.

The specs say it is made of a foldable aluminum shock cord pole structure and high strength aircraft grade aluminum legs. The fabric sheet is rip stop nylon fabric.

What I really like about this one is the 5 supports as well as anti-skid feet.

The unfolded size is 74.8″ x 27.4″ x 6.5″ or 6″ 2-3/4″ Length X 2′ 3.4″ Width X 6.5″ Height.

The only reason this did not score at the top is that we found several instances were people have claimed it collapsed on uneven ground or that one of the legs broke. Again I do not know if this was assembly error or a quality issue, but it is worth noting that a lot of people really love this cot.


This cot earned an 7 on price coming in around $100.

The weight of this cot is 2.87 pounds making it super light and getting a score of  10.

The weight capacity for this cot is substantial 441 pounds getting a score of 10.

The folded size is 20″ X 5.5″ getting a score of 9.

Additional specs show the frame is heavy-duty aluminum alloy and the sheet is a simply a durable polyester. It’s important to note that the manufacturer states this cot should be used only flat surfaces only for safety. They also state super easy to set up and no tools required.

The unfolded size is 79″X 24″ X 5″ or 6’7″ Length X 2′ Width X 5″ Height.

We scored this cot lower than the first several because of several instances where it was reported that the feet pop out if there is too much weight applied. As with the other cots, the excellent reports on this cot by far outnumbered the bad reports. We did see several instances of the feet popping off though.

These next three cots all came in with the same overall score of 8.5 on our grading scale.



This cot earned a 7 on price coming in around $120.

The weight of this cot is 4.4 pounds giving it an 8.

The weight capacity shows as 265 pounds giving it a score of 9.

The folded size shows 14″ X 5.1″ X 5.1″ earning a solid 10.

The manufacturer specs show the frame is made of aviation aluminum alloy and the sheet is made of 420-denier rip stop oxford fabric. They also claim fast and easy assembly with tension lock handles.

The unfolded size is 75″ × 25″× 4.7″ or 6’3″ Length X 2’1″ Width X 4.7″ Height.

We might have scored this a little higher, but there just wasn’t enough information from people who have used this cot. There were a couple of complaints but they were different, and one was just not being able to figure out how to put it together. We just weren’t comfortable giving a high rating in this area without more customers who owned it to draw from.



This cot earned a 7 on price coming in around $110.

The weight scored a 9 at 4 pounds.

The weight capacity shows 240 pounds only earning a 7.

The folded size shows 18″ X 6″ earning a 9.

The manufacturer shows the frame is made from aircraft grade aluminum and the fabric sheet is 600d oxford clothe with open end stitching. This one came it at one of the highest off the ground when assembled at 7″

The unfolded size shows 75″ x 27″ x 7″ or 6’3″ Length X 2’3″ Width X 7″ height.

This was another instance of there just isn’t enough information available from owners. What we did see the little information available was very good but just like the last one, we can not give it a high score due to lack of information and not due to bad information. I will say that I like that it shows a 7″ ground clearance.



This folding cot earned a 9 coming in around only $65.

The weight of this bed earned an 8 coming at about 4 pounds.

The weight capacity only earned a 7 at 242 pounds.

The folded Size shows 14.9″ X 6.3″ X 5.9″ only getting a rating of 8.

The manufacturer shows the frame is made of 7075 aviation aluminum alloy with hard anti-slip plastic feet. The support rods and feet are connected to improve ease of assembly and to keep the feet from popping out when you get on and off the cot. The fabric shows a double layer polyester. We also like the width and height of this cot at 27.5″W and 6.7″ high.

The unfolded size comes in at 74.8″ X 27.5″ X 6.7″ or 6’2.8″ Length X 2’3.5″ Width X 6.7″.

This cot also had a lack of customer information, but the information from people who owned this was good. We did not find anything negative about this cot, but unfortunately, the lack of information meant a lack luster rating. There are two things we see that also created a lower rating and that was the lower weight capacity, and this seems to be an imported no brand cot. Honestly, if you are willing to try it out and it works well it would probably give you the most bang for your buck at only.


These last two cots come in on the lower side of our rating scale at 8.25 and 8 but are worth looking at due to the price range.



This cot came in with a great score of 10 with a price around $48.

The weight of this cot shows 2.6 pounds earning another 10.

The weight capacity gets it first lower score at 210 pounds getting only a 6.

The folded size shows 16″ X 5″ earning an 8.

The manufacturer shows the from is aircraft aluminum alloy and the fabric sheet is anti-tear PV oxford clothe with a supporting frame of reinforced nylon.

The unfolded measurements are 71″ X 23″ X 4″ or 5’11” Length X 23″ Width  X 4″ Height.

This one was got a lower rating on a few fronts. The price is great, but the size makes it closer to a youth bed than an adult cot. You would really need to bed no taller than 5’9″ to use this bed, and even that is cutting it close. As far as what customers have to say it’s all about the capacity as you might expect being rated for 210 pounds. It looks like this might really be pushing it but I would say this would be a great affordable camping for kids at 150 pounds or less.



This cot is very affordable at around $58 giving a solid 9.

The weight comes in at 3.3 pounds getting a 9 as well.

The weight capacity shows 220 pounds snatching up a rating of 7.

The folded size comes in at 14″ X 7 ” getting an 8.

The manufacturer shows the poles are 7001 aluminum and the fabric sheet is a waterproof nylon. They also talk about the tubes could be a little bent after a few uses but can still be used without a problem. This is concerning if it happens after a few uses, our next question would be what about a lot of uses.

Unfolded size 70.8″ X 22.8″ X 3.9″ or 5’8.8″ Length X 22.8″ Width X 3.9″ Height.

Just like the previous cot, this seems to be made more as a youth sized bed. You would need to be about 5’7″ or below to really fit on this bed. Also, the people that do or have owned this bed were pretty consistent on the complaint that the poles bent too easily and had a very lightweight tolerance. Also, there were consistent remarks about how difficult it was to assemble.


There you have it, our honest look at 10 different cots. We put a lot of weight on what owners say because that is the ultimate test of a product. Not bringing it in and trying it once or just randomly throwing them at you without even testing them or at least checking what owners had to say.

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